Are Exercise Clubs the Future for Dogs and Their Owners?

Pet obesity has become one of the biggest issues that have hit our pets today. Sometimes it seems as if pets go through the same emotions that their humans do It turns out that they also get majority of the same illnesses that plague us all. For dogs in particular, it seems as if they are susceptible to disease much like we are, and it’s really our responsibility to make sure our dogs stay healthy. In a study performed in 2018 by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, it was estimated that more than half of all the dogs in the United States are obese. That percentage falls at an alarming rate of 56%. What are we feeding our dogs, and what are we doing to keep them healthy? Are we really doing enough?

Some believe that it’s about time we step up our dog fitness game, and a new trend has emerged from the need to care for our animals. All throughout the nation, various locations are popping up to present a solution. The solution is this: an established and dedicated exercise spot for dogs. There are so many ways this idea could go wrong. But at the same time, there are also so many ways it could go right. A dog fitness center could offer so many different things. It could be complete and all-inclusive drop off program, so owners can leave their dogs. It could also be the opposite. Dog fitness centers could accommodate to both owner and dog, so both can work out at the same time.

You may think it sounds incredulous, but there are a few sports clubs that are now up and running to fulfill this need in the dog community. One of those centers is known as the Fitdog Sports Club. Fitdog is currently located in Santa Monica, California, and it caters to the highly active and outdoor-loving community of the area. The idea of Fitdog is simple. You drop off your dog, and you go on your way. While your dog is at Fitdog, trained animal fitness experts will make sure your dog gets its exercise for the day. They’re basically described as gym classes for dogs. And while that may sound like a luxury to some, some could easily argue that owning a dog is a luxury in itself. You can simply book your dog class online, drop off your canine, and let Fitdog do the rest.

Some examples of fitness activities your dog can participate in may include beach walks, canyon hikes, and outdoor runs. Dog owners could also opt to drop their dog for a single class, or they can bring their dog in for a full-day excursion. This is particularly helpful for dog parents that have to leave their dog for long periods of time because of work or other commitments. Having an active option for dogs mean that they will never be mentally stagnant.

Mental stimulation could go a long way for dogs. Not only does it keep dogs balanced overall, but mental stimulation also helps a dog stay happy and playful. As an option for an exercise club for dogs, Fitdog is definitely one of the best ones out there because of the fact that they aim to give the dogs the best physical fitness options possible, they also help animals achieve better mental health.

One other pet club that’s making waves throughout is known as the K9 Fit Club. The club considers themselves to be a lifestyle company, and we totally get why. The Chicago-based company promotes the idea that physical and mental wellness are what a dog needs for survival and longevity. The K9 Fit Club Company offers franchise opportunities for those who are interested in opening up a location in any area. In fact, a second location has been opened in Orlando, Florida.

In the Zoom Room, another type of exercise club designed for dogs, the focus is on dog’s natural agility. Instead of utilizing the great outdoors, Zoom Rooms are designed to challenge dogs in different ways through indoor obstacle courses. The company provides a non-competitive sporting option for dogs—something that’s safe even for the unhealthiest dog in the pack. This company even offers scent training and therapy to assist and encourage mental stimulation in dogs. It works best when both owner and dog are participating in the Zoom Room. Not only does it make for a good exercise activity; the Zoom Room also promotes a healthier bond between owner and pet. Zoom Rooms also allow franchise options. Zoom Rooms are currently available in 6 states and are growing rapidly throughout the nation.

Exercise clubs are definitely a great way to promote better fitness not only for dogs but also for their owners. Most people realize their pets’ need for fitness but are unable to provide a sustainable and realistic fitness option for their dogs. Others simply don’t have the time to take their dogs out for extensive outdoor routines. Some of the options for dog fitness clubs we presented above addresses and solve many issues that are the underlying causes of dog obesity. At the end of the day, the right combination of proper diet and sufficient exercise should be enough to keep your dog healthy, but you also have to take into consideration their mental and emotional fitness. Dog fitness clubs are popping up everywhere for this reason—to help our dogs cope, thrive, and survive. We can imagine that there will be dog fitness clubs everywhere by this time next year. It’s only a matter of time before dog owners wake up and realize that their dogs’ health matter too.

So are exercise clubs the future for dogs and their owners? Absolutely. It’s probably one of the more brilliant things we’ve heard of in a while. Now let’s just make sure these places have a smoothie bar for our furry friends too. Diet is a huge chunk of the fitness lifestyle. Soon enough, you might find non-dog owners going to these fitness clubs instead of regular gyms. Who could resist the cuteness of dogs after all?

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