10 Incredible Videos of Dogs That Survived Hurricane Katrina

Dogs rescued from Katrina

Hurricane Katrina changed an entire city, millions of people and lives across the world when it made landfall on the Gulf Coast of the United States in August 2005. The massive storm was one of the worst in the history of hurricanes, and it was particularly bad for the city of New Orleans, which was simply unable to withstand the devastation the storm brought with it. It was only the third strongest storm to ever hit the United States, but the city was unequipped to handle something of that magnitude.

Since Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5 storm when it made landfall with winds up to 175 miles per hour, the levees in New Orleans were strained. They were strong enough to handle a Cat 3 storm, but the power Katrina brought with it was just too much for the city to handle. Approximately 1,836 people were killed in the storm, and more than 25,000 pets were also killed in the storm.

Many people were forced to leave behind their animals; not by choice. There was nowhere to take them. Many of the local shelters did not welcome animals, and families were forced to leave their beloved pets behind; a decision that was just too much for them. To this day, more than 700 people are still missing and unaccounted for and thousands of animals are still missing and unaccounted for after the storm.

Following the days when the storm was gone and the city was slowly reopened so that others could come in and begin cleaning up and searching for survivors and bodies, animal rescue organizations from across the country came in to help find and locate animals, treat them and move them. Animals from the storm were moved all over the country to shelters, foster homes and rescues that had space for them. Many were reunited with their families and many were never found.

These videos show only a bit of the devastation and the heartbreak that came along with this tragic storm and what it did to the animals and people of this historic city. Watch as many animals are rescued and reunited with their families after one of the most horrible moments in the history of the city. These animals were lucky; so many were not fortunate enough to make it out in time, and many were lost in the raging flood waters and killer winds.

This man refused to leave his dog behind when the storm hit, and that’s something that we can get on board with. In a world where people don’t even bother thinking twice about taking their dogs out in the middle of the night and abandoning them, tying them up in boxes and trash bags and throwing them out their car windows, this is a story that touches our hearts in every soft spot.

Thank God for the men and women willing to go out in the devastation after this horrible tragedy to rescue animals that were stuck in homes that were destroyed, in water and in devastating conditions. These are the people who changed lives in those days, and no one will ever forget them.

These doctors came into the mess after the hurricane was gone and the city was opened enough to allow rescuers, doctors and some residents back in. They came in and set up a triage center to help dogs and cats and any other animals that survived the storm. Their work saved thousands of animals’ lives in those days.

For many residents of New Orleans, taking their animals with them when Hurricane Katrina hit was not an option. Faced with the most horrible decision of their lives, they had to flee and leave their animals behind in time to save themselves. This is a video of three dogs that were found and returned to their owners months after the storm hit, and it’s a very emotional video to watch; we have to warn you.

Countless organizations came to the rescue of animals that were left behind in New Orleans, able to survive the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. This is a video of one organization that came into the city and worked to ensure that the animals left to fend for themselves were rescued and brought to safety.


One of the worst natural disasters in modern history, Hurricane Katrina devastated the people on the Gulf Coast, as well as people all over the country. Lives were lost, families torn apart and animals killed, lost and never seen again. However, some animals were found in the aftermath of the storm, and seeing as they were reunited with their families is enough to bring tears to our eyes and remind us that there is so much to be thankful for.

Even celebrities were not immune to the devastation that occurred when Hurricane Katrina hit. When Oprah sent Nate Berkus down to New Orleans to rescue animals, it was a beautiful moment. You have to see this rescue to know just how bad this situation really was.

So many animals went missing after Hurricane Katrina that it took months, sometimes years, to reunite families with their missing animals. These are stories of reunions of animals and their families more than 7 months after the storm hit. Dogs ended up in so many places across the country that it was impossible to find their families in a more timely fashion.

Seeing the devastation of these animals as they were rescued from what were horrible conditions is just too much. With so many things working against them, it’s amazing that so many animals were able to survive. However, that only serves as a reminder of all the animals that were unable to survive, and it’s just heartbreaking.

The animal rescues that happened in the weeks and months following Hurricane Katrina are memorable. It was difficult on those who were there to see the devastation and what happened to those animals, and many of them took video of their efforts to commemorate what they did to save lives and ensure that families were reunited with their beloved pets.

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