The 20 Most Adorable Puppy Videos of 2017

Youtube is the premiere venue for doting pet owners to show off the talents of their beloved pets. Puppies do the cutest things and watching a clip of their zany and adorable antics has an entertaining quality as well as being relaxing. If you’re a dog lover, then you’re going to enjoy our collection of the twenty most adorable puppy videos for 2017.  But be careful, you might shed some tears (but that’s OK!)

1. Funny Pug Video 2017

There is little that is funnier than two pugs playing tug of war with a chew toy. These pups are cute on their own, but this video gives us a double dose of fun. After the game on the family couch is over, we go for a walk with our little pug to get his perspective on what it’s like to move across the back yard with a group of friendly dogs who surround him and want to get his attention. He sticks to the mission and makes it back to the house. It’s entertaining to watch the laundry in the dryer spin round and round. After this gets old, it’s time to play in the wrinkles around mom’s neck. Soon, he’s off on another adventure and perhaps the funniest thing that he does is to attempt to chew on an old tennis shoe. The tiny pug puppy comes close to falling into the shoe and getting lost in it. This is a must see video for pug lovers.

2. Pet Rooles Video of Swimming Pugs 2017

Who says pugs aren’t great athletes? This pug puppy willingly dives into the pool and goes for a swim. It’s obvious that he’s a water baby who can’t seem to get enough. It’s hilarious to watch him come into the shallows, only to bounce off of the steps and head back out into the open waters. This little guy is getting some great exercise and we’re pretty impressed with his athletic ability. Pug lovers, watch the water pug taking a few laps and show your baby pugs so they’ll be inspired to follow suit and join him in his exercise routine. The video includes a few different pugs who enjoy getting in the water. In addition to watching the little cuties in action, we get a good look at some very beautiful dogs in a variety of different colors. Pugs have some of the most entertaining personalities and they are just so darned cute.

3. Tomas sees his reflection in the mirror

Thiago Ribeiro woke up one spring morning at 6:00 am to his puppy Tomas in distress. When he saw what was going on, he had to capture it on film and share it with the world. The puppy’s name is Tomas. When Tomas saw his reflection in the mirror for the first time, he thought that there was another dog in the room. He couldn’t figure out why this new pup wouldn’t play with him. He was seriously attempting to alert the family that there was another dog in the house. This cute video was posted on April 27, 2017 and it’s one of the most adorable pupy videos that we’ve seen. It would be great to have a follow up to see if Tomas finally learned that he was looking at a reflection of himself.

4. Golden Retriever puppy plays with mirror reflection

This puppy handled the situation of seeing his reflection in a mirror a lot more tactfully than Tomas did. In a video posted July 3, 2017, this little guy is delighted at the prospect of having a new friend. He’s not one little bit frightened, but instead is wagging his tail and trying every tactic that he can to get his new friend to play with him. This could be the most adorable video that has been posted this year. Watch as he playfully puts his paw up to the glass, then tries to give his new friend kisses on the glass. It’s really cute to watch him back up and try to pounce on his new friend. We were really impressed with the sweet personality of this little guy. You can almost see him smiling, and feel his excitement and anticipation as he delivers one heck of a show for viewers.

5. Golden Retriever Puppy’s first bath

This video starts out a little slow, but hang with it because it is well worth watching. The owners of seven golden retriever puppies are showing us the proper way to bathe these little darlings. Not only is the little red golden an adorable little guy, he’s being the model for showing everyone the proper way to bathe a puppy. It’s so sweet that everyone in the family gets together for the event with washing and drying stations.

“Red” has earned the reputation for being one of the most confident and intelligent pups of the litter. He’s so calm and compliant that we were impressed with this little guy. He does have a somewhat miserable look on his face from time to time, but overall, for his first bath, Red did amazingly well. He set the bar for the rest of his brothers and sisters who are coming up next. We had to include this video, not only because Red is so darned cute and adorable, but also because it’s one of the best that we’ve seen that shows a really cool way to give your puppy the first bath in the least traumatic way possible. Thank goodness Red enjoyed the experience.

6. Cute Spaniel Puppy

Cocker spaniels are among the most adorable babies on the planet. This video takes advantage of the fact that they have some fairly interesting reflexes. It’s a hoot to watch the owner scratch this little guy in different spots on the body to generate an involuntary response. We’ve all see them kick one leg when you hit that sweet spot, but this little guy feels obliged to chew on his paw as well as kick the sympathetic leg in a scratching motion. This cute pooch seems totally preoccupied with the paw and doesn’t even appear to be aware that he’s getting a darned good tummy scratching.

7. 8 Week old cocker spaniel learns how to fetch

This is an adorable video that was posted earlier in the year. Willow is an eight week cocker spaniel pup who wears a pretty pink collar. It’s time for her training to begin and her owner attempts to teach her how to fetch with a ball. This clip shows how the cute little doll is trying her best to get the gist of the new game, but since she’s never really played fetch before, she starts whining in frustration. Her owner is very patient and gentle with her and just keeps trying. Willow is a beautiful and adorable cocker puppy and aside from the brief interlude of whining, she actually has a pretty great time. The owner does a good job of showing his patience and kindness while he begins her training process. We think she’ll learn pretty quickly because Willow seems like a smart girl.

8. Puppy attacks stuffed animal

Are you a fan of chow puppies or teddy bears? If so, then this is definitely the video that you need to watch. Chowder is a Chow Chow pup who resides in the Philippines. He’s so famous that he has over two hundred thousand followers on Instagram. He doesn’t really look like a dog though. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear that he was a stuffed animal. This is an adorable pup that could probably fool you if he was taking a nap in a toy store.

9. Best Of Cute Puppies Howling Videos Compilation 2017

This must see video kicks of the lineup with an adorable Husky puppy showing his displeasure. He howls like a baby wolf but it’s so cute that we just want to watch him for hours. Next is the tiny little pug that doesn’t really sound like a dog at all, the sounds are more like you would hear from a raccoon. His eyes are so big that it makes you want to reach through the screen and give him a big hug. The third little guy looks like a golden retriever and he’s just as cute as the other two. He makes his entrance with his tongue hanging out in an expression that looks like something you’d see off of the old kids’ show “The Banana Splits.” He’s followed by an adorable poodle who can howl with the best of them. The variety of howling puppies in this video is truly amazing and it’s one of the cutest and most entertaining compilations on the internet.

10. Puppies talking and arguing with their humans compilation

Have you ever carried on a conversation with your dog? Well, the people in this video appear to be not only having chats with their beloved puppies, but they are actually engaging in arguments. These pups are fed up and they’re not taking it anymore. The yaps and yowls that they produce are simply hilarious. One of the funniest parts of the video is that most of the puppies will answer their owners back when they are talked to. If they happen to say the wrong thing, they are in for an earful from these animated pets. You’ll love the facial expressions that go with the lively chatter.

11. Sassy Pants Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017

This has got to be one of the most hilarious videos that features puppies throwing temper tantrums. There are a few other pets including cats and birds, but we had to share the little white fluffy
pup who keeps talking back to his owner. He woke up in a bad mood and is telling her all about it. In addition, there is an adolescent retriever who is miffed at his owner for disturbing his rest and he lets her know about it with some really funny body language. When a beagle pup is told that he can’t have any more cookies today, he gets pretty vocal.

12. Guilty husky can’t face the truth, throws temper tantrum

In this June, 2017 post, Blu the husky is confronted about chewing up a box of car parts. When the owner starts to ask him about it, he starts to make all kinds of excuses quite verbally. This is one of the most talkative dogs on the internet. He won’t listen to what she has to say and instead tries to sidetrack her by taking over the conversation. It’s one of the most hilarious videos we’ve seen. He’s guilty as sin and he knows it.

13. Fussy French Bulldog Puppies Throwing Cute Puppy Tantrums – Absolute Savage!

These tiny French bulldog puppies are as cute as they can be but they really have attitudes. Something isn’t settling with them well and they are just full of complaints in this amazingly cute video that is a must see for all French bulldog lovers. The owners posted this humorous video in June of 2017.

14. French Bulldog Puppy Tries Hard To Wake Up from Sleep – Too Cute To Miss!

This tiny little guy is having a rough time waking up. We’re sure it’s because he is afraid that he’s missing out on something good. The adorable video captures the sweetness of the young puppy as he fights the urge to fall back into a deep sleep. Even the twitching and jerking is cute when he is the one doing it. The video was posted in January of 2017.

15. You’ll Laugh a Lot here – Ultimate Funny and Cute Guilty Dogs

We all know how frustrating puppies can be before their training is completed. This is one of the most hilarious compilations of puppies who were caught being bad. They know that they did something terribly wrong, and they sure do feel guilty about it. Check out their hilarious reactions as their owners confront them about their grievous misdeeds.

16. Funny Guilty Dog Videos – Try Not To Laugh 2017

This video that was posted on April 9, 2017 is enough to make us set out a challenge before you begin watching. We dare you to not grin or laugh throughout the entire video. We tried and couldn’t pull it off. This is another video that shows owners confronting their puppies for chewing up shoes, shredding toilet paper, eating all of the cookies and a host of other evils that only household pets are capable of. The single confrontations are hilarious but when an owner confronts a pair of guilty puppies at the same time, the results are side splitting. If they had fingers, they would have been pointing them at one another. If you don’t watch a single adorable puppy video other than one, it absolutely has to be this one. It’s amazing how guilty these dogs can look, that is unless they’re too busy hiding their faces in shame.

17. Funny Cats Meeting Cute Puppies For The First Time Compilation 2017

You’re never really sure how things are going to go when you bring a puppy home to meet the family cat. These are the most adorable videos that show how some first time meetings went between feline and the new puppy. It’s hilarious to see how the unlikely pair react to one another in this February of 2017 video about working things out in an uncomfortable situation.

18. Beagle Puppies Newborn to 9 weeks time-lapse video – Cute and funny

This video is for all beagle lovers. It is one of the most interesting and adorable time lapse videos out there that shows how beagle puppies change from birth to nine weeks. The transformations that occur are absolutely mind boggling. At birth, they resemble cute little rats, but it’s fascinating to watch how fast they grow and how drastically their features change.

19. Beagle puppy learns how to go down stairs… Funny Ending

Have you ever tried to teach a puppy how to go down the stairs? They don’t usually have any problems climbing up them, but until they learn how, the little rascals usually get to the top and just sit there and whine and cry until you come and get them. Oliver is the beagle in this video that is being gently encouraged by his owner to learn how to navigate the stairs. Ollie must have been really scared because he ended up peeing on the steps before he could make it down. Better luck next time Oliver.

20. Cat Adopts Orphaned Puppy

We saved the best for last. This is a touching video that shows how loving cats can be. This cat rescued a puppy that she found in distress. She adopted him as her own in this touching video that shows her carrying the tiny little guy to safety. This isn’t something that happens very often so the people who captured it on video caught some one in a million images. Thihs is a must see video that will melt your heart like butter.

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