20 Things Dog Day Care Employees Won’t Tell You

Any dog lover knows and understands the pain of having to leave your dog every day. As a pet owner, it is quite hard when you are trying to go but Fido is all over you and is making that sad face, but at the end of the day you have to work so that you can afford to keep him. However, since the onset of dog daycare leaving him during the day can be a little more comfortable. Reason being you are now sure that Bravo will be in good care and also get all the necessary attention when you are away.

Dog daycare comes in handy especially when you have a demanding job. It brings myriads of benefits, for instance, you get your peace of mind knowing that Pooch is okay and safe and as for the dog itself, it gets to socialize with others hence eliminating hostile behaviors and temperaments. It also relieves your dog the boredom of having to curl up in its bunker the whole day while waiting for you and offers enough stimulation to prevent separation anxiety. Dog daycares boast an endless list of benefits both for you and Fido. However, since you are at work, there are things you don’t know about them and which the dog daycare employees won’t tell you.

That is why we have put together a list of the twenty things which they won’t let you know.

1. It is not as fun as you think and you should not call it cute

Most people who work at regular jobs believe that working at a dog daycare is all fun and games. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy being surrounded by more than ten dogs which are of different breeds ranging from the rare ones like the Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes to the cute tiny ones like the Corgi? However, most dog daycare employees will not tell you that the job is not as fun as you think.

They will also not tell you that they feel belittled when you call their job cute. To them, it is a real job which involves a lot of poop collection to prevent Fido from eating or rolling on it among many other duties. It brings along its share of headaches, but at the end of the day when you come to pick your pet, you can never tell as both the dogs and the employees look quite happy and contented.

2. Working at a dog daycare feels like high school

Since you have never been around too many dogs yourself, you probably do not know that when a pack of them stays together, they tend to form cliques. For instance, if the daycare happens to have three or more pit bulls, they may end up bonding and forming groupies. Hence the life of a dog daycare employee feels like high schools as they have to keep a sharp eye to prevent one group of dogs from hurting another.

They have to be always on their toes, or else things might go south real quick, and you may end up picking your Fido with a lot of injuries if they don’t. dog daycare employees, just like high school teachers enjoy watching these groups of dogs playing together. They are happy to see how they play with one another like a family, but most importantly, they must keep a close watch at their every move to prevent them from hurting each other. Thus dog daycare employees will not tell you that they spend their day like teachers in high school trying to ensure that all dogs treat each other fairly.

3. Untrained dogs

Dog daycare staff will not tell you that bringing an untrained dog is hectic both for them and Fido because they need it to get a paycheck. However, the reality is your dog too will have a hard time trying to adjust to the commands which he was not getting at home and may even end up hating the place.

They will also not tell you that untrained dogs carry an extra burden as they too have to spend a lot of time trying to teach those commands and good manners so they can blend in with the other trained Poochies and also be able to play safely. Furthermore, they are not happy with new dogs because their job is to take care of Fido and not train him. They are pleased to see that every other dog is as good as other dog, but unfortunately, they won’t tell you that your dog doesn’t have the qualities other dogs have. Therefore, just train your dog and thank us later.

4. Fur and smell is part of their daily lives

Another fact which you probably won’t know is that if the dog fur they get after cleaning could be sold, then the daycare employees would likely be millionaires. Or if it can make fur coats, they would be proud owners of whole wardrobe collections because they get to take most of the fur which all the dogs in the center shed and leave behind every day. There is no escaping that because most of the time more than ten dogs want to be shown affection. And this is another thing which the dog daycare employees will not tell you, so when you go pick Fido in the evening show try and show a little appreciation.

5. They spend most of the time taking selfies with your Fido

As most of the time, they are surrounded by dogs, they end up getting attached to them, and half of the selfies and videos on their phones are with these fur babies. Just like any other pet, dog daycare employees live like a family with your dog, but they can’t tell you how attached and close they are with your dog. Again, for them to take good care of your dogs, they must have a connection, thus playing and communicating with them is mandatory. In fact, on their phone background lays a dog or two or even on most of their social media pages, but they won’t tell you this

6. They cannot leave the dog daycare center without taking a shower

Ever stayed with your dog for more than three days without washing it? Am sure you can imagine the stench that a whole bunch of dogs emits mainly because at daycare they are always active. Hence they are all sweaty and also most of the times they are all over the employees trying to play or even at times hump at them. Also, it is their responsibility to ensure that they clean them so when you come in the evening, you meet one good smelling and happy dog. That means that they will be the ones to remain all smelly. You will never hear them complain instead they ensure that they take a shower every day before they leave and that my friend is another thing dog daycare staff don’t tell you.

7. They spend the better part of their day running after dogs and avoiding stampedes

The fact that the dogs spend half of the day locked indoors means that letting them out becomes a nightmare. Dogs are subtle animals and because they are used to the routine when the time to go out they become extra rowdy and cannot wait to get out. Also, no dog wants to be at the back of the line which makes it even worse.

That continually puts the staff at the risk of a dog stampede which may not be very gentle thanks to the claws. Moreover, once they are out getting them back is no walk in the park. Fido loves being out and so telling him to get back in might prove a difficult task. The dog daycare employee will not tell you how tiresome it is to run after your dog, because it’s their work to look after them, and also, most of them love their work and everything associated with it regardless of how challenging it is.

8. Being assigned another room is the worst nightmare ever

In regular jobs, we usually have our offices and the departments which we specialize in. Every once in a while we get reshuffled, and we end up in a different unit other than the one which we are used to. I am sure that everyone can tell that it is not a good experience at all. You have to adjust to new colleagues and even a new office.

The same case applies to dog daycare employees, but because it’s their job, you will never hear them complaining about it. Every once in a while they are taken to a different room, for instance, if one is used to the big dogs, he or she might find him or herself among the tiny ones. Even though it’s a bit challenging, looking care of dogs is their work. It is not a good experience both for the dogs and for the staff because first, the pet is not used to them so they might be a little unfriendly and may not listen to commands and secondly, the attendant does not know what makes them happy and what does not.

9. Small dogs are the best definition of hectic

Just like at a baby’s daycare, the small and tiny groups of dogs are kept in a different room from the big ones. But no employee will tell you the dread being with the latter category. However, the truth of the matter is that no one wants to spend time with the group of small dogs. Reason being, it is typical of small dogs to be crazy because they are tiny and they know they can quickly get away with anything. Even at home, they are rarely punished owing to their small size which makes them even more spoilt and challenging to handle. They are the best definition of hectic for a dog daycare worker, but you will never hear them tell you that.

10. They go home with sore hands

The staffs at dog daycare strive to make your Pooch as happy and as engaged as they could be. Just like babies, dog daycare employees want to see your dog ever active, not only with other dogs but also with a human kind. Therefore, they entail a lot of play with them. Most of the time playing means fetch and owing to the many times they will throw that ball, Frisbee or stick at Fido they end up going home with sore hands and muscles which hurt. But of course, you will never know because they will not tell you when you come to pick an all happy doggie.

11. They love you too and want you to be friends

When you own a well mannered and trained dog, then chances are the employees at the dog daycare adore you. They always look up to every new day with your Pooh because it does not give them trouble. Thanks to that, they wish that you can be friends with you as you seem like a very organized person who takes time to train and show affection to your pet. However, they will never make you aware of that because they want to maintain that professional relationship between you and them.

12. They feel bad when you separate them from their favorite and wish you can invite them for a play date

Dog daycare employees take care of many dogs, and they try to show affection to all of them. As expected, dogs are different and exhibit different characteristics and behaviors based on their owners. However, being human, they tend to like one specific doggie more than the other. When you come to pick him/her in the evening, they apparently feel bad and wish you could give them some more time or even better invite them for a play date so they can spend some ample and alone time with your dog. Reason being, your dog tend to create a bond with the staffs that make them feel good and happy together.

13. They hate being yelled at

Just like you, they are human, and they hate being yelled at. Maybe sometimes a dog owner may not find their dog not to be that clean and hence may end up shouting at them. They will not tell you they hate being yelled at instead they may even stop washing Bravo entirely or yet, refuse to take care of him altogether. Therefore, if you want to be finding your pet clean and happy every day do not yell or shout at them because the employees will not tell you they don’t like it instead your doggie gets all the wrath.

This is another way of saying that all staffs at dog daycare expect to be respected and appreciated, and not being judged for what they do. They love their work and take it just like any other profession. They won’t tell you how you should treat them, but most importantly, don’t ever yell at them.

14. Frisky dogs are their least favorites

There are one or two dogs in the daycare which are always humping on other dogs or even the employees themselves, trying to chew the ears of the others or also drooling on the others. For a dog to be playful is acceptable, but too much play is not as it might prevent the staffs from doing their work excellently. They are their least favorite and are the worst. So if you know that your doggie has such behaviors, you better correct them before taking them to the facility. Or else no employee will like them.

15. A walk is a dog’s unique cookie and an escape for the employee

In a dog’s daycare, dogs follow a certain routine which involves spending almost half of the day indoors. However, due to their playful nature, they cannot be calm for long periods and they tend to get a little too rowdy for any employee to handle. During such times, the daycare attendant gets to ease the situation and get them back on track by taking them for a walk. Therefore, a walk is a dog’s special cookie and an escape for the employee, but they won’t tell you this.

16. Some dogs eat too expensively

Just like high school or any other learning facilities, some dogs come from wealthy homes while others come from the middle-class group. With this in mind, some of them get fantastic meals packed for them as lunch, and they even eat expensive meals than people. Nonetheless, because they want you to have peace of mind, this is a fact you will never know.

17. Don’t stand at the gate or fence

Just like any parents, dog owners would always love to have their dogs by their side and take care of them. However, due to various responsibilities, they can’t spend most of their time at home and take care of them. Because they don’t want their dogs to die of hunger or loneliness at home, they take them to a daycare where they can interact with other dogs and have someone that watches over them.

Dog owners are not 100% certain that their dogs have the attention and care they deserve, and they might be forced to stand at the gates or fence and watch them. if you are one of them, you will find yourself on the list of least favorite parents. You brought Fido so he can be taken care of so let them do their work and go. Your presence at the fence or gate only makes their job tricky as you tend to make the other dogs excited. But again they will never tell you, so it’s up to you to figure that out.

18. Dogs can also train you

Dog daycare employees dedicate their lives to taking care of dogs. They understand every dog under their care, and can easily tell when a dog is under stress, anxiety, or joy. They spend the entire day with dogs, so they probably know more about it than you thought, and another fact which they will not let you know unless you take the time to explore and find out yourself is the fact that your dog can also train you. Dogs learn a lot from these professionals, even more than what they learn from the owners. For instance, most dogs can teach you how to be affectionate through the constant loving stares which make you want just to pick them and bless them with hugs and kisses.

19. Dogs are like children

Just like babies who are taken care of in baby daycares, dogs in the daycare are no exception. They have almost similar behaviors as those of babies. They make friendships based on personalities just like children do and everything that you or the employees do affect them in one way or another. For instance, if as a pet owner you are usually overprotective and you tend to keep it away from the rest of the world, then just like a baby, your dog becomes afraid of almost everything.

20. They sneak some cuddle time

And last but not least, dog daycare employees often sneak your dog from the rest especially if it’s their favorite and give it a lot of cuddling which somehow is not bad for Fido as it helps him feel more at home rather than dog daycare. They however can’t tell you this because they might be afraid you can take your dog away from them.

In a nutshell, dog are supposed to be taken care of like babies do. And because you love your dogs and you’d love to have a staff who gives the same or even more love and care to them, don’t blindly take your favorite dog to any daycare. Do a thorough research and ensure that the facility you decide on has a high staff to dog ratio in addition to highly educated staffs. In addition, staffs should have knowledge in reading dogs for signs of anxiety and stress. The only thing you want is for your dog to feel at home, thus, taking much of your time in a research is important, not only for your dog but also for your peace of mind.

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