Dog Breed of the Day: Anatolian Shepherd


From Dog Breed Info: The Anatolian Shepherd is a flock guardian with a superior sense of sight and hearing. It is not a herding dog. It is very loyal, alert and capable of great speed and endurance. It is intelligent, alert and easy to train, but is not a dog for beginners. It needs a handler who naturally radiates leadership. Independent, calm, unwavering and brave, but not aggressive, they tend to bark at night and if they are living indoors with you, you need to correct this behavior if it is unwanted. Since the Anatolian Shepherd is a born flock guard it will be very watchful and can become possessive if not kept in its rightful place below the humans.

There is some discussion about the fact whether the Anatolian Shepard is a distinct breed, or a general name for different types of shepherds in Anatolia that look alike. (such as the Kangal, which is used as a synonym for the Anatolian Shephard and has the same ‘Blackhead’ -karabas- nickname). However it’s been said the Anatolian is in fact distinct. So distinct we decided to post some great pictures for you. Be sure to click “next” beneath each one to view them all!












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