Cocker Spaniel Puppies: 5 Tips for Better Care

Cocker Spaniels are among the most beautiful dogs in the small to medium size range. They are available in a variety of color combinations but perhaps the most appealing side of the cocker spaniel is their amazing temperament and fierce loyalty. While personality in a cocker is something that they are born with, it is also important for the new owners to provide them with the proper care and training in order for the dog to learn the right behaviors. They also have certain health care requirements. As a breeder for many years, I’ve learned that cockers have some very unique care needs from birth through adulthood for achieving the best in health and behavior. In order to get the best results possible, here are five tips for better care for your cocker spaniel puppies.

1. Regular health care checkups

Cocker Spaniel puppies need to have regular health care checkups to ensure that there are no genetic issues. There is a tendency for cockers to develop issues with their eyes and occasionally their ears. Problems can be detected early when they are seen by a veterinary for screening. Not all cockers have these issues but it’s vital to make sure that they receive a good checkup by the time that they are six weeks of age and that they receive all of the recommended vaccines at the times when they are needed. Cocker spaniel puppies need to be immunized as much as human children in order to prevent the development of some common diseases and viruses which are rampant in pets that have not had their shots.

2. Attention

Cockers are very social and intelligent dogs so they need to have nurturing from the time that they are puppies. They crave attention and affection so you should be prepared for them to be nosy little pests that insist on knowing what you’re doing. This isn’t generally a problem with proper training. Your cocker puppy will soon learn when it is appropriate to be involved with what you’re doing. It’s vital to give them nurturing through touch and by talking to them so their personalities will develop to their full potential.

3. Mental stimulation

Because cockers are intelligent they require mental stimulation. They easily learn new commands and love to play games. This is one of the features that makes them so attractive. They make great family pets and generally do well with children if they are exposed to them at an early age. Cocker spaniels are also good at reading body language and sensing your mood so it’s a good idea to step away when you’re having anxiety because they are likely to feel your emotions and may become easily upset themselves.

4. Their own bed

While many pet owners insist on having their pets sleep on the bed, if you do, you’re likely to have a cocker pup right in the covers with you. They’re loving dogs and enjoy physical touch. They are also very territorial when it comes to their beds. It’s a good idea to give them their own beds in a comfortable and well ventilated area of the home that is not too hot or cold. Because of their long hair shedding can become an issue if they regularly sleep on a couch or the owner’s bed.

5. Shedding

Cocker spaniels need to be regularly groomed. Their long and thick hair has a tendency to shed. Your pet will be more comfortable if they are bathed and brushed regularly. This will also help you to keep the hair in your home at a minimum.

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