20 of the Most Adorable Puppy Fail Videos

Puppies are cute and adorable little creatures that make you want to pick them up and cuddle them. They’re fun to play with but it’s even more entertaining to watch. They’re growing and learning more with each passing day. During the learning process, they make a few mistakes and some of them are absolutely hilarious. We’ve put together a collection of 20 of the most adorable puppy fail videos that you absolutely must see.

“TRY NOT TO LAUGH-Funny Puppies Fails Compilation 2016”

This hilarious compilation video kicks off with a tiny daschund anticipating a bath. As the owner holds it over the bathtub, the dog begins to paddle as though in water. The next video shows a fluffy puppy having fun with a hair dryer. The pup can’t quite figure out where the blast of air is coming from. This is followed by a cute boxer puppy having a dream and barking in his sleep. After this we watch a puppy waiting for the mailman to put the post into the delivery slot. He helps to pull each piece of mail into the house as it is pushed through the door. While you’re watching this funny compilation, make sure that you catch the gorgeous little longhair chihuahua pup admiring itself in the mirror. There are many more in this must see puppy fail compilation from 2016.


“Guilty Puppies Are So Cute And So Funny – Ultimate Guilty Puppies Compilation”

These are the cutest and most adorable puppies on the internet. They’ve been up to no good and it’s time to pay the piper. This collection of guilty pups have failed at resisting the temptations that were in front of them. While each clip is funny, the best one of the group is the small little labrador looking puppy that was caught shredding a roll of toilet paper. The evidence is all around him and he knows that he’s been caught. These fun loving pet parents who were gracious enough to catch these guilty pups on video handle the situations with just the right amount of firmness and understanding because after all, these little guys are still learning. You can tell by watching that there is definitely some remores as these adorable babies ask for forgiveness for giving in to their weaknesses.

“Funny guilty puppy compilation”

These are some of the funniest epic fails that we’ve seen. The puppies in this collection of clips have all experienced a moral failure of one sort or another. Having been caught, we see them looking guilty as sin and it is totally side splitting. The first puppy in this video has tipped over the kitchen garbage. He’s lying on the couch wagging his tail as the owners scold him for what he’s done. The next puppy is caught in the act of standing on the living room table. While he knows that this is an absolute no-no, when he’s busted, he just sits there and takes his scolding, but you can see the contrition and guilt written all over his face.


“Funny Puppy Fails Compilation”

This collection features adorable puppies that are caught in a variety of goofy situations. The video starts off with a cute welsh corgi pup that hasn’t quite mastered the art of jumping up on the couch. It is followed by a dog that decided to take a nap at the door of a local business. Thank goodness that the automatic sliding door is so weak that it gently bumps his nose and stays open. Next, a playful bulldog pup is trying to dance with the broom as his pet mom tries to sweep the deck. He doesn’t realize that there is a difference between work and play. This is followed by a cute little pup who is fascinated with his shadow, not quite understanding what it is yet. This collection gives you a number of funny puppy fails that are certain to make you smile, and occasionally laugh out loud.


“BEST FUNNY DOGS COMPILATION 2015 – 30 Minutes of Best Dog and Puppy Fails!”

While we realize that a 30 minute video of puppy and dog fails is a little long, you won’t get tired of this one. It is packed with the most hilarious puppy videos ever. The show starts off with a cute boxer puppy in his adorable little shirt, rolling down a small knoll. He gets up and shakes himself off, ready for more fun. Next we sigh as we watch a newborn puppy taking a nap. This is followed by the most precious Chihuahua pup walking down the sidewalk in a specially made pair of doggie shoes to protect his feet. It’s not a great fashion statement but it keeps his feet warm and it sure is funny to watch. These are just a few from the long video clip that is a must see of puppy fails.

“Funniest Puppy Fights and Funny Fails – Top 10 Funny Little Dog Videos – Puppy Vines 2015”

This is easily one of the funnies puppy fail compilations out there. We start with a gorgeous white husky pup who is just finding his voice. After this, a tiny rottweiler is just learning how to speak, but he can’t quite make the noise. You can hear his teeth click together as he tries to “speak” but nothing will come out. He’ll get it soon we’re sure. About a quarter of the way through this compilation is the most hilarious puppy fail clip we’re even seen. The owners caught their dog stealing what looks like a baby toy, but it’s really his chew bone. The way he slowly backs out of the room with it in his mouth is one of the funniest things we’ve seen so far.

“Extremely HARD TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE – FUNNY and CUTE puppies compilation”

The opening act in this epic puppy fail video is a pair of black and white boxer puppies who think it’s fun to catch a ride on the mop when mom is trying to clean the floor. They apparently don’t know the difference between work and play, to the delight of their owner. The next stars of the show are a huge golden retrieve who is trying to get some attention from its pet dad who is trying to relax on the couch. The cute pup who was there first isn’t going to share the attention and batts it away with his paws while squeaking out a cute little yip to let everyone know that this is his territory. The video wouldn’t be complete without the epic cocker spaniel ear flop as this cute pup sticks its head out the window to catch a little air while riding in the family car.

“Cute Puppies – Funny Puppies Video Compilation 2017 ( New HD )”

You’ll laugh your head off as the first puppy caught taking a snooze in his kennel falls asleep with his mouth pressed against the cage. It peels his lips back over his teeth in this hilarious and adorable clip. When the owner feels pity and wakes him, he looks like he feels a bit foolish over the incident. The next clip shows a baby black and white boxer pup who can’t figure out why he can’t get his paws on the objects racing across the screen on his pet tablet. He isn’t yet computer literate. This is followed by the most adorable baby yorkie being introduced to a squeaky ball. He doesn’t know why it’s barking at him so he barks back with all that he’s got. These are just a few of the funny clips in this epic puppy fail compilation.

“Funniest Dogs in Costumes”

This video is a compilation of both dogs and puppies in costume. The first clip features a dog that is wearing an ambulance costume. As the red lights flash and the sirens go off, he joins in the chorus. Amazingly, his howl doesn’t sound much different than the siren. He’s joined by a cute little guy in a superpup costume. When his older pal shows up, he looks like he wants to hide as the other dog seems to walk off in disgust. This clip is followed by the cutest little chihuahua in a bunny suit. He tolerates sitting in an easter basket long enough to get a video clip. He serves as the setup for the next clip which is a hilarious puppy fail that features a bulldog pup in a sheeps suit, sitting in the middle of a herd of real sheep. When he gets up to walk away, the whole herd follows him thinking that he is their new leader.


“TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Funny Dog Fails Vines Compilation of June 2017 (Part 1) !!!”

There are so many puppy fails in this video that are side splittingly funny that it’s hard to pick a favorite out, but the one that you won’t want to miss is the Australian Shepherd pup playing the piano. We’ve also got a pup who has made his own treadmill out of a kids’ toy, and the many pups who are still learning how to jump on furniture. There are a few epic tumbles but none of the pups in this compilation get hurt. Its all good fun and they seem to be having the time of their lives, even though things aren’t quite workiing out the way that they had planned.

“*Try Not To Laugh Challenge* Funny Dogs Compilation – Funniest Dog Videos 2017”

This compilation features both dogs and puppies and their humorous best. It starts with the dog that doesn’t like the game that his owner is playing so he whacks him in the privates with his paw. The good natured pet dad takes it in stride. This is followed by a boxer pup trying to carry a box around and it’s not working out too well. He can’t see where he’s going and makes a few bumbles. Up next is the pup who has shivers down his spine because the dog brush feels so darned good. After this, a chihuahua gets a new pair of doggie slippers and we can tell it’s going to take a while for him to learn how to walk in them. Of course, they had to include a snoring pug. Up next is our favorite clip in this collection. A pup is doing a great job of learning patience in his training session. The treat is laid across the bridge of his nose and he knows if he is patient, the treat will be his. He didn’t anticipate his bigger doggie pal walking by and snatching it right off his nose. The expression on his face is priceless as he turns first to the thieving canine, and then back to his owner.


“10 Funniest Dachshund Videos”

A Daschund puppy leads the parade with a soda 12 pack box that is just a little longer than he is. After discovering that he can’t quite fit inside it, he makes short work of it and tears it to shreds. Next, we see the most adorable video of a long haired daschund puppy playing with a wind up musical penguin. As the big bird makes its way across the floor the puppy is beside himself. He doesn’t know whether to play with it or to run away. The next clip is one that you must see if it’s the only one that you choose out of the bunch. We follow two daschund puppies as they anxiously run up the stairs of their home. When they reach the top, they rush to the open bathroom door where their bathtub is waiting, filled with warm and comfortable water. They willingly jump over the tub walls and start swimming and we can tell that they dearly love their bathtime in this adorable video clip.

“Top 5 Cutest Puppy Fails | BarkFest”

The first pup is having a rough time learning how to catch a ball but it doesn’t stop him from trying. Next up is a tiny little brown and white boxer pup trying to keep up with mom on the exercise treadmill. She’s got the routine down but he’s having a tough time keeping up. After this, the entertainment is taken up a notch with an adorable pup that is having his first go on the ice. He’s having fun but it’s not easy to get his balance as he slips and slides in a winter wonderland. This clip is followed by a pup that has a new toy but isn’t sure what to do with it. After this, and possibly the most interesting clip in the compilation is a pup that spies an older dog walking by. We can tell that he’s calculating speed and distance as he makes his move and jumps from the porch landing squarely on the older dog’s shoulders. The final clip is a small pup learning how to navigate the stairs. This little husky pup is one tough dude. He miscalculates and tumbles down the small flight of heavily carpeted stairs, then gets up to shake himself off and give it another try. It won’t be long before he’s running up and down this flight with little effort.


“Hilarious Puppy Fails”

We start out with an adorable little pug who wipes the bathroom tub clean of all of the shampoo bottles that have been carefully placed there. He really knows how to make a mess with one swipe of his paws. The next clip features a husky puppy who’s having a great time helping to clean the yard. He’s hiding in a pile of freshly piled leaves, then suddenly springs out of the pile and runs around the yard as though he’s done something wonderful. This is followed by a miscalculating pup that misses the couch and lands on the carpet. In the next clip, we see an epic human fail as the pet parent tips a trampoline over and spills onto the ground. his retriever is waiting nearby but he’s not as interested in ensuring his pet dads safety as he is in mounting his leg as he tries to get up. This is a hilarious collection of puppy fails that is sure to make you smile in some spots and laugh in others.

“TRY NOT TO LAUGH-Funny and Cute Puppies Fails Compilation 2016 (Part2)”

This funny puppy fail compilation kicks off with an adorable tiny black and white boxer pup who discovers a new playmate in the mirror. He doesn’t understand that he’s just looking at an image of himself. The next pup gobbles down an ice cream cone, making short work of it to the delight of everyone around and the clip after this shows a pup in an undignified yet adorable position, taking a turn with baby in her rocking swing. This compilation is both funny and adorable.

“Try Not To Laugh | Funny Puppies Video Compilation 2017”

A tiny Australian shepherd pup can’t figure out why these pumpkins are lined up in his kitchen and he’s doing his job by sounding the alarm. The next clip features a long hair daschund puppy who is learning what whistling is all about and he even tries it himself. After this, we see a literal dog pile as the pet dad makes the mistake of lying on the ground with a litter of corgi looking pups who mob him. Next, we see a pug take a tumble in the sand on the beach and it’s hard to figure out how he tripped because the ground is all even around him. The compilation has several other funny clips and ends on hilarious and cute clip of a little cocker pup fighting a nap.


This is a must show compilation of puppies that made some fairly big mistakes. They’ve failed in their mission to be eager to please their masters. The guilty postures that these pups assume is just too funny. They should use this video compilation in a pet psychology class. It’s really obvious before the owners even say anything that these pups know that they’ve done something wrong and they’re just waiting to hear all about it.

“The most adorable puppy fail ever!”

A tiny puppy is placed on the table to eat out of a saucer. This little guy doesn’t have much experience as you can tell in this clip. He fully extends his legs as he laps out of the bowl. He becomes so absorbed in what he is doing that he manages to flip himself over the top of the saucer, but his loving pet owner is right there to help him get back on track. This is a must see epic puppy fail video.

“Bunk (My Great Dane Puppy at 8 months) fails at sitting”

Although Bunk hardly looks like a puppy at 8 months of age, he’s still a young dog. In this epic fail video, he tried to sit in a reclining chair but he’s so big that there isn’t room for him to sit down, let alone turn around in the chair.

“What Goes Up Must Come Down”

Stanley is a cocker spaniel puppy that is just 13 weeks old. He did fine making it up the carpeted stairs, but getting down is a different thing. He’s scared to even try after a few failed attempts, but this little guy is way too smart to risk taking a tumble. His patient pet mom gently shows him how it’s done in this cute and adorable video that’s all about learning.

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