Brittany Dog Breed: What You Need to Know

Brittany Dog

If you have never heard of the Brittany dog breed, you are not alone. It’s not one of the most well-known breeds, but it is one that is lovely. This dog is one that is a wonderful pet, and it’s one that many people are looking to learn more about. Why? This is a dog that is growing in popularity in many parts of the world, which means families are interested in learning what they might expect from a dog like this. What might it be like at home? Is it a good dog to have for your own? Is this the type of dog that people want to keep at home? There is much to learn about the Brittany dog, and we have that information for you right here. We never encourage our readers to go out and get a dog without first learning all there is to know about a breed.

Personality and Temperament

Part of the spaniel family, this is a dog with a lot of energy and a lovely personality. The Brittany spaniel is friendly and loving, affectionate and very loyal to its family. This is a dog that is easy to train when it comes to hunting, and it’s one that is always looking for a new way to please its owners. It wants to ensure you are happy and taken care of, and it is a dog that will make you happy any chance it gets. Independent, you have to watch out that the Brittany isn’t off making its own decisions. It will require a firm owner that has a calm demeanor and a consistent training personality. You will need confidence in abundance to deal with this dog.

With a loving personality, it is not uncommon for this dog to want to relax in your lap and be close to you, but it’s a dog that requires physical activity on a regular basis or it will become destructive. Destructive dogs are often this way due to boredom and a lack of mental exercise, so it is important to remember that this breed needs to be stimulated on a regular basis before it is unable to contain its excitement and boredom in a manner that means your house is destroyed and your life is turned upside down. This is a dog that also needs some serious socialization as a puppy to help it become comfortable with others, and it’s important to begin socializing the Brittany spaniel very early. Otherwise, this adorable puppy is a wonderful dog to have at home, but you have to be the right family for this dog.

Lifestyle and Expectation

All puppies are adorable at a breeder or at the shelter, but are they as adorable when they get home and prove they are everything you were not expecting? A Brittany spaniel is like every other dog in the world in terms of lifestyle and expectation. This is not a dog that can live just anywhere, and it’s one that does have some issues with which you will want to familiarize yourself. The Brittany spaniel, for instance, is not a large dog. It’s going to grow up to be around 21 inches tall and around 40 pounds. Males are usually larger by a few inches and a few pounds than females, but not always so.

As far as their health is concerned, the Brittany spaniel is a dog that does have some issues with hip dysplasia and breast cancer. It’s also common for this breed to suffer from seizures. You might not care, but many families are very worried about a dog with health issues, especially when they are breed specific and more likely to occur. Additionally, there is no guarantee that your dog will not suffer from other health issues, but these just happen to be the most common in the Brittany spaniel. If your Brittany spaniel is generally healthy, though, you can expect to have this dog in your life as long as 15 years. They are a commitment, and that is something that you need to know before you get one of your own. Additionally, unless you want a litter of anywhere from 1 to 11 puppies running around your yard, you will want your Brittany spaniel fixed.

Another consideration to make before you bring home a Brittany spaniel is your living condition. If you live in an apartment, it’s not a good idea to get a dog like this. These are dogs that typically prefer to live in bigger homes with plenty of land on which they can run, play and release some of their abundant energy. A dog that is cooped up all the time will become very destructive and bored, and that is not how you want to deal with a Brittany spaniel.

Breed History

There is surprisingly little known about the Brittany spaniel and its history. This does not seem to be a dog that many people know much about. It’s one that seems to derive from the Orange and white setter, but many people are unsure if they really do. They are named the Brittany spaniel after a French province by the name Brittany since they were found there at first. However, it’s not clear whether or not these are actually French dogs; though it’s suspected that it is not. Another theory is that the Brittany spaniel is looks so much like a Welsh Springer Spaniel that it might be a direct descendant of this breed, too. All that is very well-known about this dog is that it loves bird hunting and excels at it unlike any other. The Brittany has been recognized by the American Kennel Club since 1934, though it was first shown in a dog show in 1896 in France.

It’s a great breed for anyone with kids, with a lot of land and with a love of hunting – especially birds. The Brittany is a dog that is kind and sweet, and it’s one that you will find is very welcome in your home if you are the right type of owner and family for this particular breed.

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