The Cutest Boston Terrier Puppy Videos of 2017

You can’t help but this little face. Boston Terriers are little tuxedo wearers, they are friendly, energetic, and portable, meaning, you can easily tote them wherever you go since they are small and compact. These little dogs love to be with their owners. This is where they are the most content, is to be close to you, no matter what you are doing. As a matter-of-fact, that is what they were bred for, to be your companion and best friend. They are happy to get out and romp around and play with you, or just lay on the couch next to you while you watch TV, read, nap, or whatever. These dogs make great pets for families due to their ability to get along with so many, from children, elderly, even other pets. If you love Boston Terriers, then you are going to love the following cutest Boston Terrier puppy videos of 2017.

1. Having a ball!

In this video, these adorable Boston Terrier puppies are having a ball in a ball pit. At first, a few of the pups look a little confused; probably their first time in a ball pit. But once they warm up to the hundreds of colorful balls all rolling around and realize it’s all for them to have fun with, they all seem to warm right up and start cutting loose. They run through the balls, bat at the balls, and then, they discover the old sock toy and a game of tug o’ war begins between them. Watch this video and have fun right along with these, too cute for words, Boston Terrier pups.

2. 8 Week old Boston Terriers play in the snow

These four little Boston Terriers are hamming it up in the snow. At only 8 weeks old, they are learning to play with each other and with toys. The first thing you see, is one of the pups rounding the corner in the snow, and right behind him, his friend who is bringing the ball, to play. They run, jump, rough house and tackle each other and seem to be even livelier with all the cold snow on the ground. This is one of the cutest videos of Boston Terrier puppies, showing their little personalities, even at such a young age.

3. 17 Week old Boston Terrier Pup knows his tricks

Nothing is cuter than a little puppy doing his tricks. Meet Murphy. He’s 17 weeks old and already knows how to perform. Of course, he gets a tasty treat for performing, but he’s still great at listening. He listens to his owner so intently, and you can tell by the way his ears flop side-to-side as he tilts his head to listen. Good job Murphy!  Keep up the good work. Enjoy the video, which is one of the cutest videos of Boston Terrier pups.

4. 6 Week old Boston Terrier Puppies’ Playroom

These 6 week old Boston Terrier puppies are having an adorably cute romp and play in their playroom. It’s fun to watch how young puppies play. Their learning how to bark, and run, play with new toys and play with each other. While several of the pups mull over their toys, two pups are playing peek-a-boo in the dog crate, which is so cute. What may be even cuter is when they all stop and sit motionless and listen, with their big eyes and ears flopping side-to-side as they tilt their heads in unison. This little group of tuxedo puppies playing is definitely one of the cutest Boston Terrier puppy videos of 2017.

5. Boston Terrier puppies and babies

Ok, there are two cute things going on here in this video; puppies and babies; two things that will make anyone smile and they are together in one video. The puppies playfully chase the babies, tug on their clothes and follow them around like they are their play toy, but which one is which? This video is sure to make you grin when you see how well the babies and the puppies are matched for each other, and both couldn’t be happier than that. Enjoy the cutest Boston Terrier puppy video.


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