Five Adorable Videos of Giant Schnauzer Puppies

Giant Schnauzers are beautiful dogs that are not as commonly seen as their smaller counterpart, the miniature Schnauzer. That’s why, when you do get to see one, it is a dog that will often make you stop and take another look at their unique and beautiful characteristics. These are working dogs. They are highly intelligent and can be trained well, which is why the breed is often used as guard, police and search and rescue dogs due to their obedience, loyalty and trainability. Giant Schnauzers have a commanding and dominating personality and are not recommended for homes with small children, typically children under the age of twelve. These beautiful dogs love to be silly and play, especially as puppies, which is why they make some of the cutest videos. Take a look at the following five adorable Giant Schnauzer puppy videos and see if you don’t agree.

1. Giant Schnauzer dog plays with Giant Schnauzer puppy

They look identical, except one is huge, and the other, very small. This little puppy is interested in the big guy who also happens to have lots of energy and playfulness, himself. The two get into a playing match and it is pretty funny to watch this big GS play as hard as the puppy. Although the puppy is not even half the adult GS’s size, he doesn’t seem intimidated at all, well, most of the time, anyways. This is one of the cutest Giant Schnauzer puppy videos, and it can give you a good idea of what a full grown GS’s personality is like, as well as a puppy version.

2. The Three stooges

This video has been dubbed, The Three Stooges, and it’s no wonder since these three adorable Giant Schnauzers are so goofy. They are just three months old and they are learning about life, and appearing to be loving every minute of it. You’ll see three GS pups running around, falling, rumbling, tackling each other, rolling around in the grass that is almost as tall as the are, and trying to run to their owner when he calls, without falling. Giant Schnauzer puppies are a lot of fun and these three guys just prove it. Watch this super cute Giant Schnauzer puppy video.

3. Barrett the Giant Schnauzer puppy playing in his bed

Barrett is a cut-up, and he seems to know he is being filmed, so he’s really hamming it up. Barrett’s giant bed that is still too giant for him, is apparently a fun place for him to roll around and let his Giant Schnauzer goofiness come out. He not only has a giant bed, but a big bone, too, and he’s trying to reach his bone, while laying on his back. Watch all the clowning around this puppy does while having some playtime in his big, blue bed.

4. Giant Schnauzer puppy howls to music

You may not have thought of Giant Schnauzers as being howlers, but this little guy is both. The video, and the puppy could not be cuter, watching this little guy ride in the front seat, sitting on his bed like a prince, and having the time of his life. He hears the music playing on the radio and decides to join in, and what you hear will make you laugh. His howl is adorable, which is why this makes one of the cutest, Giant Schnauzer puppy videos.

5. Oliver plays with tiny puppies

Oliver is a Giant Schnauzer and he wants to play with his little pups. His pups are just weeks old, still tiny little guys, but already they know how to run around and have a good time. In this video, watch them as they roll around in the grass and play with their dad. At one point during their play, dad makes his way over to the group of puppies, carrying his toy that is as big as one of the pups. He’s apparently very attached to his toy and doesn’t care to share, which you’ll notice when you see him snatch it up when he thinks one of the pups might get it. This is the cutest Giant Schnauzer puppy video.

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