20 of the Funniest Pit Bull Videos of 2015


When people utter the word “Pitbull,” it’s almost with hesitation. You never know how people are going to react. Will it be with horror that you have one or like them and don’t find them to be dangerous animals that viciously attack innocent men, women and children? Will it be with anger that so many people discriminate against these days with a force so powerful considering they’ve never actually met them? Or will it be with excitement that you, too, enjoy the same type of dog? You just never know. But I will tell you this; these dogs are hilarious. Every single one of this pitbulls has something funny to say, do or engage in, and that’s what we love about these hilarious pitbull videos. Read on to see what we’re talking about; you are going to need a tissue to wipe your tears of laughter.

When the Family is Away

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do when no one is home to watch. The bad news for this dog is that his people have a camera set up to watch him when they are away, so they are privy to his actions and his ‘fun.’

Um, No, No Bath, Thanks

This dog has absolutely no intention of taking a bath. It’s funny because dogs typically do enjoy time in the tub. It’s funnier, however, because dogs are often the kind of animals that really do let you know how they feel.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Gimme the hose! Please! I need it! Hey, we’ve all been there, done that on a hot day in the yard when the sun is sweltering and we are sweating and in desperate need of some summertime relief. We are not judging.

Personal Security

I have twins. Maybe I should get a dog like this to protect them so that I can sit back with confidence that no one is going to mess with my babies. Do you think these dogs change diapers, by chance?

Summertime Fun

We all need a pool when the weather is hot, the sun is shining and the temperature just keeps on rising. And that’s what this dog has for himself. Lucky dog.

Just Hanging Out

You know, sometimes you just want to hold onto a rope with your teeth and just hang there for a while. Perhaps it’s good exercise or something.

Not a Fan of Baths

It’s just that this dog has no desire to bathe, and why not? He only played outside in the mud twice this week. Surely that does not constitute a bath, right?

Silly Puppy

We love a silly puppy, especially when said silly puppy is one that has been mislabeled as a dangerous breed. Seems to me this dog seems like it is not all that dangerous, doesn’t it?

Just So Cute

We love a cute dog, and for good reason. Dogs are just cute in general, but this one really does take the cake, don’t you think?

The Argument

Even dogs have opinions. I would not want to engage this dog in a religious or political conversation to save my life, right?

Who Doesn’t Love a Baby?

Even dogs with tough personalities and a reputation to uphold are just smitten with babies. And why not? They’re sweet, cute and absolutely wonderful in every sense of the word.

Baby Love

This dog is not even remotely vicious with this baby, and that’s just not what so many people expect from the breed. It is the truth, though.

Their Savior

This is not a funny video at all. But it’s a touching video, and it’s a good reminder to those who dislike this breed as a whole that it’s not a bad breed.

The Dog that Says I Love You

This is the phrase that so many parents want to hear more than anything else, and coming from a dog it seems even more cool than it does coming from anyone else, right?

A Very Smart Pit

This pitbull listens better and performs better than my children. Forget getting me a tissue when I sneeze; my kids won’t even get themselves a tissue when they sneeze. They’re too busy. This is a dog that is performing what is referred to as ‘intermediate’ tricks, so I’d be very curious to see what complicated tricks this dog can perform.

So Much Cuteness

Just take a moment to sit back and watch all the cute in this video. It’s like cute times a dozen, which is a math equation that even I can get on board with.

Babies and Pits

If you want to see a few minutes of sweet loving, this is the video for you. These videos are all about pitbulls and their favorite babies, and they’re sure to make you laugh and even evoke a few feels and emotions. Go ahead, I dare you to watch this unfold.

A Hilarious Compilation

I have no words for some of the videos you about about to see, and all I can do is thank the person that put them all together to create this kind of hilarity. I mean, these are funny. I love the dog with the snowy tree branch and his acrobatics.

A Regular Comedian

When you have a dog that has a killer personality (no pun intended) it’s a good idea to get that on film whenever possible. This is no exception, especially since this dog is quite humorous. We like it, and we cannot say that there is no reason this dog shouldn’t have his own routine.

Like Cats and Dogs

This dog is not quite sure what is going on right now. For one, what are these little cats with elfin ears and no fur? Well, they’re Devon Rex cats, if I’m not mistaken, and watching them with the dog is one of the best things I’ve seen all day long. Perhaps it’s the dog’s enthusiasm or confusion; I’m not certain. But it is good stuff.

Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images


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