6 Gift Ideas for The Dog Lovers in Your Life

Fur babies are just much part of the family as non-furry humans. Because of the deep love that many pet owners have for their dogs, getting them a gift that’s dog-related is a sure way to delight them this holiday season–or anytime you need to buy them a gift.

Instead of just buying the standard dog gifts, however, why not take it up a notch and really impress and delight them with your presents? Here are six gift ideas for those dog lovers in your life that are sure to delight.

1. A Hand Vacuum

One of the worst aspects of owning a pet, especially a furry dog, is all of the hair. Even after you just groomed the pet, it seems like there’s even more hair sprouting up all over the place. It’s a constant battle that your dog loving friend or loved one is fighting. To give them an edge in this age-old war, you can send them a hand vacuum. This powerful device makes sucking up hair easy. They don’t have to carry around a heavy full vacuum and instead can reach tight corners and use it safely on the furniture.

2. Custom Phone Case

If that dog lover in your life just can’t stop showing you a particular image that they have of their dog, then you can use that to your advantage. Be a little sneaky and borrow that image for an afternoon. You can quickly make a custom phone case from the picture.  When you show it to them, you can be sure they’ll flip out with excited glee. Now they can look at their favorite photo of their fur baby whenever they pull out their phone to use. Not only is the gift practical, but it’s also sentimental.

3. Pet Coffee Cup

Another brilliant gift idea that meshes practicality with sentimentality is a personalized coffee mug. Again, if that dog lover has a favorite picture, you can take that and have it printed onto their very own coffee mug. Better yet, you can even sneak an extremely cute new picture they haven’t seen before and have that printed, so they’re met with both a new and adorable photo of their favorite dog and delighted with a new coffee mug. This is the perfect gift for those dog lovers who need a bit of coffee in the morning before taking their dog outside.

4. A Heavy Duty Dog Bed

Puppies need somewhere to sleep as well, so you can get your friend or loved one this extremely useable dog bed. The inside of the bed is waterproof, so if the dog tends to have a few accidents, they don’t have to worry about it leaking into the bed. The exterior can be removed and cleaned as well, so the bed can be kept fresh and healthy for their dog to use. It’s comfy, keeps them warm, and looks great, too.

5. iRobot Roomba

One of the best gifts anyone can get a dog lover is their own personal cleaning unit. The iRobot Roomba is notorious for being able to keep floors clean and clear of all that dog hair. It can sweep along the floor daily doing its business which gives your dog lover friend a chance to actually go do something with their free time instead of having to slave away themselves at keeping their house fur-free. You may just see a few happy and relieved tears from those who have been struggling to keep their house clean. Check them out on iRobot.com.

6. A Heart-Warming Welcome Mat

If simplicity is more your taste, then you can never go wrong with a welcome mat. A welcome mat invokes feelings of warm-heartedness and an open welcome to all dogs and dog-loving people. Welcome mats are also practical. After a day out walking, both owner and pet need to clean off their shoes and paws before entering the home. This mat can serve that purpose all while feeling welcomed into the home. They’re cute, fun, and your dog loving friend or loved one is sure to love it. Available on Amazon.

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