The Cutest Bloodhound Videos of 2017

The bloodhound is one of the most beloved dog breeds by people everywhere. They are intriguing in many ways, including their looks, personality and especially their ability to sniff anything they are trained to. These amazing dogs were originally bred for hunting due to their ability to track and sniff out prey. Today, although still used for these tasks, they are also very often used on the police force and in other organizations and services to sniff out people, animals, drugs among other things. They have a great deal of stamina and are very determined, loyal and sweet natured dogs. Due to their unique looks and their sweet dispositions, they are also very common as family pets. If you are considering a Bloodhound for your next dog, you may want to watch the following videos to see just how adorable these dogs are.

Here are the cutest Bloodhound videos of 2017.

5. Bloodhound who refuses to listen

Those who own bloodhounds know the stubborn streak they can have. Whether it’s just plain defiant behavior, or they know they are just that cute that they think they can get away with things, this guy is definitely blatantly ignoring his owner who keeps telling him he’s not allowed on the couch. Handbone, which happens to be a great name for a Bloodhound, is determined to get on the couch and although his owner tells him to go get in his own bed, Handbone just stares at his owner and continues to make himself comfortable on the couch, right in front of her. This is an adorable bloodhound who obviously thinks he rules the roost.

4. Hank, the naughty Bloodhound

It’s apparent that Hank loves to keep busy and he’s always looking for something to do. His owners knew that he was up to no good when they weren’t around, so they decided to film what he does when he’s alone. Hank was caught on tape doing lots of naughty things around the house and you get to see all that he does on this video. Watch this video and see what a day in the life of Hank the Bloodhound is like. You’ll find yourself laughing at this guy by the end of the video, knowing how determined he was trying to create his own fun.

3. Bloodhounds in the kiddy pool

Well, these guys know how to cool off the right way. Since Bloodhounds don’t have any hair, just all fur, they tend to overheat easily and it’s important to keep them cool. These two Bloodhounds know how to get cooled off the fun way, playing and lounging in the kiddy pool. They look totally comfortable and cute, and most of all, spoiled. Enjoy this very cute video of two Bloodhounds loving their pool.

2. Hubert fishing the Bloodhound way

This video is so cute, watching a Bloodhound trying to catch a fish. He wades in the water and you see the intent in his eyes as he scopes out the fish and wanting to catch one. Bloodhounds have good sniffers and can sniff out a lot of different scents and animals, but never knew they also liked to fish. Watch Hubert as he wades around the water and trying to figure out how he can snag one of the fish.

1. Snoring Bloodhounds

These guys must be exhausted from all their puppy play because they are out like two lights. As a matter-of-fact, they are so tired, they are snoring deep and loud, just like a person. This is such a cute Bloodhound video, watching two pups snooze and snore away on the couch without a care in the world. Watch how Howie tries to figure out what’s going on when his owner wakes him to tell him he’s snoring.


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