7 Things You Didn’t Know about the Hungarian Vizsla

The Vizsla hails from Hungary and is a medium-sized dog that belongs to the sporting group. They were bred to hunt with their owners, primarily acting as retrievers of upland game and fowl. They were bred to be able to work and hunt in the fields, forests and water, due to their extraordinary noses and ability to sniff out anything. They are known for being extremely trainable and loyal, and due to their loyalty to their pack leader(s), they also make good guard dogs. Over the years, Vizslas have become more popular as household pets. Though they are very loving and affectionate, there are characteristics about the Vizsla that might not fit all owners or households. If you are familiar with this breed of dog or have considered purchasing one for your family, keep reading to learn seven things you didn’t know about the Hungarian Vizsla.

1. High energy/high maintenance dogs

These are high energy dogs that love to work. They were bred to work, hunt and retrieve, which requires a lot of energy. When they are kept penned up inside for too long, this breed will get bored quickly, and easily, and may be difficult for some owners to handle. They may become destructive with chewing or mischievous behavior if not exercised properly or often enough.

2. Ultimate camouflage dogs

Vizslas’ hair color stays a constant golden-rust color and never changes. This color is the perfect color for blending in with many of the scenes of the outdoors, and combined with their brown eyes, it makes them very hard to see by other animals. They are well camouflaged with their coloring, which is a great feature for hunting dogs.

3. Known as the Velcro dog

Vizslas quickly bond to their owners and become very attached to them and the family. Once they do, they are pretty much attached to your side, or your hip. Vizlas like to be right where you are, whether it is on the couch, the bed, in the kitchen, even the bathroom. They are said to be one of the neediest breeds, when it comes to needing attention. They are also known to be big whiners if they feel they are not getting the attention they want from you.

4. Cannot live outdoors

Vizslas may love to be outdoors and spend a great deal of time outdoors hunting and retrieving, however, due to their lack of an undercoat, Vizslas cannot live outdoors fulltime. Without an undercoat of fur, they don’t have the ability to stay warm in harsh cold weather months or even cool themselves off when it is too warm. If you are going to own a Vizsla, you will want to be prepared to make your home inside, his home too. All you will need to do is make sure he gets plenty of outdoor time in order to get his energy out and keep him active, physically and mentally.

5. First triple champion breed

A Triple Champion dog must achieve the title of Champion of Record title, as well as the Field Champion or the Herding Champion title, plus one other title in one of the following; tracking, agility, or obedience. A Vizsla name Kai was the first of any breed of dog to hold the AKC triple champion when the won field, show and obedience titles in 1980.

6. Almost went extinct

In the 19th century, this breed almost went extinct in the Austro-Hungarian empire with only about 12 dogs from the breed in existence. Fortunately, the breed was able to reproduce enough over time that the dogs made a comeback in the area, and even went on to multiple in other countries as well. Today the breed is thriving and more dog enthusiasts are recognizing the breed as a great household pet.

7. Vizslas are used for important jobs

Because this breed is known for their amazing noses, they are used for jobs that require good sniffers. This breed is often used in jobs such as, Transportation Security Administration, and search and rescue. During the 9/11 search and rescue efforts, Vizslas were one of the types of breeds that were used to help locate survivors, as well as the deceased.




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