This is Why Your Dog is Vomiting White Foam

One of the scariest things that a pet owner can experience is to see their beloved animal sick. When a dog is vomiting white foam, there may be a serious underlying issue, or it could be a non-life threatening condition. Although there are many reasons why a dog may exhibit this symptom, it’s something that should immediately be investigated by a veterinarian to rule out any of the more dangerous possibilities. If your dog is vomiting white foam then continue reading to find out the possible reasons why, and what you should do about it.

Why dogs vomit white foam

Before you become too alarmed, there are a lot of reasons why a dog may vomit white foam. It’s an unpleasant sight to behold and it signals that your dog is at minimum, not feeling well. One of the most common reasons for this symptom is because your dog has found something nasty in the garbage or elsewhere and ingested it. Rotting food or a foreign object that your pet has swallowed can cause them to vomit white foam. This can happen at any time and it’s likely to happen on several occasions.

Other reasons

Dogs who have internal injuries, an infection in the digestive tract, is bloated, has ingested poisons or toxins, is bloated or has kennel cough may vomit white foam. Other potential causes for this condition include pancreatitis, bilious vomiting syndrome or the dreaded parvovirus or rabies.

When to call a veterinary

If your dog has thrown up several times throughout the day, acts like he’s not feeling well or has been sick for more than one day, it’s a good idea to get him in for a checkup. A vet can quickly diagnose the problem. In many cases, dogs have simply eaten something that they shouldn’t and they’re back their selves in a day or two. When there is a more dangerous situation, the veterinarian will be able to diagnose and treat the dog before the condition has time to worsen. When parvo is diagnosed quickly, the survival rates can be as high as 90 percent but if you wait, the odds of survival go down. Rabies is always a fatal condition, but if your dog has been immunized, the chances of this being the case are low.

The importance of sanitizing your dog’s food and water bowls

When it comes to getting sick, your dog is just as vulnerable as a human. Food bowls are often left on the floor and refilled when the dishes are low or empty. They need to be cleaned just as you wash and dry the dishes that you eat on. When dog bowls are left on the ground for long periods of time, they are subject to growing all types of bacteria and other germs. Dirty food and water dishes can make your dog sick, so keep them clean and sanitized on a regular basis to keep your pet healthy and happy.

How to prevent your dog from becoming sick

Household chemicals are toxins that can make your dog sick enough to vomit white foam. Keep all of these products out of your pets reach. Also make sure that he cannot get into the garbage can. Keep all objects he might be able to chew on picked up around the house and yard. Make sure that your dog is up on all of his immunizations and take him in for regular health check ups. Maintain a clean environment that is free of debris and fecal matter.

What to do when your dog vomits white foam

Now that you know the potential causes for a dog vomiting white foam, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s always a good idea to have this symptom checked out by an animal health care professional. It’s okay to keep an eye on your pet and monitor his condition for a few hours, but if he doesn’t start feeling better within a few hours or if he shows signs of becoming sicker, it’s a good idea to consult with his veterinarian and schedule an appointment. There are a lot of potential causes but if you don’t know why your dog is sick, it’s best to make sure.

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