10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Basset Retriever

Breeding different pure breeds helps breeders take advantage of each parent’s admirable traits while canceling out the less impressive ones. One designer breed that goes back to 15 years ago is the Basset Retriever, bred from the Golden Retriever and Basset Hound. Basset Retrievers get five stars for their adaptability to apartment living, their overall sociability, and their intelligence. Here are ten facts to let you in on more about the Basset Retriever.

1. It is Quite Expensive

Usually, the cost of adopting dogs from rescue shelters is around $200. However, some people will prefer buying from a breeder who can guarantee them the genetics. If you want to get yours from a breeder, it will cost you a lot more because they go for $650-$950. Some will have you parting with $2,200 depending on how scarce they are, information available, and the parents’ genetics. Of course, even after getting the puppy, you will still need to have it microchipped, spayed/neutered, dewormed, and buy other supplies that can cost you an extra $700.

2. Easily Depressed if Not in Contact with Humans Regularly

Basset Retrievers are not clingy dogs, but they will start feeling depressed if they cannot be around you for a long while. According to Doggie Designer, they do not suffer from separation anxiety but prefer if their human was around more often. As a result, the canines would be excited to go with you to work or on holidays instead of staying alone at home or in a boarding facility.

3. Makes a Great Watchdog

The main reason we get pets is companionship, but if you can find one that also acts as a watchdog, you do not have to worry about strangers sneaking into your home. Shop for Your Cause published that the Basset Retriever is ideal because it is an alert watchdog. It is wary of strangers despite being quite friendly with familiar faces.

4. Very Intelligent

Basset Retrievers are brilliant dogs and can quickly get bored if they are left inactive. Usually, in such instances, they will become destructive as they try to keep themselves preoccupied. The ideal solution is to keep your Basset Retriever mentally stimulated through engaging playful activities. You can install a food-dispensing toy or hide treats and encourage the dog to find them, which would also help make use of the sharp hunting skills. When you are out of the house, you can ensure that their brain is also engaged by giving him access to a window seat to enjoy the view outdoors or leave a puzzle for him to solve.

5. Need Early Socialization

The designer breed may be praised as great for interacting with humans and animals, but you will have to teach yours how to do so. The Basset Retriever comes from two hunting parents, and everything he can spot seems like prey. Therefore, you have to teach your pet to socialize with other animals and humans early. If not, his predatory instincts kick in, and whatever animal he notices, even the pet cat, will appear like a potential candidate for a kill.

6. Prone to Obesity

Basset Hounds are among the dog breeds prone to obesity, and it appears that the Basset Retriever shares this trait. Like the Basset Hounds who do not know when they have had enough food, the Basset Retrievers will also keep eating. Therefore, you must control the amount of food fed per day; Dog Learner advises feeding the dog twice daily, each time with a cup of dog food. Excess weight could have adverse health consequences such as pressure on the joints.

7. Should be Kept in a Fenced Yard

Some dogs can be contained even in a fenceless yard but not the Basset Retriever. This designer breed inherits the Basset Hound’s wanderlust potential; therefore, it is essential to have him on a leash even when going for a walk. Since they have strong hunting abilities, their sharp sense of smell will make them rush off to investigate any suspicious scent. That being said, even when you decide to engage your pet in a game of fetch, ensure that you are doing so in a fenced yard to prevent him from wandering off.

8. Can’t Join the America Kennel Club (AKC)

According to Pet Guide, the American Kennel Club does not recognize the Basset Retriever. Usually, the primary eligibility criterion for joining AKC is that a dog must be purebred, but the Basset Retriever is not. As a result, most clubs that register designer dog breeds recognize it. You can register yours with the International Designer Canine Registry, the Designer Breed Registry, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club among others. Usually, breeders are interested in registering the dogs because it assures buyers of the breed, ownership, parents, and birth date.

9. Suitable for a Family Setting

This breed is known for its eagerness to please hence will not mind the attention obtained from children and adults alike. Basset Retrievers are very energetic and love playing, which makes them suitable for families with kids. Since they like tracking scents, once they have yours, be ready to have them follow you wherever you may go. They are loyal to those they have a strong bond with, which also makes them very protective. However, regardless of their friendly nature, always keep an eye on kids when interacting with the pet.

10. Maintenance Tips

Although they are lazy and can become obese, the Basset Retrievers do not require intensive exercise to keep them lean and healthy. A 30-minute walk daily is enough, coupled with some yard play. They are light shedders; thus, brushing them once a week is enough, but a daily brush is necessary during shedding season. However, the brushing frequency will depend on the side of the family that they get their coat from; if yours gets the Golden Retriever’s fur, you will need to brush the coat at least thrice a week. The ears can be floppy so cleaning them several times per week is essential to prevent infections.

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