20 Amazing Videos of Dogs and Firefighters

Dalmatians are the dogs that most of us associate with firemen, but we’ve seen some of the most amazing videos that feature these brave rescue professionals and other canine breeds as well. There are daring rescues, and heart warming moments that have been caught on camera. These are so precious that we just had to share them with you. Here are 20 amazing videos of dogs and firefighters for your viewing enjoyment.

“Firefighters reunited with dogs saved from fire”

This video is from a story that unfolded in 2013. A battalion of brave firefighters from Sandusky county responded to a house fire. They discovered that there were several dogs in the home. The firefighters heroically saved six pitbulls from the fire and in this heartwarming news story, they are shown in a special clip that shows them being reunited with the pooches. If not for the efforts of the crew, these beautiful and healthy dogs would have certainly perished. They worked diligently to save the animals as they would if a human were in danger. We can tell that these guys are real dog lovers and that they are thrilled to see the pits in such wonderful condition after their near brush with death.


“Firefighters Rescue Dog From Burning Building”

In March of 2015 a fire broke out in Oak Park, Illinois. Firefighters responded from River Forest and were assisted by the mutual aid of the Forest Park crew. A dog was trapped inside of the smoke filled residence and had been overcome by smoke inhalation. The fire crew began rescue and resuscitation efforts. Nobody was injured in the incident and after the efforts of the rescue team, the dog responded to the treatment and made a full recovery with no lasting effects.

“Dog Rescued by Firefighters from a House Fire. Caught on Camera! Totowa NJ Fire Dept”

Firefighters responded to a call of a house fire at 49 Francis Street in Totowa, New Jersey. The crew caught the incident on camera. In a daring rescue, firefighters from the Totowa Fire Department aided by the Totawa First Aid Squad, along with other mutual aid providers used a ladder to locate and save a dog from a second story window. Two families lost their homes and all of their possessions but the beloved pet was saved and no people were injured in the incident. This video stands as an example of the bravery of rescue teams and how willing they are to preserve life whether it be human or animal.

“Army Vet Drops To His Knees In Shock When He’s Surprised with Service Dog”

If you only choose one dog and firefighter video to watch, it has to be this one. This is possibly the most touching video clip that we’ve seen. It’s not about firefighters entering a burning home to rescue a canine in distress, but it is about them making the life of an Army veteran better. The setting is a New York Knicks game. Army veteran Luciano Yulfo was injured while on duty in Afghanistan in 2014, which forced his retirement. This ended a 36 year career. He had applied for a service dog, but there was a long waiting list. It had already been a year and a half and he hadn’t heard back from them. It was at the game he was attending that a fireman made the presentation to him. Yulfo was so overcome with emotion that he dropped to his knees when he was presented with the 10 month old puppy. This service dog will help him to navigate through his life more normally

“Rescue Dog Jake Becomes A Firefighter”

We’ve all heard of dogs who join the K-9 units and become police officers, but Jake is the rescue dog that became a firefighter. Jake was trapped in a burning house. When Bill Lindler from the Hanahan, South Carolina Fire Department arrived on the scene, he knew just what to do. Jake was badly injured in the fire, but he was rescued, although in bad condition. He received treatment at a local pet clinic and was in need of a new home. Bill was so moved by the precious pitbull that he fell in love with the pup. The two formed a lasting and strong bond and Bill formally adopted Jake as his dog. Not only is Jake a survivor, he has also been named an official firefighter by the Mayor of the city. This inspirational story is so touching that we just had to share it with you in this incredible video that will melt your heart.

“Firefighter Saves Dog”

This video shows an amazing rescue by a group of fire and rescue crew members. A small chihuahua is overcome by smoke fumes and is lying near death on the sidewalk outside. A young fireman is not willing to give up on the pup. We see him administering an oxygen mask and when the dog does not respond, he resorts to giving it mouth to mouth resuscitation in an effort to help the dog to breathe. While he continues to rub the pup on the head and by the ear to comfort it, another firefighter is doing compressions and rubbing the dog’s sides to stimulate breathing. These heroic men were not willing go give up on the tiny canine and thanks to their unrelenting efforts, the dog made a full recovery.

“Firefighter Rescues Unconscious Dog—See His Fire Cam Footage!”

A fire broke out at a home in Abingdon, Virginia. Upon arrival at the burnt home, the crew is informed that there is still one dog in the house. One of the firefighters from the Abingdon Volunteer Fire and Rescue unit entered the hoe to search for the dog. When he found Roxy, she was lying behind the sofa and was unconscious. He didn’t waste any time lifting the dog and carrying her outside where the rescue team could assist in efforts to save her life. They immediately begin rescue and resuscitation efforts. They used an oxygen mask which brought her back to consciousness. Just prior to Roxy’s rescue, her sister Daisy was removed from the burning home. Both dogs were taken to a local veterinarian clinic for examination. They survived and both recovered from the ordeal. The Fire department and rescue team were honored by PETA with a “Compassionate Fire Department Award,” and this video shows the heartwarming event as the firefighters are reunited with Daisy and Roxy, the dogs that they helped to save.

“Raw: Firefighters Rescue Family Dog in Icy River”

Crosby is a Golden Retriever who had fallen through the ice and into the chilling waters of the local river in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The Charles River was covered with ice but the layer Crosby was running across was too thin to bear his weight. He wouldn’t have survived long in the frigid waters. It was his lucky day when the Wellesley Fire department arrived on the scene. This video shows the bravery and dedication of the rescuers who are willing to brave icy waters to retrieve the dog and save him from drowning and freezing. This is a daring rescue that is worthy of a medal for going above and beyond and placing their own lives on the line to rescue a canine in distress.

“Firefighters revive unconscious dog saved from house fire”

This is another video that shows how kind and caring our men on the fire department are. The fire crew of Bakersfield, California were called to a residential fire where they located and retrieved a poodle mix that was unconscious. We see the tiny dog lying on the grass, but it is still breathing, albeit shallow respirations. It’s obvious that the dog is in trouble, so the fire and rescue team fly into action. While other team memers are preparing a mask and oxygen, another continues to rub and pet the dog to stimulate breathing and offer comfort. It only takes a few second after the oxygen is applied that he is up and on his feet. The firefighters hold him in place to continue the oxygen to make sure that he is okay in this very tender and heartwarming scene.

“Wilshire the Fire Dog”

This is one that we were all waiting for. Wilshire the Fire Dog is the quintessential dalmation that serves as a fire training dog. This breed has long been known as a mascot of the fire department. This video shows the beauty of this perfect example of a well proportioned purebred dalmation. He’s not sparky the fire dog, but he has his own niche as he helps to educate children about fire safety. He’s volunteers his services at the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

“Giant Alaskan Malamute Dogs & Firefighter”

Even malamutes know that firefighters are our friends. A guy named Mitch wanted to see how this pair of Alaskan Malamutes would react to the uniform. We see in this cute and adorable video that they are happy to see him as they happily wag thier tails and follow him around trying to get some attention.

“Firefighters Rescue 34 Dogs From House Fire of Hoarder”

Hoarding is a dangerous situation for all inhabitants of a home. When there are stacks of papers and other flammable items filling the rooms, exits are often blocked and the chances of surviving a house fire under these conditions, goes down considerably. This is an unbelievable video that shows fire fighters responding to a Florida home where there were thirty four dogs living in the residence. The owner of the home refused to give out any information about the number of dogs in the home and why so many were living in one place. Of the group, one of the dogs could not be saved and five were listed in critical condition at a local pet clinic. The rest were given oxygen and recovered at the scene. Some had to be given CPR. Not all of the dogs required emergency medical assistance, but all were affected the the smoke and at a minimum required oxygen assistance.


“Firefighters Save Two Dogs From A Burning House”

This video shows firefighters coming out of a burning house carrying two lifeless dogs. They place the dogs on the ground and begin performing resuscitation efforts. One is a large dark colored pit bull and the other is a smaller white one. It appears that they have been overcome by smoke inhilation. This is a touching video because we see the fireman ensuring that both dogs get out into fresh air and he rubs them to stimulate breathing. The owner is standing by watching and as his beloved pets begin to revive and get on their feet his is thankful, shaking hands with the fireman and thanking him. The dogs are wagging their tails and as you’ll see in this video, acknowledging that their brave hero is the one who is responsible for saving them.

“Fire Fighter Gear with Sparky the Fire Dog”

This is another video that features a dalmation and firefighters, but this time, we get to see Sparky the Fire Department mascot. Of course, this is one of the firemen dressed in a dalmation costume, but it’s the symbolism that really counts. Sparky is demonstrating the fire gear that is used by firemen in their work and he points each piece out as the narrator explains what they are used for and why they are important for the job. He needs to have a “real person” talking because we all know that dogs don’t talk. This is a cute and educational video that is fun to watch.


“Amazing Dog Helps Firefighters”

We’ve seen quite a few videos that show firefighters saving the lives of dogs, but in this amazing clip, the dog is helping the firefighters. If you want to smile, then break out into hysterical laughter, then this one is a must see. Firemen have a solid line around a tree that they’re attempting to pull over. There are several of them giving their best efforts and pulling with all their might. Then we hear a woman laughing in the background. Soon all the firemen who are tugging on the line are cracking up as well. The camera pans over and we see a large brown dog at the very end of the line with the rope in his teeth, pulling for all that he is worth. He’s paying it forward and doing his share of community service in this hilarious yet adorable dog and firemen video.

Police and firefighters work together to rescue stuck dogs

In Boxford, Arizona, two dogs became stuck in a drainage pipe. The pipe was located underground and it took a joint effort on the parts of the Fire department and the local police department to get the pooches out. According to the police department, it is believed that the dogs were chasing a small animal through the pipe when they became lodged inside and were unable to get out. The unlikely pair was Roxy, an eight year old 50 pound German Shepherd, and Winston, a 10 month old Jack Russell Terrier. The two were nearly at the end of the pipe when they got stuck. It took special location equipment and a backhoe to dig them out. As the rescue team investigated the situation, they learned that Rosy was the only dog that was truly stuck in the pipe. Winston, the Jack Russell, could have gotten out anytime that he wanted. He chose to stay with his best friend until she was safely excavated from the drain pipe. This is a touching story about best friends and how they stuck together through thick and thin.

Firefighter poses with dog for calendar and ends up adopting him

Fireman Rob Tackett was asked to pose for a fireman and rescue dog calendar, to which he agreed. At the time, he had no idea how profoundly the experience would impact his life. He went through the requirements and posed with the dog so pictures could be taken for the publication, but something happened that would change his life forever. When he found out that the pup was a rescue dog and in need of a home, he simply couldn’t resist. The two formed a bond on the set and he ended up adopting the dog and taking him home. Both got a lot out of teh calendar session. Not only are they the new stars of the calendar, but they each have a new forever friend and family.

Firefighters adopt rescue puppies

This is yet another video about firefighters who agreed to pose with rescue puppies and ended up adopting them. The three firefighters shown here are gorgeous and each looks like they could easily have been male swimsuit models or movie stars. What makes these sexy guys even more appealing is that each is holding a rescue puppy that were in need of new forever homes. All three of the men that you’ll see in this video were so moved by the plight of the puppies that they were posing with, that they were willing to step up to the plate, adopt them and give them their forever homes. This makes us wonder if the ASPCA would do a fireman charity calendar promotion in every town, they could adopt out a few thousand more dogs? It’s a thought anyway.

“Firefighters rescue dog from storm drain”

This is another silly pup that wandered into a storm drain. We hear him barking to alert passers by to his dilemma. This happened in Jacksonville, Alabama. An emergency assistance call was placed and firefighters from the local department were dispatched to help free the frightened pup from the storm drain. We see a firefighter do down through the grate and locate the little guy. He emerges with a littel cocker spaniel pup that must have made a wrong turn. It takes a while to find the dog as the firefighter calls and whistles to coax him into walking towards his reach. He hands the scared puppy to another fireman who is waiting to retrieve him. He comforts the dog and lets him know that he’s safe in this heartwarming video. We really owe our local fire departments a big debt of gratitude for the concern and care that they show when animals get themselves into trouble.


“Sick dog gets love from firefighters, veterinarians”

We saved this emotional video for last. It might make you cry a litttle, but it is more likely to make you smile from ear to ear. This dog was found wandering the streets in the area of East Cleveland, Ohio. The dog showed up at the station and he refused to leave. He looked mangy and they could tell that he wasn’t in very good health at all. These tender hearted firefighters couldn’t bear to desert the dog in his time of need. Personnel at the station made certain that the dog got the medical attentiont hat he needed and this video shows how much love these men have in their hearts for a sickly stray that crosses their path. We hope that you enjoyed this video as much as we did. It’s a fitting way to end our collection of daring rescues and silly clips.

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