Beagle Becomes an Inspiration After Heartbreaking Abuse

Dogs are truly amazing creatures, but sometimes it take a human with a lot of love to give away to help them find their true potential. We recently read the story of a beautiful Beagle pup who suffered horrific disfigurement when his previous owners cut off his back legs. This unimaginable act of cruelty could have ended the brave little dog’s life, but he survived and a new family found him and welcomed him into the fold. Here is how a little Beagle has inspired others with his talent and personality even after being treated so terribly.

The Story of Boone the Beagle

We first learned about Boone from iHeart Dogs. He went from being nearly killed to a social media star. When Charlie and Tanya Diable met Boone, they were moved by his story and gave him a special place in their home and in their hearts. The couple already had six other dogs with special needs in their home. This special couple sees the positives associated with each of their beloved pets. Boone has a job. He’s a celebrity personality.. Boone the Beagle has become famous for this custom bowtie collection of around 330 different styles. He’s a high stepper, especially since his pet parents had a wheelchair modified just for Boonie so he can get around. They also saw to it that he got the training and therapy he needed to live a happy and fulfilling life. It just doesn’t get much better than this, or does it?

“Bow Tie Boone” is a children’s book

Tany authored a children’s book that features this amazing beagle and his bowties. The publication tells Boone’s story and reveals the courage of this pup, and just how resilient he is. It teaches us all a lesson about overcoming adversity. Boone has risen above the trauma of his past to become a therapy dog who helps others cope with their troubling situations. Proceeds from the book are donated to an organization called Joey’s PAW. The group raises money to purchase prosthetics and wheelchairs for rescue animals like Boone who are in need of the extra help to get around. A group of research students are currently working on prosthetic legs for Boone so he will be able to get around without the wheelchair.

Other touching stories

Boone’s story is one of the most moving we’ve heard. He was fortunate to find his loving family. He couldn’t be in a more loving home. There are other inspirational stories similar to Boone’s. Handicapped Pets shares the story of a Connecticut woman named Emily who moved there from Scotland. She and her husband have taken both dogs and cats into their home. They are et rescuers, but their focus is on elderly pets that are harder to place. They don’t mind fostering pets who are in need of special care. Tracy from Vermont has opened her home to disabled pets. She fosters between 7 to 9 pups at a time and many of them are in wheelchairs. She realized that she had a passion for helping less fortunate dogs after her own fur baby was diagnosed with DM. There are several other examples of people who have a passion for helping animals who are in special circumstances. They share their love with disabled pets, but they get even more love in return.

Dogs with disabilities can live rich, full lives

When we look beyond physical limitations, these pets have so much to offer. Insider shares even more stories about amazing pets and the people who took them into their families. Alex from Australia is a photographer who photographs pets with disabilities. She is also the author of the book “Perfect Imperfection: Dog Portraits of Resilience and Love.” The book promotes the adoption of pets with disabilities by people who have the time and love to give these vulnerable animals. She shares their photographs along with the tales of their journeys through life.

There are very good reasons to adopt a disabled dog

The sad fact is that disabled dogs are usually difficult to place with adoptive families. Most pet parents are looking for a cut and cuddly puppy, but there are millions of elderly and disabled dogs that are in need of a loving home. There are huge benefits associated with adopting a disabled dog according to Dogwatch. These incredible pets may have challenges, but they have so much love to give. They inspire us to move beyond our own issues and realize that regardless of any imperfections, life is beautiful and we all have a lot to give one another, both pets and people alike. Disabled dogs can teach us some valuable life lessons. We do our best within our physical limitations. They teach us that we can focus on what we can do instead of feeling bad about what we can’t. The model this behavior. They don’t keep a chip on their shoulders or curse fate, instead they go about the business of enjoying life to the fullest. In many cases, these dogs have been through a lot and they can benefit from a few sessions with a reputable trainer and pet therapist.

Final thoughts

Pet parents who adopt disabled dogs are making a difference in the lives of vulnerable pets who just want to give and receive love. If you’re considering the adoption of a pet, and you have the means to care for a disabled dog, there are many good reasons to adopt a pet that doesn’t look perfect. There are dogs in shelters who like Boone the beagle have had a rough start in their lives. Their true potential for unfolding their unique personalities is dependent on the love and support that a forever family can bring. Consider Boone and the others that teach us about resiliency and second chances in life. Their stories are inspirational and the people who were willing to give them the opportunity to shine found hidden treasures in these pets.

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