What is a Boxer Pitbull Mix?

boxer pitfull mix

If asked to choose a dog breed that most reminded you of a pro athlete, you’d be inclined to choose the boxer. If, for some strange reason, you chose a different breed, the boxer would at least be close to the top of your list of athletic and sporty dogs. It’s a favorite, for certain. This is a dog that makes you think of power and agility, and it’s a great guard dog that’s going to keep you feeling safe from the moment you bring him home. He’s intelligent and sweet, loves his people and according o the American Kennel Club, it’s one of the most popular dogs in the country for families looking for a medium to large breed. The AKC notes that this powerful dog is very affectionate and seeks affection from its human companions regularly; especially kids. This is a breed that loves children and will be as gentle with them as a new mother.

The pit bull is a very misunderstood breed. Many people associate the pitbull with an aggressive and angry dog looking to hurt people. While you do see stories of pits on the news that attack and become aggressive, these are minimal in comparison to how many pitbulls in homes across the world never once attack anyone or even exhibit any signs of aggression. The ASPCA describes the pit as a dog misunderstood as a result of poor ownership and irresponsible people in the life of these breeds. Yes, they were originally bred for aggression and fighting, but they are actually very intelligent, patient dogs that make great pets when brought up in a home in which its owners are diligent with training and socialization. The pitbull gets a bad rap primarily because too many people improperly breed and raise these dogs for reasons that are not quite appropriate.

The pitbull boxer mix, however, is a dog that many people enjoy. When you bring together two dogs with powerful appearances and intelligent personalities, you’re bound to end up with a breed that’s both intelligent and fierce, but also loyal and protective where its family is concerned. There’s not a lot of information available out there about this particular breed from exceptionally reputable sources such as the ASPCA or the AKC. Most of the information regarding this breed comes in small mentions, such as dogs of this breed in need of a new home or that were found abandoned and malnourished. However, that doesn’t mean that breeders and dog owners can’t pipe up to provide their experience, knowledge and expertise when it comes to this particular breed and what you can expect so that if you’re considering this breed you know what to expect.

High Energy

It’s true that both these breeds are energetic dogs, so their offspring are typically just as energetic. You might end up with the rare puppy or adult bullboxer (as they are commonly referred to) that’s not as energetic as others, and you might appreciate that. However, for the most part according to dogbreeds101.org, you will end up with high-energy dogs when you choose this breed. While this is going to provide you with a fun dog as far as playing fetch and getting exercise is concerned, an incapable dog owner might find that this becomes a bit of an issue. This bred needs dominance and firm discipline and training to ensure it knows its place in the home, and without that this is a dog that might turn into trouble. One of the most important things the AKC, vets and the APSCA will tell any potential dog owner about owning a large dog with intelligence and this type of personality is that if you can’t handle the training and obedience it requires to keep this dog behaved, trouble could occur.

Bringing this Breed Home to Other Animals Could Be an Issue

As you probably know already, not all breeds are capable of loving or welcoming other animals into the family. It’s a lot easier, typically, when you choose a puppy to bring into a home with other animals. They’re a bit more accepting and not quite so set in their ways as of just yet. However, dogbreeds101.org states that this is a breed that is not always welcoming of other animals and can be very protective. What this means, essentially, is that you probably do not want to bring this animal into a home with other pets. As someone who did just bring a dog with part of this heritage home to become part of my family and it then ate our cat within hours of being in the house; I can assure you that you’d much rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety of your other animals.


Telling you exactly what a pitbull boxer mix is going to end up like in terms of temperament and personality is not always accurate. As with most mixed breeds, it’s always difficult to tell what you might end up with as far as this is concerned. Some are a great mixture of both breeds; some more so like one breed than the other and some just completely their own unique dog. The best case scenario is to learn as much as you can about both breeds before bringing home a mixed breed puppy so you have a good idea of what you can expect either way or in between. Many people who have this mixed breed at home say it’s a very good mixture of both dogs since they do share some of the same characteristics and personality traits, and others state that it’s much more boxer-like in personality while others still feel that theirs is much more of a pitbull in personality. Be sure you are happy with both breeds and what you might get from either, because there’s just no way of knowing for certain how a puppy will grow up to behave or what traits it might pick up from its parents as it grows up.

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  1. I own two. Both are brothers. 7 months old. they are full of energy, and require a ton of attention. if you let them get by with anything they will just walk right over me. they might be young but I always feel protected when I walk them. if a stranger approaches they will growl, or bark until I tell them to hush. if they was to touch me though ( watch out)
    Overall they make great companion’s. they do eat a lot.

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