A Dog With an Incredibly Long Neck Goes Viral

Dogs can look a lot different, depending on their particular breed as well as personal characteristics. One dog that has been taking the Internet by storm recently is a black and white German Shepherd and Borzoi mix named Gatsby. He is a striking physical specimen, to say the least. In addition to his stark black and white coloring, he is a tall and slender dog with an exceptionally long neck. That is precisely why he’s been on virtually every social media platform and even trending on YouTube. For some reason, people seem to be completely fascinated with the length of his neck. It might seem unusual at first, but when you stop and think about it, it’s really not all that different from any other dog of his particular breed.

What Is a Borzoi?

These dogs are very unique in their physical appearance to begin with. They look something like a cross between a Greyhound and an Afghan Hound. As such, they tend to stand tall and they typically have a long neck. According to the American Kennel Club, a fully grown adult can be as tall as 28 inches and weigh as much as 105 pounds (https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/borzoi/). They are actually used for hunting in some parts of the world. As such, they are relatively tall in stature with long, slender necks that serve a very practical purpose. It allows them to see things more effectively than many other dogs who have a stocky build. It also gives them the ability to get into places that most dogs with a larger head and thicker neck would never even dream of being able to get into.

Similarities Between Borzois and Other Breeds

As previously mentioned, the borzoi tends to look like a combination between an Afghan Hound and a Greyhound. When you stop and think about it, there are also other dogs with exceptionally long, slender necks, just like Gatsby. Think about the Greyhound or the Whippet, for example. Both of these dogs have similar builds to Gatsby. The difference is, they’re nowhere nearly as big. This is where his Borzoi breeding comes in. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also got a great deal of German Shepherd in him, another breed that can easily tip the scales at more than 100 pounds.

So What About the German Shepherd Breeding?

This is where things really start to get interesting. As previously mentioned, German Shepherds can easily tip the scales at more than 100 pounds. Even the smaller examples of the breed almost always weigh more than 85 pounds. They have a tendency to be fairly tall, too. However, your typical German Shepherd has a very muscular build with a solid bone structure. There is really nothing slender or elegant about the way a German Shepherd is built. These dogs are designed to pack a punch when they take someone down and they are perfectly built for exactly that purpose.

Combining the Two Breeds

Having a dog that is a mixture between two breeds is certainly nothing new. All you have to do is go to any animal shelter and you’ll find dogs that are mixtures of two breeds or more and you can do it all day long. However, it is fairly uncommon to find a dog that is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Borzoi. German Shepherds are often crossed with other breeds, but it usually involves a Labrador or something similar. Borzois are an entirely different story altogether. For starters, there just aren’t that many of them to begin with. When you do find one, it’s actually more common to find a purebred Borzoi as opposed to one that has been out-crossed with a different breed. As a result, a dog like Gatsby just doesn’t come around very often. This in and of itself makes him unique and his appearance takes things a step further.

One of a Kind

Thanks to Gatsby’s build, he looks different from other dogs. He sort of has the build of a German Shepherd, yet also sort of has the build of a Borzoi. He looks elegant and tall, but his body is somewhat stockier and more muscular than a full-blood Borzoi. In addition, he weighs a little bit more than your typical Borzoi is likely to weigh. However, he definitely has the neck and head of a traditional Borzoi. This is what makes his neck look so long to begin with. The rest of his body is more muscular than usual, so by the time you get to his neck and head, you’re expecting to see roughly the same thing. Seeing a long, elegant neck and a very delicate head only serves to make that part of his body stand out that much more. The end result is a dog that looks like he has a neck that is three times longer than it should be.

Make no mistake about it, there is nothing that is even remotely unattractive about Gatsby. The truth is, he really is quite stunning to look at and he definitely gets your attention straight away. Because of his unique yet beautiful appearance, he has become something of an Internet star. Of course, his charming personality probably has a bit to do with it as well. One thing is certain, people all over the Internet are hoping that Gatsby will continue to produce more videos, and the sooner the better. People just can’t get enough of him. It only goes to show how easily people fall in love with a cute animal, especially when there is something about them that sets them apart from everyone else. If the public have their way, Gatsby will become the next “Grumpy Cat,” only with an expression that practically smiles. Even if you don’t consider yourself a dog person, you’re sure to smile, too.

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