The 10 Best Dog Food Brands in 2020

Raw Dog Food

We all want to do the best we can for our dog’s health, happiness, and overall well-being. While some of that comes down to giving them lots of hugs, walks, and one-on-one time, an awful lot of their physical and mental condition relies on what you’re using to fill their dinner bowls. With more and more pet food manufacturers emerging onto the market each year, knowing which brands constitute a reliable choice, and which should be left on the shelf for another day, can be difficult. Fortunately, help is on hand with our round-up of the 10 very best dog food brands for 2020.

10. Pure Balance

Pure Balance delivers exactly what its name promises – a complete, perfectly balanced diet of pure, wholesome ingredients. Available in a wide range of formulas (some suitable for adults, some for seniors and some for pups, and some formulated for small breeds while others for large breeds) and recipes (including Chicken and Brown Rice and Lamb and Brown Rice), it’s got something to please everyone – including a protein-packed, vitamin-rich content in every single pack it sells.

9. Wellness

Perfectly complete, perfectly balanced, and perfectly in tune with your pet’s exact needs- that’s Wellness. The first-rate brand offers a superb line of options, including formulas for puppies, seniors, adults, small breeds, larges breeds, grain intolerant pooches, and allergen prone pups. The ingredients that make up each recipe (be it wet or dry) are commendable, while the well thought out nutrition and carefully balanced ratios of minerals, fats, proteins, and carbs are faultless.

8. Taste of the Wild

High quality? Check. Affordable by premium brand standards? Check. A taste dogs will love? Check, check, check. Taste of the Wild is the brand behind an outstanding product line centered on all-natural, evolutionary appropriates recipes. Packed with protein for strong muscles and rich in vitamins and antioxidants for overall well-being, theirs is the kind of food that will leave you with a clean conscience and your dog with an empty bowl and a full tummy.

7. Merrick

If you want a brand that delivers flavorsome, nutritionally dense products packed with the highest quality ingredients the USA has to offer, you’ll find Merrick a worthy choice. Available in a range of formulas to suit the needs of different life stages and breeds (not to mention a choice between dried and wet), each product in its line comes packed with real, high-quality protein, whole, fresh fruits and veggies… and very little else. Choose Merrick and you can rest easy knowing that whatever recipe you’re using to fill your pet’s food bowl, it’s 100% free of additivities, artificial flavors, or any other hidden nasties.

6. Orijen

Orijen  is one of the most well-respected pet food manufacturers in the world – and for very good reason. Offering a variety of formulas designed for different life stages and breeds, their protein-packed, “biologically appropriate” recipes aim to mimic your dog’s ancestral diet. The result is a food brimming with meats, organs, and mineral-rich bones and cartilage, and one very healthy dog.

5. Acana

Dogs might seem happy with just about anything you pop in their bowl, but to truly thrive, they need a diet rich in meaty, animal-derived protein. Acana’s  superb line of foods all feature protein at number 1 on the ingredients list. Regionally sourced fresh vegetables, fruits, and botanicals provide a wholesome supporting act to the hefty animal protein, while the added vitamins and minerals (the only addition insight, by the way- artificial flavors and unsavory fillers are all noticeable by their absence) are perfectly balanced for a strong immunity and overall good health.

4. Ollie

Made from fresh, human-grade ingredients and tailored to suit the exact needs of your pooch, Ollie is a new, exciting addition to the pet food market that’s already managed to draw a huge legion of fans with its nutrition-packed, doggy-delectable recipes. Its unique approach to animal nutrition allows pet owners to describe their pet in detail before Ollie’s team of experts devise a highly personalized plan that addresses each and every requirement mentioned. For first-class, individual service with a smile (from your dog if not your bank manager- this stuff may be premium, but it’s also expensive), you’ll find it hard to fault.

3. Blue Buffalo

Anyone who says they’ve found a single artificial additive or unnatural ingredient in one of Blue Buffalo’s ( dog foods either put it there themselves or is lying. Known and loved by pet owners up and down the land, Blue Buffalo’s exquisite line of products (which includes grain-free options, senior, puppy and breed-specific blends, limited ingredient options, and reduced calories versions for podgy pooches) can be trusted to deliver safe, complete, balanced nutrition in a tasty recipe your dog will love.

2. Stella & Chewey

Although a relative newcomer to the world of pet food, Stella & Chewey  has taken the market by storm. Their range of holistic, organic products (which includes oven-baked raw coated kibble, wet food, freeze-dried raw food, frozen raw food, and treats) have taken the basis of raw nutrition and turned it into something accessible, convenient, and outstandingly healthy. Regardless of which recipe you choose from their line, you’ll find a first-class blend of organic, free-range animal protein and wholesome, antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies- and absolutely no corn, wheat, grain, or artificial ingredients of any kind.

1. NomNomNow

Want to know the sign you’re feeding your pet the best possible diet? Vet approval. NomNomNow’s  fresh, healthy line of products don’t just carry the seal of approval from the veterinary world, it’s actually formulated by the animal experts themselves. Working on a made to order, pre-portioned meal concept, brand leader Dr. Justin Shmalberg and his team of resident experts have come up with a truly unique approach to animal nutrition that aims to improve both immediate and long-term health (while perking the appetite of even the fussiest eater in the meantime).

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