The 10 Best Calming Collars for Dogs

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Having a dog can be a great experience, but it can also be a challenging one when your best friend suffers from separation anxiety or when there is some other issue that causes her to be anxious about various situations. If you’re like most pet owners, you spend countless numbers of hours researching things that could potentially help her. One thing that you might want to consider is a special color that’s designed to calm your dog, one often called a calming collar. Below are 10 of the best calming collars that money can buy, ranked from number 10 all the way to number one.

10. Adaptil Calming Collar for Dogs ($32.95)

This particular collar is a great alternative to drugs, as it uses pheromones to help keep your dog calm and is activated by body heat. Whenever your dog gets nervous, her increasing body heat both activates the collar and then keeps it active until she comes down, something that is accomplished much more quickly because of the pheromones.

9. Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs ($17.99)

Like the collar in the above listing, this one uses pheromones to help keep your dog calm. It can be sized to fit your dog’s neck in much the same way that you would do with a standard flea collar. It’s also easy to find and it lasts for 30 days before it needs to be replaced. It’s also a fairly economical option for those who need to stick to a budget.

8. ThunderWorks ThunderEase Calming Collar for Dogs ($19.99)

Like a number of the other available collars, this one also uses pheromones to help calm your dog during moments of stress. It’s great for traveling, thunderstorms, or anything else that tends to upset your dog. It may even help curb excessive barking, provided the source of that barking is some form of anxiety. There is no guarantee that it will work for every dog, but it does come highly recommended by veterinarians.

7. NatureCalm Pheromone Collar for Dogs ($13.99)

Many veterinarians tend to recommend these types of collars because they can potentially calm your dog without the use of medications that may be harmful. This particular collar works around the clock and can be used on dogs of various ages and/or medical conditions without the fear of potentially dangerous side effects.

6. LeQuiven Calming Collar for Dogs, 3-pack ($18.99)

These collars are adjustable up to 24 inches and they are designed to be worn for about 30 days. Like most of the other collars on this list, they use pheromones to help keep your dog calm. The beauty of purchasing them in a package of three is that you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing one collar after another. You have the pack available, at the ready so you can use the collars as needed. It’s also more cost-effective if you have more than one dog.

5. Sentry Good Behavior Calming Collar ($33.93)

This collar is designed to fit necks up to 23 inches and like others, uses pheromones to help make positive changes in your dog’s behavior. It also has a calming lavender scent mixed with chamomile, something that is intended to help calm your dog even further. The collar is also recommended for those who are trying to curb behavioral issues like barking or aggression that takes place out of fear. As a matter of fact, this is one of the collars that are often recommneded by both veterinarians and dog trainers alike.

4. Calming Paws Calming Dog E-Collar ($16.63)

Unlike the other collars on this list, this one is used for animals that need to wear a cone or e-collar after surgery or to prevent excessive chewing or licking after an injury. The collar is comfortable to wear and even has specially designed pockets on both sides that are made to be used with Calming Paws gel. The gel is scented to help keep your dog calm, even under these types of circumstances. Perhaps the true beuaty of using this collar is that it can be reused at a later time as needed, thanks to the scent pockets. Therefore, it isn’t necesary to purchase a brand new collar every time.

3. ZenPet ZenCone Soft Recovery Collar for Dogs ($24.69)

This is another recovery collar that is designed specifically to help your get through those tough times after a medical procedure. It may not be a traditional collar, but it is crucial to the successful recovery of your dog. It’s softer than a standard e-collar and is also scented with lavender to help keep her calm as she recovers.

2. Dog Calming Collar, Handmade ($23.00)

This is a specially designed, handmade calming collar. It’s made from exceptionally soft material and is also infused with both lavender and chamomile. These scents are meant to help keep your dog calm under stressful situations. It also has a special removable pouch that can be infused with these scents again and again, meaning you don’t have to constantly worry about replacing the collar in its entirety every 30 days or so.

1. Natural Herb-Filled Calming Dog Collar ($44.95)

These handmade collars are truly something special. They use dried herbs, a combination of balsam, chamomile and lavender, to help keep your dog calm. The collar is also thought to help relieve motion sickness during car rides. Since it utilizes dried herbs instead of oils, it doesn’t need to be replaced as often. The collars can also be custom-made for size as well as overall color and design.

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