10 Great Clips of Dogs Starring in Wedding Videos!

Harrods Dog Wedding

Weddings are beautiful occasions. There is nothing quite like the feeling of two people in love that reminds everyone in attendance just how beautiful love really is. It’s been over 10 years since my husband and I exchanged our wedding vows in front of friends and family, but we still squeeze one another’s hand and reminisce about just how romantic and beautiful and special that day was when we attend the weddings of others. It’s a beautiful moment, and we just love it. But what really makes a wedding fun is when it’s not quite conventional. When a couple includes their dog in the wedding, for example, you know hilarity will ensue. Sweet as they are, dogs aren’t all that into following the order of instructions when it comes to walking down the aisle, and sometimes they make the moment a beautiful mixture of hilarious and romantic. And don’t even get me started on doggie weddings. Having never been to one, I’m not entirely certain how I feel about them. However, I do love a good wedding, so long as there is a great DJ and some serious dancing, I’m down. These dogs, well, they’ve all been included in weddings – their own or someone else’s – and this is good stuff.


Sabrina and Reggie’s Wedding

I don’t know who proposed to whom, or how long these two have been together, but it’s clearly a couple in love. The biggest issue at this particular wedding is choosing sides. Do you sit on the groom’s side or the bride’s, or is this one of those fabulous affairs in which you don’t choose sides, you choose love? Either way, this is something we just cannot get over in terms of sweetness.

Pippa is Getting Married

Not many people can even say that the wonderful and talented John Legend has performed at their wedding, but these two dogs can say just that. It seems that his romantic songs, lovely voice and beautiful talent were just what Pippa and her fiance were looking for when choosing a singer for their adorable doggie wedding. We cannot say we hate this one at all.

Most Adorable Ring Bearer

When couples get married, they have to choose someone they trust to bring their wedding rings down the aisle. It’s an old tradition that many people still employ to this day. This couple, however, decided to go about it just a little differently, choosing instead of a young boy, a dog to walk their rings down the aisle. It’s a sweet way to invite the dog into the wedding.

An Elaborate Affair

My wedding was nowhere near a quarter million dollars. I mean, nowhere. It wasn’t even close. And most people don’t even bother with weddings this elaborate or expensive. However, this is one special doggie couple, because their owners decided that their wedding would be the talk of the century, and it really was.

A Windy Wedding

This doggie wedding is a true testament to the fact that sometimes things do not go as planned. The good news, fortunately, for this doggie wedding, is that the bride was not a diva about all the wind. Imagine what a real life human bride would have thought of all this wind on her wedding day.

Adorable Doggie Wedding

Dogs are cute. Weddings are fun. Together, they create something that could be a little of both. Regardless whether or not you think it’s silly to let dogs get married, you have to admit that any excuse to dress up and dance the night away does seem like a good one, right? We think it seems like a great idea.


Adorable Pups Ruining Wedding Ceremonies

And this is a classic example of precisely why a dog should always be included in a wedding; entertainment. Though these couples might not believe that their dogs did them any favors, particularly the one who urinates on the bride. This video gives future couples something to consider before asking their dogs to join their big day. It’s not to say, at all, that all dogs will ruin your wedding. But just understand that what they might do during your ceremony is probably going to make the guests at your wedding feeling highly amused.


A Fancy Affair

When a dog has a wedding nicer than your own, it might make you a little bit bitter. I say to ignore the feelings of bitterness, dance away and enjoy the cocktails. You didn’t pay for them, after all. I say it’s time to enjoy the evening. It is not your quarter of a million dollars that went into planning this elaborate and very fancy doggie wedding, so sit back, sip a cocktail and enjoy what all this event has to offer. Chances are good you won’t receive an invitation like this again in the near future – or ever.

Star of the Show

Involving the dog in the wedding, to some couples, is very much like involving the kids in the wedding. You do it because you love them so much and you want them to be a part of your big day. We can’t be mad at that kind of logic. The only thing that this video proves to humans is that you have to be very careful choosing a dog to be part of your wedding like this. Not only are they so cute that they  might steal your thunder, you have to account for taking care of them, too.


It’s True Puppy Love

Puppies in love might be some of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen. But puppies in love modeling wedding attire in a video created to make them seem like super puppy models is potentially even more adorable than anything else we’ve ever seen. There is no denying the fact that these two cuties are every bit as gorgeous as a real bride and groom. In fact, we’re more inclined to think that these two are the cutest wedding couple around.

Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images

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