Is the Anatolian Shepherd the Right Dog for Your Family?


From the working group of dogs, the Anatolian Shepherd is a pretty pup. He’s beautiful with big, bold eyes and large body. While he looks like he might be a lap dog from the way his eyes seem to look at you with so much love and affection, it couldn’t be further from the truth. This gorgeous breed is large and in charge and loves to play. It’s an active dog that needs a lot of activity in its live to fully appreciate all that the world has to offer, and it needs a home in which its owners have plenty of time and desire to spend their time outdoors with this breed, walking, playing and enjoying life. Like any other dog breed, the Anatolian Shepherd is gorgeous, but it’s not the dog for everyone. It almost seems that when you say that some people become very offended, but it is the truth. Some dogs are better suited for some people than others, and some people should never own a dog simply because they haven’t the commitment to make to loving a dog from any breed the way that it requires.

Learning more about the Anatolian Shepherd is absolutely necessary if you plan on making this dog a part of your life at anytime. It’s advised by veterinarians, dog owners and all kennel clubs that you take the time to really get to know a breed before selecting it to become a part of your family. What you want and need in a dog and what you have to offer might not work well with certain breeds. But it might work well with others. Even if you learn that the Anatolian Shepherd is not the right dog for you, you will find one that is right for you. Or you might just find that this gorgeous breed makes for the perfect pet and your life will be complete. Let’s find out.

It’s Territorial

If you decide that the Anatolian Shepherd is a breed that interests you, it’s because you want a large, watchful dog that is going to make you feel safe and protected, and that is perfectly all right. We love this dog specifically because of this reason. It’s a very territorial dog and it will be very guarded at home when someone not a part of his family is present. It’s a very comforting feeling to know, particularly if you have kids.

It’s Loyal

This is a dog that is going to do whatever it takes to make you happy. You are his family and he loves you. He will keep you safe, protected and he will forever place his loyalty with you. If you tell this breed to do something or not do something, it’s going to listen. You are its family and it loves you endlessly.

It’s Smart

This is a shepherd that is true to shepherd form; it’s an intelligent breed. It knows what it’s looking at, what it’s learning and how to listen. Training this breed is a piece of cake because it is such a smart and loyal dog. It wants to please you, so it’s going to work hard to do just that. You’re going to very much appreciate how easy it is to have this breed in your home for the rest of its life.

It’s Very Protective

Most people do not get a big dog because they’re looking for someone with whom to cuddle and love. They get a big dog because they want a companion and a protector, and that’s what you get with this breed. This is a protective dog that is not about to let anyone or anything it does not trust near you. It’s very friendly with kids and people it knows, but strangers will put this dog on guard and make it stand in front of you and your kids to ensure that you are safe. It’s taking no chances with you and yours, and it’s part of the reason it is such a great dog.

Very Few Breed-Specific Health Issues

A generally healthy breed, this is a dog that is no more likely to become sick or ill than any other dog. Some breeds have some genetic issues or size-related health issues to worry about, but this is not one of those breeds. It’s smart, beautiful and very healthy, which is what makes it the  whole package.

They Need Something to Guard

This is a working dog. What this means is that it is a dog that appreciates the act of working. Its’ a watch dog, so it does like something to guard. It should not be difficult to provide your dog with a job, either, since you have a home, yard and family that requires guard. Your dog will get a huge thrill out of protecting your home and standing guard over your family and kids in the yard. This dog will protect to the day it dies, which means no bee, no snake, no kitten from the neighbor’s yard will be permitted by this dog until you give it the order to stand down or attack.

They Need Activity

The Anatolian Shepherd is not the most active dog in the world, but it does need and require moderate activity to keep it healthy and happy. It would love to take at least one long walk every day and it would love to spend some quality time in the yard playing, running and chasing things around. It’s a big dog and big dogs have big energy to expend sometimes, so it’s going to make it a really nice effort to send this dog outside for some activity.

They’re Very Easy to Groom

The coat is short, which means once or twice a week brushing and baths when needed will be all it takes to keep this dog looking and feeling good. It’s a very calm dog that responds well to orders when trained, so it is going to sit nicely while you are in the midst of its grooming.

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images


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