7 Things You Didn’t Know about the Biewer Yorkie

The Biewer Yorkie is a type of Yorkie, but there are differences in the breeds. This breed hails from the Yorkshire Terrier lineage, but there is a coloring differences, where as the original Terrier has just two of four colors; either tan or gold, with blue or black.

The Biewer will have three, a combination of the two from the Terrier, plus white. The tail should also not be docked. This is because the breed comes from Europe, where this practice is forbidden and illegal.

Other than that, there are plenty of similarities between the two breeds. You may have heard of this breed, but may not, since this is considered a rare breed. If you are interested, however, here are seven things you didn’t know about the Biewer Yorkie.

1. Hunter instincts

Yes, this is a very small dog, and many might think of this breed as being a very fragile dog, however, they are actually quite strong and athletic. They are considered to be hearty and due to their athleticism, they can put on quite a chase, which they love to do when the hunt vermin. If you live in an area where little pests are a problem, this breed can help you out and keep them at bay.

2. Pronunciation

The name of the breed may confuse people on how to pronounce it, so let’s clue you in. Biewer is really pronounced like “beware” except for one thing, the “W” is pronounced as a “V”, so the true pronunciation is: “Bee-vare.” This way when you talk to breeders about the breed, you will at least sound like you are more familiar with the breed, then they probably expect you to be.

3. Dedicated and loyal

This is a very loyal and dedicated breed of dog. Many families like this type of breed because of its loyalty to the whole family, and its friendly personality for everyone in the family. They are good with all types of people, including strangers, and are gentle with, and love kids, which makes they a great dog for families with children.

4. Child-like personality

These little dogs are kind of like little babies or small children. They tend to have this type of mentality and personality and you can see that in the fact that these dogs live to walk around carrying a little toy in its mouth, a lot. Little plush toys are even better, since they are small dogs and a bit pampered. Make sure to have plenty of little toys, a variety, for your puppy to choose from.

5. They bark, but not big barkers

Most dogs will show off their vocal chords at some point. Some bark when they play, some bark when they are alerting their owner to a newcomer, or when they are upset. Some bark for no reason and just continue to bark and you cannot figure out why. Well, Biewers will bark, but typically to alert the owner when someone is approaching the home, or similar situation, however, they are not big barkers, where you feel like that is all they do, is bark. Great breed who cannot handle a lot of barking in the home, including apartment dwellers.

6. Are always tri-colored

This breed is always born with three colors and if it does not have a tri-colored coat, then it isn’t a true Biewer. Some breeders may try to pull one over on some unassuming buyers and say that their Terriers are Biewers, however, the true sign is the color combo of the tab or gold, mixed with the blue or black, plus white. If the puppies you are interested in do not have white, it’s not a true Biewer.

7. House dwellers

These are indoor dogs and should not be left outdoors for long periods of time. They are small and susceptible to harsh weather conditions. Although they have long fur and it would seem like they could stay outside for a while, they are too small to help keep their body temperatures up. They are also light shedders and are considered hypo-allergenic, which makes them a great dog for those who want an indoor dog, but not a lot of dog fur in their home.

The more you know about a breed of dog you are considering purchasing, the easier it will be to make your decision because you are learning about the breeds that would or would not, work for you and your home, lifestyle or family.

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