Common Health Concerns of the Cane Corso

cane corso

Muscular and large, no one wants to get too close to a Cane Corso that they don’t know. Even if you’re a dog lover that knows this breed like the back of your hand (really, I know so little about the back of my hand, so where does this figure of speech actually come from?), you’re probably still hesitant to get too close to an unfamiliar Cane Corso. This large, beautiful dog is part of the Mastiff family, and he’s a big one. Despite the fact that this is a dog with a beautiful disposition that is affectionate, loving and close to his family, no one that doesn’t know him wants to get too close.

That’s the beauty of a big dog. It’s just scary enough – and there’s just enough doubt in the minds of most strangers – to keep people at bay. It’s a large and protective dog that bonds well with children and creates an unshakable bond with its family. That’s why so many people love this breed. It’s intelligent, its kind and it’s downright terrifying when you see it thanks solely to its size. However, with a big dog comes big responsibility, and that includes the understanding that large dogs are particularly prone to certain health issues that must be taken care of by you and the vet you should form a good relationship with. This is not to say that your Cane Corso will ever experience any health issues or that you will ever have to worry about any of this. However, it’s always good to know what to look out for, what to expect and how to handle health issues if ever they should arise.

Keep in mind that the potential health issues of this large breed are just that – potential. This should not sway your opinion of owning a dog of this nature in any way, but serve only as a guide that will allow you to become a better owner to your dog.

Gastric Torsion

Otherwise known as something you and I deal with at least once a month – or following any good sporting event if you’re a guy. Bloat is a serious health issue for the Cane Corso. What happens when you or I feel bloated is that we feel gross. We might feel sluggish. We might feel as if our clothes don’t fit well. We might feel as if we wish we were doing anything other than spending the day bloated. For us, however, the feeling does wear off after a few hours or a few days depending on whether you are a man or a woman. However, for the Cane Corso, bloat means something entirely different.

When a Cane Corso is bloated, he or she could die. The best way to prevent your dog from becoming bloated is the best way to keep your dog healthy and alive. If your dog does become bloated, it is a life-threatening health problem. This is why prevention is key. To prevent bloating in a dog this size it is important that you feed the dog as recommended by your vet. For the Cane Corso, this means two meals a day spread out far enough apart to ensure the dog eats, but close enough together to ensure that the dog actually doesn’t end up gulping down his food so quickly that he become sick.

Rapid inhalation is a dangerous way for this dog to eat. It means he or she takes in more air than necessary, which means that the dog then becomes overly bloated and can become very sick if simple gas is not enough to rid the dog’s body of all the bloat. Another way to prevent bloat in your Cane Corso is to prohibit your dog from exercising or engaging in any other form of vigorous activity for at least two hours following any given meal.

If your dog’s stomach looks distended or swollen, if the dog seems to be in pain, you will need to rush the dog to the vet because surgery is probably necessary and it needs to be done immediately to relieve the pressure.

Eye Problems

Big dogs are very prone to eye issues. We’ve previously discussed the health dangers associated with the bullmastiff and the eye, and this breed is very similar to that one in terms of eye issues. One of the most common eye issues is referred to as entropion. This happens when the eyelid curls inward and the lashes stick to the interior of the eye, scratching it repeatedly. It is very uncomfortable, and it is very dangerous in that it can cause your dog to go blind in that eye.

You’ll notice this issue when the dog begins to have a consistently watery eye. It will be red all the time, and it might even be swollen or leaking some discharge that’s not pleasant to see or smell. If you notice this, call the vet. He or she will need to see your dog and make sure that this is corrected so that your dog’s vision is not compromised.

The opposite can also occur. This means that the eyelid rolls to an outward position rather than an inward position, causing the eye to become exposed to the world around it. This part of the eye is very sensitive, and this is going to aggravate the eye severely. While it doesn’t seem like a huge issue to some, the fact is that your dog could lose his or her vision thanks to this issue, which is why it is recommended that you have your vet check this out immediately.

Your dog is a breed that is prone to these health issues especially, but that doesn’t mean your dog isn’t going to develop other health issues; and it certainly doesn’t mean your dog is going to develop any health issues. All dogs are just as likely to become sick with any number of health conditions such as cancer or even Lyme disease. You should call your vet anytime your dog’s behavior or health seems off.

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