6 Easy Tips for Cleaning Up After Your Dog

As lovable as dogs are, they can cause a real mess sometimes. They can either tip things over when running around, leave their hair everywhere and have accidents on the carpet when they’re puppies. Owning a dog is a wonderful thing because you have a loyal and playable friend who is sure to make you happy. However, you need to be ready to clean around whenever your four-legged friend causes a mess. Here are some tips that could make this thing easier.


1. Purchase Poop Waste Bags


When you’re going for a walk with your dog, it’s very likely that your pet will find a convenient place to poop. Especially if you’re in a public place, it’s not really a nice thing leaving it there, in the middle of the road. Poop waste bags are useful things to have, and it could make cleaning up easier.  Moreover, there are even scoopers with long handles, so you avoid going too far down to pick up after your dog, especially if you have back pains.


2. Take Care of Indoors Poop Accidents


If you have a puppy, or your dog simply has an accident on your favorite carpet, it can leave stains. Make sure you have a top carpet cleaner for your home for such situations. Clean up the mess as fast as possible.


3. Disinfect the Bowls and Toys


Some dogs leave an unlimited amount of saliva on their bowls and the toys they chew. Because of that, you should ensure they have proper cleaning, so your dog plays with clean toys and they eat and drink from clean bowls. Make sure you find substances that are not dangerous and could clean the objects without being a problem to your pet.


4. Get Rid of Dog Hair


As much as you love your dog, you have to admit – he leaves hair everywhere. Thankfully, getting rid of the hair is not impossible. With proper vacuuming, you can get rid of a good amount. Still, a part of it remains on the carpets, so you should use a wire brush to remove it. This is something you could do frequently.


5. Clean the Mud


Sometimes, your dog gets very playable with the mud outside, and he is not aware that you’ve just cleaned the floor and carpets. If you use a mop on the floor, it’s only going to spread around, so use paper towels, which you can throw away afterward.


6. Place a Towel Under the Bowls


Drinking and eating can get really messy, so it’s better to prevent your floor from being filled with food and water. A towel under the bowls can make your job easier, as it’s not difficult to throw the towels in the washing machine afterward.

To conclude, cleaning up after your four-legged friend can get exhausting sometimes. However, there are some easier ways to do it, and hopefully, you’re more aware of them now.

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