Is the Tibetan Mastiff Right For Your Home?

tibetan mastiff

There is no other way to describe the Tibetan Mastiff than impressive. This large breed is impressively impressive; and we can’t help but repeat that. However, it is a dog with a reputation for being aloof. This mastiff is large and protective, and the American Kennel Club (AKC) states that this is one breed that might cause some issues at home in terms of entertaining.

While some Tibetan Mastiff owners might disagree that this breed is so protective that it’s not welcoming of any strangers, others will agree wholeheartedly. The AKC also states that this is a breed so independent that it might not want to be bothered with things like organized activity.

This beautiful dog is the right dog for many families, and it’s not the right dog for others (which, essentially, makes it just like every other dog in the world).

This working dog is not overly affectionate, but it is fiercely protective. It’s a large dog that averages around 26 inches tall, and can range anywhere from 85 to 140 pounds when full grown.

Expect that your Tibetan Mastiff will live anywhere from a decade to 14 years depending on its overall health, and know that just because this is a dog that’s not right for all families doesn’t mean it’s not right for yours. We have taken a few of the most common misconceptions about this large breed and gotten the facts just for you.

This Breed is Child-Friendly

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding this dog. Many people believe that because he is a bit aloof that he might not have the patience to deal with children. However, this is a breed that does well with kids. Like any other breed in the world, however, the AKC recommends that you never leave children unsupervised with this breed.

The Tibetan Mastiff is very patient and gentle with children, but it’s also recommended that you teach your children to treat this dog with respect. It is a large dog and it’s always better to make sure kids know how to behave around large animals – small ones, too, but large animals tend to do more damage than small ones.

This Breed Does Not Do Well With Discord

Veterinary professionals note that the Tibetan Mastiff does not do well with arguments and fights. This is a dog that is inclined to protect the people it loves, and it doesn’t always understand that discipline and arguments occur.

For example, if you discipline your child with this dog around and you raise your voice, yell or get too close to your child, this dog might assume that you are going to harm the child and is likely to step in and stop you – and it might not be gently.

Additionally, this breed is known to mistake simple rough-housing and playing between children as violence, and it could make the decision to protect the child from his family by getting in between these children. Because these dogs are so protective, they will not stop at anything to keep their loved ones safe – and that is wonderful but exceptionally dangerous if this dog is not carefully supervised (like any dog, really).

You Can Socialize This Dog

Yes, this is a breed that is aloof and very independent. It’s a dog so inherently suspicious of strangers that it might not let your friends over for a dinner party without losing its mind. No, this does mean that you have to live with this. If you socialize your dog from the day you bring him or her home, you can minimize a bit of this behavior. Frequent socialization of this breed is going to help to ensure that it is less likely to make your own desire to socialize difficult.

These Dogs Are Loud at Night

If you’ve ever heard someone say that this breed is prone to bark at night and you’ve wondered whether or not it’s true, rest assured that it is true. The AKC states that this is a dog that was once a ‘village’ guardian, and so that’s why the breed is so loud at night. This might be problematic for people who aren’t heavy sleepers or have small kids at home they want to sleep through the night.

This dog is more likely to bark at just about anything, which makes it a loud addition to your evening routine. Of course, there are some that are relatively quiet and not likely to bark at night thanks to training and personality, but they are very loud at night for the most part.

Be Careful of Constraints

The Tibetan Mastiff is a dog that will not do well with something like an underground electronic fence when it is being trained or when you want it to stay put. The shock that the dog receives is not typically strong enough to keep it from crossing that line and going wherever it wants to go.

A true fence is a much better solution for this large breed. Additionally, the AKC recommends that you never walk your Tibetan Mastiff without a leash, because it could easily become upset and cause issues trying to protect its family.

Dogs, no matter the breed, are not for everyone. There are some people who simply do not care much for dogs, some who love dogs but have no concept of how to safely raise one, and some who want dogs for the wrong reason; this is not a dog for those people.

There are so many more considerations to make with large breed dogs than with smaller breeds thanks to the nothing more than the danger a dog this size could pose if not properly brought up. If you are not 100% certain this dog is for you, you don’t know how you will train it based on the requirements for a dog of this size, or you know nothing about it, please do not go out and get one.

Dog owners should be serious about their new ‘job’ and they should know all there is to know about raising a dog before they bring one into their own home. This is for the safety of the dog and the family.

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