20 Things Only Havanese Owners Would Understand


In this day and age, dogs have become part of human existence, and many people care for them in the same way they care for their children, starting from feeding, housing, and other special treatments. With many breeds of dogs around, it may be difficult to have all of them at once. Even with that, you can’t keep your eyes from admiring the one with expressive eyes, long silky hair, and cuddly size. If you ask what breed this is, some of the people aware of them will not hesitate to say that its Havanese breed.

Havanese comes from Havana which is a city of Cuba. Some sources have it that Havanese first originated from Spain and after that taken over to Cuba by either Spanish colonialists or Italian traders during the 1800s. In Cuba, the dog became popular and precious to many people especially the wealthy. Many Cubans were affected when communism took hold and decided to relocate to the US without leaving their pretty dogs behind. During the mid-eighteenth century, Havanese increased their popularity in England, especially because Queen Victoria had one, not forgetting Charles Dickens.

Back in Cuba, their popularity also increased, but after the revolution, their numbers started to decline. They were almost becoming extinct, but thanks to the few Cuban families who bred them, we have them all over the world today. In the 1970s, an American couple found the descendants of the eleven Havanese brought from Cuba and decided to reestablish the breed. The American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed in 1995, and the rest is history. With this fascinating history of Havanese, you may think that you already know everything about the breed, but that’s just a small portion. That’s why we went out hunting and found 20 things only Havanese owners would understand to help you learn more about this breed.



It goes without saying that health is paramount to human survival. Being healthy helps us in our day to day activities. Similarly, for dogs to carry out their responsibility effectively as guard dogs, they ought to be healthy. Unlike human beings who go to the health centers for the health checkup, dogs cannot. As an owner, you have to take it as your responsibility and ensure that your dog is ever healthy. However, unless you are a Havanese owner, you can never understand that this breed is naturally healthy but prone to various health conditions. That’s why the owner will tell you that the breed is prone to the following illnesses; Hip Dysplasia, Chondrodysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Legg-Perthes Disease, Cataracts, Deafness, Patellar Luxation, Portosystemic Shunt, Heart Murmur, and Mitral Valve Insufficiency. Also, it’s only the owner who understands that not all Havanese will suffer from all of these diseases, but knowing them helps in keeping their dogs healthy because they can tell their signs and what precautions to take.


For your dog to have the energy he deserves, he needs high-quality food. Many people assume that because dogs are carnivore, the only food you should put on their plate is meat. Even though this is true, giving your meat every day without anything else does not help him. That’s why a Havanese owner will tell you that this dog needs ½ to 1 cup of high-quality dry food every day. The food should be measured in such a way that you feed him two times daily. This helps in keeping him in shape and prevents him from becoming overweight. In case you suspect he is overweight, give him the hands-on test and eye test. Havanese owners will also tell you that the amount your dog eats depends on his metabolism, age, size, and activity level. In addition to the food, give him plenty of fresh water all day long.

They are family oriented

Many people adopt dogs to be their companions. However, due to their ancestry, they are believed they might not be fit for the family. It would be very discouraging to adopt a dog thinking it will love you, and then you get disappointed. If you desire a family-oriented dog, Havanese is the breed to look for. Havanese has a loving personality, is happy, and most of all loves fun. They are the kind of dog that will hang around you all day long. They love their family and always want to play with you on the couch as they cuddle and kiss you. When you take him out for a walk, he wants to jump over you with the desire that you’ll join the play. However, unless you have one, you can never understand this.

They are friendly to children

If you ask many dog owners why they decided to adopt dogs, they will not fail to mention that they wanted to bring a playing toy for their children. That’s very true because many children like playing around with dogs especially when their parents are busy doing one thing or the other. With dogs being carnivores, you may have the fear that the dog you intend to bring might pose threats to your children. However, unless you are a Havanese owner, you can never understand how friendly this breed is to the children. He is good with great affections with your little children. You will notice how great and lively he is while playing interactive games with your kids. However, Havanese owners will also warn you against leaving your kids and dog unattended, because the dog can inflict injuries on your children.

They suffer from separation anxiety

As stated earlier, Havanese is a family oriented dog that wants to be around you all day long. He is one of the breeds that require nothing else but a great deal of companionship. If you leave him for long hours, he gets bored thus suffering from separation anxiety. Havanese owner will, therefore, advise you not to leave your dog alone for a long time, or when you do, make sure that there’s someone who can keep him company. When he is upset, Havanese expresses his unhappiness by chewing things up.


At this time and age, many dog owners are looking for nothing less than a well-trained dog. For those that prefer buying a puppy, you either train it or take it to an expert where he can gain all forms of skills. Training is such an important consideration due to the feeling you get after realizing that your dog can understand anything you tell him. Others dislike adopting dogs due to the fear that they might not respond positively to the training. However, unless you are a Havanese owner, you can never understand how intelligent this breed is. He likes nothing but to please the owner, meaning that they are easy to train. They also understand everything you teach them, as long as you handle them with a firm but gentle hand to prevent them from picking any bad habits. If you are the kind of a person that loves training a dog, Havanese is the right breed for you. Once you train him, he will become the dog you ever wanted.

They are friendly with other pets

If you are the kind of people that love other small animals, you have a reason to worry when it comes to adopting a dog. Dogs are naturally carnivores, and you may fear that they can turn your small pets into meat when you are not around. That’s why unless you are a Havanese owner, you can never understand how friendly this breed is to other pets. They rarely become aggressive to other dogs, and if they have grown up with cats, they will always have a cordial relationship with each other. All you need to do is to train him on how to socialize with other animals in your home as well as around the neighborhood. You can take him around busy packs or any other place where you introduce him to other animals. By doing this, your dog will have an affinity with your other loving pets.

They have a housebreaking problem

You will agree with me that cleanliness is the first thing many people consider before deciding on whether to adopt a dog or not. If you are the kind of a person that prefers cleaning your house once in a blue moon, you definitely have a reason to worry if you want to bring a dog in your house. This is why a Havanese owner will tell you not to consider this breed because you may be forced to clean your house every day. Naturally, Havanese is slow to housebreak. However, you should not give up on your love for this dog because of this problem. All you need is to have consistent crate training or have a doggy door that can help your dog go out anytime he needs to. And given that Havanese despises getting wet, covering the potty area is an added advantage as it gives your dog the courage to run and relieve himself anytime he wants to.

Potential barking

It goes without saying that many dog owners adopt a dog to be their guards; to protect their properties when they are not around, and to protect them when they are soundly asleep. Nevertheless, some people fear to adopt dogs because they bark unnecessarily thereby disrupting them and their children. That’s why unless you are a Havanese owner, you can never understand that this breed barks in moderation. When he barks, trust me that it’s for a good reason. Move out of your bed and look out; there could be a something going amiss in your home.

They are friendly to strangers

Sources have it that some dog breeds are aggressive to strangers and tend to chase them away when you are not around. It could be very discouraging when someone close to you says that he can never visit you because maybe the last time he came, your dog chased him away. Even though it’s true that some breeds are aggressive, Havanese was bred for companionship. He could be shy or nervous around new people, but he is very accommodating. When you come with visitors, he will be very pleased to welcome them and will love to be around them all the time. When you take him for a walk around the neighborhood, he will stop by and try to get along with everybody.

They require exercise

There is a perception that dogs are animals whose work is to guard the family without getting anything in return. With such thoughts, many people are only concerned about how to effectively feed their dogs and assume they are okay. That’s why people with busy schedule keep dogs because they think that he will not require much of their time. That explains why a Havanese owner will say that you have a very wrong impression especially when it comes to this breed. Havanese is a small dog but requires exercises. Anybody who has had him will not hesitate to tell you to give your dog a daily exercise, such as a 30-minutes walk or other outdoor activities during the week. Many of this breed enjoy running free, although you are advised only to allow them to run freely in a secure area with supervision.

They have a high adaptability

If you ask many people without dogs, they will tell you that the reason why they have not adopted one is due to the space they have. This means that even if they have a passion for dogs, they are afraid that he will not be comfortable living in a house. That’s why a Havanese owner will tell you never to sacrifice your happiness for fear of adaptability because this breed does well in all types of housing from homes with large yards to apartments. Being family oriented, Havanese will feel comfy resting on your couch, and you’ll at times find him perching on the back of a sofa looking out the window.

Physical traits

It’s only very few dog owners who can define their dogs by their physical traits. Some people decided to adopt a dog because they saw one around their neighborhood and liked him, or they were pressured by their children to bring one. Understanding everything about dogs takes passion. That’s why unless you are a Havanese owner, you can never understand the physical trait of this breed. Havanese reaches 8 to 11 inches in height and weighs 7 to 13 pounds. He has a long, silky, curly or straight coat which can be solid black, white, or even multi-colored which is a combination of various colors such as sable, dark, grey, mahogany, brown, white, black, tan, and others. The coat is thick to provide insulation from the sun, meaning that he’s a perfect dog to adopt in areas with a tropical climate. Havanese owners will also not hesitate to say that this breed has short legs, sturdy body, and a fluffy tail that curls over his back.

They are easy to keep

If you are the kind of person that leaves the house early in the morning and returns late in the evening, you have a reason to worry when it comes to adopting a dog. Just like small kids who want to be cleaned every time and then, so are the dogs. You may fear to keep a dog because you may not find time to bathe him every day, and that’s why a Havanese owner will tell you to run away if you come across this breed. He has a thick but silky coat, light, and soft and doesn’t shed easily. The coat is usually long, where some people clip it to make it easier to care for, but others opt to keep it long if their Havanese is for the show. If you want him to have a long coat, be prepared as it requires a lot of grooming. For long coats, daily brushing is required to prevent the formation of mats. A regular brushing is necessary to keep your dog clean. The hairs above the eyes should be tied up to prevent irritation and at the same time to make your dog look cute. It’s advisable to take him to a professional groomer for grooming, or seek guidance on how to groom them. However, for busy people, this may not work because it takes dedication to keep Havanese coat in good shape. Ensure that his ears are nice and clean without forgetting to trim his nails at least once a month.

Dental care

Given that dogs are part of the family, they should be cared for in the same way a child is cared for. That’s why a Havanese owner will tell you to brush his teeth at least twice or thrice a week, as this helps to remove the bacteria and tartar buildup that lurk in his mouth. As stated, Havanese is a family dog that always wants to be around you kissing, and hence, you can only enjoy the kiss from his mouth after regular brushing as it prevents bad breath and gum diseases.

Life expectancy

It goes without saying that everybody wants to have an eternal relationship with people dear to them. This is the same feeling you have with your lovely pet. It could be so discouraging to lose your pet after establishing a cordial relationship with him. In fact, some people are afraid of adopting dogs because they fear that the dog might die especially after developing a strong affection for him. However, a Havanese owner will tell you not to worry as this breed is perfect. He has a high life expectancy of 13 to 16 years under good care and proper nutrition, which is technically a good time to spend with him.

Havanese is for the elites

If you ask many dog owners, some will tell you that they decided to keep their dog after realizing that certain people had the same breed. That’s why some of the Havanese owners will be quick to say one of their reasons for adopting this breed is because he belongs to the elites. He is a cute small dog with a beautiful coat that attracts many people regardless of gender. There are famous pet parents of this dog such as Venus Williams, Barbara Walters, Queen Victoria, Ernest Hemingway, Joan Rivers, and Charles Dickens. If such people adopted him, it only means that this dog is a treasure which you should also have.

The way they walk

I am sure that many people have this notion that all dogs have the same walking style. Even though it could be true, some are different. It only takes a Havanese owner to understand how this breed walks. Havanese is an exceptional dog with a ‘velcro’ personality. This means that he wants to be around the owner at all times. However, when he decides to walk away, you will notice his walking style that makes him special. He walks in a unique and lively way as he accentuates his happy character. You’ll always notice that he carries his tail over his back every time he walks.

They are fragile

As stated earlier, the dog is adapted to be a watchdog if not a playing toy for the children. If you are planning to adopt a Havanese for your children’s sake, experts will tell you to consider other breeds and not Havanese. This is because this dog is small and fragile. Your children can easily hurt them while playing. Most importantly, you should not make him your pillow as you can break his ribs. If you want your Havanese to be in good shape, take good care of him.

They love praises

When your children do well in school or other activities, you praise them by taking them out or showering them with gifts. They are encouraged to do even better next time believing that they will get more praises. A Havanese owner will be quick to tell you that your dog also expects praises from you. If you realize he is obeying your commands, give him treats and praise him a lot for good behaviors. When you use praise and rewards, you motivate your Havanese to continue doing what is right. However, avoid hitting or threatening your dog as he can make you his enemy.

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