The Cutest Border Collie Videos of 2017

Border Collies were born to herd cattle and other livestock. They are highly intelligent dogs and easily trained. They often appear in dog obedience and agility competitions, and they are also often used as therapy dogs. Border Collies are one of the most beautiful breeds of dog. They have gorgeous fur and eyes, both typically striking colors that make you look twice. They are very good natured dogs with loveable, loyal spirits and make great family pets. The most famous Border Collie, was Lassie, and due to the popularity of the dog and the show, the desire to own a Border Collie boomed, and she made the breed one of the most popular dogs for households. To see more Border Collies, here are five of the cutest Border Collie videos of 2017.

1. Border Collie puppy plays in snow

If you want a video full of cuteness, well, this is full of it. This Border Collie puppy is in heaven in this snow. Whether it is his first time in the snow, or not, he sure is excited to see it. He’s hamming it up and cutting loose. There’s something about a dog playing in the snow that warms your heart, and this video truly does just that. In this video, you will see this pup running through the snow, pouncing, and burying his face in the all the white, fun stuff. This is definitely one of the cutest Border Collie videos.

2. Border Collie puppy eats, sleeps, and plays with total cuteness

One of the cutest Border Collie puppies, and Border Collie videos, is right here. If you think babies are adorable when sleeping, then you haven’t seen a Border Collie pup sleeping. This little guy couldn’t look any more comfortable in his bed, stretched out in different positions and probably dreaming about playing with his tennis ball, which you just happen to get to see, too. After his nap, watch him chase his tennis ball, play tug-of-war with a blanket, and when he’s all done playing, he gets some loving by his owner that is so sweet. This pup has made this video one of the cutest Border Collie videos of 2017.

3. Ten week old Border Collie puppy is all ears

What is it about a puppy’s ears that are so cute? With some breeds, they almost look like little floppy socks on their head. German Shepherds are one breed that have this adorable look as puppies, and Border Collies are another. In this video, you can’t stop watching this little pup’s ears flop back and forth when he cocks his little head. They are too cute, and they make him look like he is just full of mischief, which I’m certain he is. Watch this video to get a big dose of cuteness and you’ll fall in love with this Border Collie pup before it’s over.

4. Border Collie, Splash, and his amazing tricks

This Border Collie is full of tricks, and they are amazing. Not only is he one of the most beautiful Border Collies, with his striking colors and eyes, but he is also extremely talented. This Border Collie is apparently highly intelligent, because he can perform some extremely difficult tricks. You can see the determination in his eyes, as he intently listens to his owner and is on-spot with his performance. You won’t believe what this dog can do, and it makes for one of the cutest Border Collie videos ever.

5. Carl, the super smart Border Collie

Carl is not only smart, but he’s super smart, and his owner proves it in this video. First, you see Carl listening carefully to his owner giving him the commands, and when he does, Carl listens with both ears, literally. He cocks his head to the side in the most adorable way as he concentrates hard on the instruction. With toys and other objects scattered all over the floor, Carl is instructed to find and pick up specific items. He’s got to locate the right one, which he does, like a boss. This is the cutest Border Collie video, and I know you’ll be just as impressed.

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