When to Take Your Labradoodle to the Vet


They’re playful and adorable, fun and great for families; the Labradoodle not only sounds like a fabulous dog, it is a fabulous dog. This is a large animal that’s bred with a Labrador as one parent and a poodle as the other, which is where the fun name comes from and it’s also what makes this puppy a hybrid. It’s not a purebred, so you might assume that you can get one for next to nothing, but that would be an incorrect assumption. The Labradoodle is a hybrid, which was long ago known as a mutt and currently known as a designer dog. People pay big money for dogs like these because they’re bred on purpose and for the adorable name.

Either way, however, this dog is worth the price because it’s such a wonderful family pet. Adaptable, good with kids, good with other animals, calm, fun, energetic, loyal and protective, there is nothing else you could possibly want in a furry friend – and did we mention he’s probably one of the prettiest dogs around? If you’re looking to get a Labradoodle of your own, you’re going to want to learn to recognize a few things about your dog, such as when he’s not feeling well. This is not a breed that’s prone to illness, but you’re about to spend a lot of money on him, so you want to know when he’s not feeling well so that you can get this dog to the vet in time to keep him around for many years to come.

Because dogs lack the proper communication skills to look at you and say, “I’m not feeling well,” you have to figure these things out on your own. Fortunately, dogs make it easier than people likes to credit them for. We have a few tips that will help you to determine whether or not your Labradoodle is sick so that you can seek out medical attention. Not all illness in dogs is just a cold or just a ‘bad day,’ and there are several illnesses affecting dogs that are becoming more common – and you need to know what to look for before it’s too late.

Lethargic Animals

Sometimes dogs, just like people, simply do not feel well. They have fevers, they are tired, they have a cold and they just want to lie down and relax. It’s okay when this happens, and it doesn’t mean your dog is going to die or develop any other health issues. However, it does mean that your dog will need to be watched a bit more closely than usual. A dog that doesn’t feel well must be encouraged to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which can lead to other health issues. Additionally, it’s imperative that you keep your dog from becoming too complacent with lying around because he does need to exercise and use the restroom to keep up his health.

A Labradoodle that’s behaving in this manner is not one you really have to worry about, but you should keep an eye on things. If your dog’s condition seems to worsen over time rather than improve, call the vet to speak with him or her. You might need to take the dog in to rule out some potential health issues, but chances are good that your dog is fine. It’s other symptoms and signs you need to be very careful to look out for to ensure that your dog is not suffering from something more serious.

Breathing Issues

It’s common to find your dog breathing hard after a good run or a long time in the yard playing with the kids, but you should know when hard breathing is not appropriate. If your dog’s breathing seems labored, he’s having difficulty breathing, he’s gasping for air or he’s having other breathing issues, it’s imperative that you get the dog to the vet right away. This is a symptom that, according to veterinarians, indicates a possibly life-threatening issue and needs to be rectified immediately.

Bathroom Issues

If your Labradoodle suddenly has blood in his stool, cannot use the bathroom, has difficulty urinating or cannot urinate anymore, get your dog straight to the vet. This could indicate that there is something very wrong with your dog and it won’t be long before your animal is suddenly taking a turn for the worse. It could mean anything from a very bad illness to a tumor to anything in between.

If you sense that there is blood or mucous present in any of your Labradoodle’s stools or when he or she urinates, it’s a very bad health issue. Additionally, if your dog seems to hunch over and behave as if he or she is uncomfortable, it could also be a problem. This could mean that your dog is suffering from a bowel obstruction, which could actually kill your dog if it is left untreated even for just one day. This means that saying, “We will see how things look tomorrow before we contact the vet,” could actually kill the dog or result in health complications so severe your dog will never fully recover. There are some things that simply require immediate attention from the correct medical professional.

Severe Pain

If your dog suddenly cannot get up without experiencing severe pain, you must call the vet. This is an indicator of Lyme Disease, which is becoming an increasingly bad problem for all types of dogs. While your dog cannot tell you he or she is in pain, you will notice. Your dog might suddenly have trouble standing or sitting, laying, or moving in general. Everything your dog does will suddenly look like it’s taking so much effort that he can barely do it, and it might even boil down to the point that your dog whimpers and cries when trying to do anything around the house. Lyme Disease is caused by ticks, and sometimes tick bites can happen without your knowledge, so it’s best to have your dog evaluated for this disease right away.

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