20 Things You Didn’t Know About The Broholmer

Large dog lovers who are looking for a pet to adopt have quite a few choices, but there is one that stands our with a unique temperament and a longer life expectancy than many other larger species. The Broholmer is a Danish breed that has been around for centuries, but it’s recently become known, and available in the United States. Broholmers have a long and rich history, and there are a lot of great benefits associated with them.

Of course, there are also a few drawbacks to be aware of. For a large dog, they tend to live longer than some of their most beloved counterpart breeds. If you’re looking for a dog that has the potential for staying in your life for at least a decade, or longer, the Broholmer may be breed to consider. Here are 20 facts about the Broholmer that may help you to decide if this is the right dog breed for you.

1. Broholmers are protectors

The American Kennel Club gives the Broholmer a high score for his protective nature. While he is not a violent dog by nature, he does view his job as protector of the home and guard dog for the farm and stock as being important. He is vigilant over the parameters of the home, his human family members and other animals that he knows belong there. He keeps a watchful eye over his home. Perhaps one of the most impressive traits of the Broholmer is that he feels duty-bound to protect his loved ones from danger and harm, but if there is a way out of acting with violence, he will take that over an all out attack, in most cases.

2. Broholmers are known by a few different names

According to Dog Time, The Broholmer goes by several different names. The breed is commonly referred to as a Broholmer, as well as a Danish Broholmer, or a Danish Mastiff. When you’re looking for this specific breed, you can use all of these names in your search, because they’re all the same breed. This might help you to avoid any confusion if you’re browsing through breeders who advertise their pups for sale, or through shelters that offer adoptions.

3. Broholmers were formerly used as hunting dogs

According to Pet Guide, the Broholmer was originally bred to be a hunter. The breed was used to hunt stag during the Middle Ages. His large size made him the perfect dog for big game hunting. Although this is no longer the way that Broholmers are used, it is a part of their distant past so don’t be surprised if your Broholmer shows the traits of a hunter every now and then.

4. Broholmers can reach 176 pounds

Dog Breed Info tells us that a Broholmer can easily reach large size when fully grown. The males are larger than the females usually. Expect your Broholmer to reach a height between 22 to 30 inches, and a weight anywhere between 87 to 176 pounds. The total weight depends on the diet, the amount of exercise, and how tall your dog grows. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so the more muscular he is, the heavier he will be.

5. Broholmers are compared to mastiffs

The AKC describes the Broholmer as a large dog with a mastiff like build. His body shape is rectangular and he has a strong and muscular build. His head is massive. It is more his size that deters intruders, more than his temperament. He is well-muscled and it is his massive appearance that made him an asset as a guard dog in his native Denmark. The Broholmer often worked as a guard dog for butcher’s shops in Copenhagen, where the breed is one that is commonly seen. From the information we’ve gathered, Broholmers were frequently observed just lying around on the Butcher’s floors or near the door. We wonder if the shop owners were using them more because of their intimidating size and strong build?

6. Broholmers are highly adaptable

You might guess that Broholmers need a large home to roam around in because of their large size. While this is the most ideal environment, these dogs are incredibly adaptable. While it’s true that they need to get plenty of exercise and have room to run, they adapt to apartment living well if they have the love and support of their owners according to Dog Time. As long as you take them out to move around fairly frequently, your Broholmer can easily adapt to most environments.

This can also be detrimental though, because Broholmers tend to have a lazy nature, and they don’t mind just lying around in small areas all day. Their adaptability means that if you encourage them to do something they will usually comply, but you might need to remind your Broholmer to get up and move around if you live in an apartment. He’s not likely to cue you that it’s time to go for a walk.

7. Broholmers have been a breed for centuries

The origins of the Broholmer breed are a bit sketchy, but it is known that they originated in Denmark. The breed was developed by crossing English Mastiff with a variety of German dog breeds. The name comes from a game-keeper from the 18th Century named Sehested of Broholm. Stories about hunting these dogs through the Middle Ages were handed down, and they became a popular breed among the very wealthy and aristocrats during the 18th and 19th centuries, according to Pet Guide,

8. Broholmers need to be taken on daily walks

According to Dog Breed Info, Broholmers are content for the most part to lie around the house, but because he is a large muscular dog, he needs to get a good dose of daily exercise. It’s important to take him on a nice long walk every day. While young, don’t overdo it though, because it can interfere with his growth and development if he’s worked too hard. Daily walks are the ideal type of exercise to get him up and moving.

9. Broholmer’s are snugglers

Your Broholmer is a cuddler who will happily jump on the couch and lie on top of you to get some snuggle time in. While his large size may make this a bit difficult, it’s something that the breed craves by nature of temperament, according to the Broholmer Club of the USA. They have a strong desire to have your love and your attention and they love being in your company.

10. Broholmers can be stubborn

While many dogs that have friendly and outgoing temperaments are definite people pleasers, this isn’t usually the case with the Broholmer. According to Dog Zone, Broholmers can be stubborn at times and this can make training them a bit tricky. You must maintain the upper hand and let him know who’s the boss from the time that he is a puppy to help him understand that you are in charge. Once trained, they’re magnificent dogs, but they do have a strong will.

11. Broholmers are not recommended for families with small children

According to Doggie Designer, even though Broholmers are affectionate and friendly dogs, they are not recommended for families with small kids. The reason for this is because of their large size and heavy weight. Accidents can happen even with the most well-intentioned pets. If you do have small kids, they must be supervised when with a Broholmer at all times.

12. Broholmers are great family dogs

If you’re looking for an amazing family dog, the Broholmer can’t be beat when it comes to his gentle nature. Yes, he’s big and looks a bit menacing, but his nature makes him kind hearted and caring. He watches over his loved ones, but he is a friendly dog who isn’t prone to violence when he is properly socialized. He is good with kids, adults, and other animals and makes the perfect addition to the family, according to the Broholmer Club of the USA.

13. Broholmers need to continue training through life

We learned at Wag Walking that completing training for the Broholmer doesn’t end when he matures into an adult dog. Because of his stubborn nature, the training must continue through his adult years. This breed is known for trying to usurp authority and take on the role of leader, and this is a tendency that just doesn’t seem to go away, so you’ll have to maintain a strong hand with him. Don’t lose sight of the fact that this dog is not interested in being a people pleaser. It’s a good thing that Broholmers are also kind, loving and friendly to go along with their severe stubborn streak.

14. The Broholmer is a healthy breed

While most larger dog breeds are plagued with a plethora of health conditions, this has not proven to be the case with the Broholmer. It is a generally healthy breed, according to The Academic Hound. While some individual dogs may have joint, hip, or other health issues, it’s not something that is widely reported within the general population of Broholmers. This is good news for Broholmer lovers and breeders because it makes them a heartier breed with fewer medical bills.

15. Broholmers have a long history as work dogs

From the Middle Ages to the present Broholmers have been used as work dogs. The first known duties of the Broholmer was as a hunter, then later, they were used as guard dogs. This is still a task that Broholmer are charged with. They have a suspicious nature, and they do tend to be territorial by nature, so this, combined with appropriate training makes them excellent guard dogs. They have also been used for protecting and herding cattle according to Dog Zone.

16. Broholmers love to play

We didn’t mean to make the Broholmer out to be a dog that just lies around all day. They love to play and interact with their family members. Doggie Designer suggests that owners make sure there is a lot of play time with these dogs, and this helps to give them some exercise and the much desired love and human attention that they crave.

17. Broholmers are intelligent dogs

As most stubborn breeds are, Broholmers are smart dogs. Dog Breed Plus ranks them as having a higher than average intelligence. This gives them the ability to work things out when they’re making decisions.

18. The Broholmer was the choice of Royalty

Wag shares that Broholmers were the preferred dog breed for Danish royalty. There are portraits of some important aristocratic figures that feature their Broholmers sitting beside them. This was the dog of Frederick VII, along with many other very wealthy and aristocratic personalities. This elevates the status of the breed somewhat.

19. Broholmers are clean dogs

The Academic Hound shares that Broholmers need little maintenance. A weekly grooming should do as they aren’t huge shedders. Another more hygienic aspect of the Broholmer is that they are not prone to drooling. This makes the upkeep on the dog much easier and your home will also stay a lot cleaner. It’s almost a miracle that such a large dog doesn’t drool. It’s no wonder that this is a breed that is extremely popular as the choice of a family dog, or a companion dog for couples and singles.

20. Don’t leave your Broholmer alone

Broholmers do not like to be left alone. This breed craves social interaction according to Dog Breed Plus. If you must be gone for several hours a day, leave his favorite toys nearby, and better yet, leave him with a companion pet, or a pet sitter. This could help to reduce any separation anxiety or acting out.

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