20 Things You Didn’t Know About the Akita Husky Mix

Akita Husky

The Akita Husky mix, also known as Huskita, results from two ancient breeds. These breeds are the Siberian Husky and Akita Inu. Due to the breeding of the two different genes, the Akita Husky breed is energetic, playful, loyal, and loving. It also has an impressive hunting instinct. Read on to find out 20 exciting facts you didn’t know about Akita Husky Mix.

1. Origin

The Siberian Husky originated from Alaska. Its lineage is known to have dated over 3000 years ago, according to Wag Walking. The Siberian Huskies were used as carriers to help with the supply of medicine in Alaska during the Diptheria outbreak. The Akita, on the other hand, originated from Japan. The residents of villages in Japan used them for hunting due to their impressive hunting skills and instincts. Most of the said villagers believed the dogs were spiritual animals that represented health and happiness. In the 1930s, one of the American historians, Helen Keller, brought the first Akita dog to America. The research shows that the first breeding of Siberian Husky and Akita was done in the late 1900s.

2. Loyalty

The Akita Husky Mix is one of the most loyal dogs you will ever encounter. Their ancestors are known for their loyalty and obedience to their masters. Being intelligent dogs, training them to be loyal won’t take much time or effort. This also means that you will not spend an absurd amount of money if you decide to hire a professional to train your dog.

3. WatchDog

The Hunting instincts and aggressive nature of their ancestors combined with the loyal nature make them some of the best watchdogs. Due to their intelligence and courageous nature, this breed is known to be one of the best securities for your home. Their big bodies and masculinity scare people or even hostile animals away. The genes of the two breeds that make the Akita Husky Mix are very strong and fast dogs, making the hybrid possess added advantages in terms of mobility, dexterity, and speed.

4. Attention lovers

As a result of their calm nature, the Akita Husky Mix doesn’t require that much attention. Since it is very independent, it does not require tying or restraining. These intelligent dogs are known to be very easy to handle when given the right approach. All they require is that you take them through their regular exercise, and they won’t be a problem. Most dogs tend to wander around but not the Huskitas. They are polite, loving dogs, especially when treated with care and love.

5. Grooming

The Siberian Husky and Akita Inu originated from the cold weather areas. This means they need a lot to protect themselves from the cold environment. The Huskita being a mixed breed, has a lot of fur. During the seasonal changes, the Huskitas shed their fur, making grooming one of the owner’s priorities. Grooming 3 to 4 times is necessary to keep them from becoming messy. If you plan on getting a Huskita, you better be prepared to do some work or spend some money on grooming. A bristle brush is required to do the grooming. It is also recommendable to wash them once a week to ensure they don’t cause a lot of mess.

6. Behavior

Although the Huskita dogs are known to be very playful, obedient, and loyal, they are known to be very hostile on some occasions, like when provoked. Due to the Siberian genes, a breed known to be aggressive, the Huskitas can be very territorial. Their nature of showing their dominance is very aggressive; hence you shouldn’t leave them with children. When brought into unfamiliar territory, the dog tends to be aggressive and can cause harm to people around. Training these dogs early and being social with them is one way of reducing aggressiveness.

7. Training

The obedience and loyalty nature of the Huskita makes it easy to train. Training the puppy from a young age is one of the best ways to ensure that you have good results. Due to Siberian Husky’s stubborn nature, ensure that you invite people to come around often. This helps the dog socialize with strangers hence not being so aggressive as it grows up. These hybrids respond well when treated with affection. Although the training can be a long stubborn process, it requires patience. The punishment method of training can cause a negative effect making the dog aggressive. The playfulness of the Huskita makes the trainer repeat the process to prevent the dog from taking advantage of the situation.

8. Activity

The playfulness of these dogs makes them one of the most active dogs in the world. The dogs need 1-2 hours of exercise per day. These exercises help them to retain their health by burning down the excess fats in their bodies. The hybrids need long walks of 14 miles a week. Morning runs are the best way to both strengthen your bond with your pet and make sure that it gets the daily amount of exercise. This activity eradicates the dog’s aggression and destructive nature. They require enough space in the house. Therefore, one has to have a house with enough space to play around. Small spaces can lead to the destruction of property as they try to play around. Homes with big yards tend to be the best raising environment for the Huskita.

9. Health

Like any other pet, these dogs can have some health issues which can either be inherited or transmitted. These health problems can include hip dysplasia due to their huge bodies. Daily exercises are recommended because they are said to help in preventing these problems. Breathing problems can be another type of problem. Being mostly kept in cold regions, these dogs have a large amount of fat in their bodies to help them during the winter season. A large amount of fat causes heart problems that can prove fatal to dogs. Epilepsy is also known to be one of the common problems. When a dog’s stomach is filled with gases, the gas puts pressure on the organs, which courses breathing problems or blocks the blood flow, which can be fatal. According to Alpha Paw, this health issue is known as Boat. Without proper grooming, the Huskitas can suffer from a skin disease that bacterial infections cause. The Akita Husky mix is known to suffer from this disease, and it is believed that this condition and the likeliness of developing it is inherited from the Huskitas.

10. Diet

Diet is one of the most important things to consider when you have or want to get a pet. The Huskita requires 17 – 20% protein to remain healthy. Giving an animal too many proteins makes them grow fatter, which has its cons, especially health-wise. Therefore, whenever you give them food, make sure that you do exercises with them to reduce the amount of fat in their bodies. The amount of carbohydrates required by this breed needs to be low, so as to promote healthy weight and immunity. Meals with high calcium are required to strengthen the bones and jaws. The best meals and meal plans are the ones that contain fish, chicken, and calcium. Puppies should be given enough food to consume to help with their growth.

11. Appearance

As the old maxim goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. That being said, it is almost a consensus amongst dog lovers and enthusiasts that the Huskitas are among the most beautiful dogs in the world. Their brown or blue almond-shaped eyes are qualities that make them stand out from other breeds. They have large erect ears with a round tip and are set wide apart. This makes their hearing more powerful when compared to that of other breeds, like bulldogs. Their thick fur is mostly covered with white, faded black, or gray patches, again accentuating their beauty. These rare species are the type of pets one needs to add beauty to their home. They have a medium body slightly bigger than the Akita with strong muscular legs,

12. Weight

Due to their high consumption rate, these beautiful pets weigh about 30-55 kg. The owner has to be keen and observant to ensure that they don’t get overweight, which may cause problems that might be severe to their health.

13. Life Span

Proper exercises, training, grooming, and diet will ensure that the dog lives a long healthy life. The average lifespan of the Hustkita is 11- 13 years. However, they can live up to 15 years when taken care of properly. The endurance of the Siberian Huskies makes the genes of the Huskitas strong, thus increasing the life span and adaptability to a harsh environment.

14. Breeding

The reproduction of this hybrid follows the same pattern as all the other dogs; to show interest in reproduction, the male dog smells the female private parts. The female chooses whether she wants to mate or not. If she is not interested, the female tends to be a little aggressive, showing a lack of interest. If the female accepts to be fertilized, she will be pregnant, which takes two months, after which she will give birth to 4-6 puppies.

15. Puppies

After mating, the puppies are born after a gestation period of two months. They are born with their parent’s genes. They need to be taken care of by ensuring they are breastfed enough. The mother should get enough food and a proper diet to ascertain that breast milk meets all the nutritional requirements of the puppies. When the puppy becomes of age to start feeding, ensure they get the proper diet.

16. Size

These rare species have a large muscular body that originated from crossbreeding of the two species. This powerful big body helps them express their dominance when meeting other dogs. They can grow up to 26 inches in height. This majestic figure can be intimidating and scary. This makes them be feared hence making them the best watchdogs.

17. Speed and Strength

These majestic animals can be really fast. As mentioned earlier, the Siberian husky was used by villagers for transport purposes and is, therefore, one of the strongest dog breeds. On the other hand, Akita was used in hunting, and ergo its speed is one of its best qualities. Combining these two breeds gives you a strong and fast dog ever. These two qualities make the Huskitas one of the best breeds to have. It is believed that they can run up to a speed of 48kph. When you consider its intelligence and hunting instincts, this breed is especially effective when it comes to hunting.

18. Worth

Due to their beauty, loyalty, and obedience, these dogs can be expensive. Depending on the breeder, one fully grown Huskita costs $500-$1200 or more.

19. Temperament

Just like any other dog, you’ll have to socialize the Huskita from a young age to make sure that it grows up in a friendly and social manner. Given their parents are independent, territorial, and aggressive, these small puppies need to be raised with love and care. An Akita Husky Mix dog will grow to be loyal given the linage of the two dogs.

20. Relationship with Other Pets

The Huskita breed has the genes of Akita, a hunting dog. Thus, it has prey drive instincts that can lead to it chasing smaller animals like cats. Being territorial is another problem that makes the dog unable to get along with other pets. The only way to solve this problem is to ensure that you raise it together with other pets as a small puppy, thus creating a friendly environment between them. Huskitas is a great companion and requires an active owner with a lot of time to spare outdoors. Adopting this breed ensures that you will find a loyal, intelligent, and very protective dog, which in return will need a lot of attention. If you are thinking of adopting this breed of dog, ensure that you have a big yard for it to play on. Breeders should ensure that they learn more about the origins and the behavior of this breed to make sure that they will train and raise the little puppies right, ensuring they don’t raise aggressive dogs. Breeding Huskitas can be a profitable business seeing that they cost a good amount of money. Whether you are a breeder or just a pet owner who owns a Huskita or is looking forward to buying one, the above information will help you in your journey with the pet.

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