10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Shikoku Dog

If you’re a dog lover, you might have heard something about a breed called Shikoku. If you have seen pictures of the dogs, you might have realized that they look a lot like the Siberian Husky, but not quite. The more you look at them, the more you start to think that they look like a combination of several different breeds, and some people think they look like a cross between a Husky and an Akita. In reality, there are a lot of things about this breed that make them special. If you really want to know more, keep reading. You can find out 10 more interesting things about them below.

1. They originated in Japan

If you think that the dog looks somewhat like an Akita, you’re not that far off. This particular breed originated in Japan and is still extremely popular there today. While it is currently bred in other parts of the world, this is where the dog is bred more often than anywhere else. It’s also revered there, considered to be much more than just a pet. In fact, people in Japan think of this breed as being something very special.

2. They’re closely related to the Shiba Inu

Most people look at a photo of the dog and try to figure out what it is but they seem confused. It looks like it’s almost a lot of things but it doesn’t quite look exactly like any of those breeds. One of the breeds it’s commonly mistaken for is the Shiba Inu. As far as its physical characteristics, it does look somewhat like the Shiba Inu, but it’s actually much larger. Its features also tend to be a little bit sharper, giving it a much more intense look.

3. They were just added to the American Kennel Club list

This breed of dog has been on the Japan Kennel Club list for years, but it was just added to the American Kennel Club list. As a matter of fact, they and the Canadian version of The Kennel Club added them under the Hound group, something that is still causing a big uproar in Japan. Nevertheless, this is a breed that is now currently recognized in the United States, so expect it to be a lot easier to find breeders that specialize in this type of dog in America.

4. Some people consider them a living monument to to country of Japan

Remember, people in Japan think of this dog as much more than a pet. As a matter of fact, they consider the breed to be so special that they treat it as a living monument to the country. This is a dog that is highly respected in the region and is often given privileges that are typically only given to other human beings.

5. These dogs are extremely loyal

The dogs are more than happy to return all of the favoritism shown to them in Japan. Once they bond with someone, they are extremely loyal to that individual. They have a tendency to stay by their side and they will do virtually anything for them, no matter what the situation at hand might be.

6. The breed is extremely intelligent

These dogs are also extremely bright. They’re relatively easy to train and they have a tendency to figure things out far more quickly than most breeds. Once they learn what you’re trying to get them to do, they typically do it on their own because they want to make the people they have bonded with happy.

7. They’re very brave

If you’re looking for a good guard dog that will protect you and your property without being overly aggressive, this is a good option. These dogs aren’t afraid of much but they do have a tendency to use their heads and choose the best course of action possible. Unlike many other breeds, they don’t take off blindly running at someone without knowing exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

8. They’re not particularly aggressive unless they need to be

As previously mentioned, they don’t have a tendency to be aggressive for no reason. While they’re certainly not scared of much, they don’t seem to get any pleasure out of being aggressive just for the sake of doing it. Many dogs that are used for guard duty have a hard time making that distinction, but these dogs are extremely loving once they have developed a relationship with someone.

9. They have a tendency to shed at least twice each year

If you plan on getting one, understand this- they shed, a lot. They have a lot of hair with a thick undercoat and they have a tendency to completely shed that coat every six months. That means that you’ll be brushing your dog on a regular basis unless you want to have dog hair all over you and everything else.

10. They’re relatively healthy

These dogs don’t have a tendency to have a lot of health issues. Therefore, they’re able to live relatively healthy lives for anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

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