20 Reasons To Never Have A Staffordshire Bull Terrier As A Pet….Just Kidding!


The Staffordshire bull terrier is a playful, friendly, loving dog that has so much to offer those who are looking for dogs of their own. They are affectionate and gentle. They are fun and fearless, and they make amazing watch dogs. They’re full of personality, they think they’re lap dogs and they’re so funny with their amazing personalities. They’re also very intelligent and easy to train, and they learn quickly. They’re wonderful with kids and other pets, and they’re just sweet and wonderful animals. Clearly, they are awful animals, so read on to find out the other 20 reasons you do not want this fun-loving, intelligent, friendly, loyal dog in your home.

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They Don’t look Protective

I mean, who wants a dog that looks mean? People might want to come into your house and steal from you or harm you, but a dog like this will never be able to protect you. Just look at that face; so not scary. What a puppy. No one is ever going to be intimidated by this dog, so you might as well just put a note on the door that says, “Welcome robbers and thieves and all people out to do harm, the key is under the hide-a-key rock! C’mon in!” since your dog is clearly not scaring anyone away.

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They Hate Kids

These dogs clearly hate kids. They don’t like to cuddle and play and have fun and protect the kids in their families. They’d much rather have nothing to do with kids and move on into a home that is childless. Clearly, this is a dog that doesn’t love a family and does not want anything to do with them. Oh wait, maybe I’m talking about something else, because this breed loves kids and is one of the gentlest dogs around when it comes to children.

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They Never Smile

Ever. They’re mean and ferocious and cannot take a joke. They’re such unhappy animals. Just look at this one. These are pretty happy dogs that enjoy spending time with the people that they love. They’re sweet and kind and wonderful and they are great pets. The only ones that don’t smile are the ones that are trapped in shelters with no one to adopt them and call them their own. Oh wait, even those dogs are smiling because they are just so sweet and so good and so happy with life.

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They have no Fashion Sense

It would be an absolute travesty to adopt a dog that has no fashion sense. After all, how ever will you take him out to dinner with you if he is not appropriately dressed. We have kids that can’t dress themselves, so the absolute last thing we need is a dog that also cannot dress himself. Geez, people; I just cannot figure out why you would not want to have a dog with a better sense of fashion. Don’t we all want a dog that loves shoes as much as we?

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There’s not that Many in Shelters

Maybe like, 2? Three, even? Shelters are not filled with these dogs because people are too afraid to call them their own thanks to the misinformation in the media. These are wonderful dogs that aren’t given the credit that they deserve. People assume that they will attack and bite and that they are out to kill, but it’s just not the case. There are bad seeds, of course, but has everything to do with poor ownership and a lack of appropriate training and nothing to do with the fact that these dogs are just aggressive by nature. It’s all in the training – or lack thereof.

They’ll Love you Too Much

I mean, what an abomination. Who wants a dog that loves them and wants to spend time with them? Don’t you want a dog that will just take care of itself and not show you any affection at all? What’s the point of a dog, after all? I know that you don’t want one that will love you and kiss you and want to shower you with love and affection. It’s so overrated.


They’re Too Smart

A smart dog is a bad dog. They will learn tricks, and they will learn to obey you, and they will learn what is appropriate and what is not. And, oh my goodness, that would be just awful. Who wants a dog that learns to go potty outside and follows instructions and listens? There is absolutely no fun in that. You should get a dumb dog that doesn’t pick up on commands but does pick up your Louboutins with a big dumb smile and then creates a tasty afternoon snack that only set you back $1500.

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They’re Easy to Train

Booooooooring. Who wants a dog that’s easy to train? We like a challenge. We want a dog that will urinate all over the house numerous times a day and provide us with the challenge of removing the smell, removing the mess and making our lives pure torture. A smart dog that’s easy to train sounds entirely too easy. It’s like giving up on a challenge. Next. Pass, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

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The News Said You don’t want One

If it’s on the internet or television, it absolutely must be totally true. Remember when the news and the internet told us that the world would end on New Year’s Eve back in 1999? And remember when it did not and now it’s been 15-and-a-half years since then and we are all still going strong (except those who are not, obviously?). Yeah, well, the news and the internet said not to get a dog like this, so I’m listening.

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They’re Mean Looking

Who wants a mean looking dog like this one? He’s going to scare people away, and you don’t want to do that. And he’s going to seem so unwelcoming toward others, and we know you want to invite all people into your home and make sure that they feel comfortable with your things. You would want them to find your dog friendly and lovable, so this mean looking creature is clearly not one you want in your home. It’s too mean.

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They’re Never Happy

These are such depressing dogs. They never smile and they never bring joy to your home, so it’s quite pointless to even have one. Look at the face on this dog and tell me it looks happy. No; it does not. It looks completely miserable and out of this world unhappy, and that’s just part of the reason it’s not a dog that you might want to have around the house. Clearly, you should avoid this dog before it makes you feel depressed about your own life.

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They’re So Dangerous

They are so dangerous. They will attack you for no reason, they will not love you and they will eat your entire family for an afternoon snack without even thinking twice. Clearly, this is not the kind of dog you want around the house. It’s time to re-think this animal and make sure you have no reason to keep it at home. You don’t want a dangerous dog that does things like play fetch and protects your family and your kids. That would be completely asinine.

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They’re not Cute

When you’re looking for a dog, you’re looking for one that’s cute and cuddly and this is certainly not that kind of dog. It does not view itself as a lap dog at all, ever, and it will not ever make it into your home as a cute dog. Even the puppies are atrocious with their adorable little noses and their big, questioning eyes. There is not to see here, people. Just move on and find a cuter dog.

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They’re Loners

They hate people, cats, dogs, kids and everything in between. They’re not at all the friendly, loveable pets that everyone likes to say that they are. Clearly, everyone in the world is lying about the fact that their Staffordshire bull terrier is a sweet and kind dog. They don’t like people or animals and it’s going to be like having another miserable teenager in the house. You certainly do not want that, do you?

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Your Friends Said They’re not Nice

Friends are always right. Like when they tell you that vacation is not a good idea or that you shouldn’t buy a home and you should rent forever, or when they tell you that you should have more kids or whatever; they’re always right. When they say that these dogs are not very nice, they mean it. You’d listen to a friend that told you that you should only have cookies day and night if you want to lose weight, right?

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They’re Hyper

This is a breed that clearly has too much energy. Do you really want a dog that does not nap or calm down or hang out all chill and relaxed? What a waste of time, in my opinion. This is not the kind of dog you want in your life. You do not need this kind of negativity in your life at all. You would much rather have a calm, happy to sleep kind of dog that doesn’t have all that much energy all the time.


They Drool

They do have long tongues and they do drool. But, of course, you did not get a dog so that it would drool all over you. Dogs are known for being so clean and so sanitary at all times, and one that drools is practically unheard of and completely unwelcome in your life. I would not want one either, so I do not blame you for not wanting to have this dog in your life at all. It’s time to get rid of it, don’t you think?

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They’re Not Flexible

Who wants a dog that’s rigid and not fun? No one; so go ahead and mark this one down on your list of reasons you do not want this dog in your life. It’s a waste of your time and your efforts, and it’s not going to do you any favors as it grows up and continues to stand around not having any fun whatsoever. Who needs that kind of negativity in their lives? We’d much rather have a dog that has some movement. This is not the dog for you.

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They’re Always into Something

Dogs that are always into something are clearly trouble. Just look at this one. He’s clearly up to no good and looking to make your life a complete living nightmare. It’s time to get rid of this dog and make sure that you don’t have to deal with it in the future. Who wants a dog that’s always into things? Curious, playful and fun dogs are not why people get these animals. They get these animals so that they can have dogs that do nothing all day long, right?

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They Take Life too Seriously

Dogs that take life too seriously are not fun. You need one that’s playful and alert and intelligent and able to have a good time without taking things too seriously. This dog is clearly not the dog for you, so there is no point in taking this dog into your home and life with it’s incredibly serious and not at all playful personality. Moving on.

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