The Cutest Maltese Videos of 2017

Maltese are sturdy little lap dogs that have long, beautiful coats, typically white to dirty white in color. They are a breed that is known for being pampered and doted on, and are often seen with the top of their hair left to grow long, and pulled up in a ponytail or top notch. These are sweet natured dogs, though left in-socialized or not trained properly, they can be very protective of their owner and may be aggressive towards strangers or other dogs. They can also develop small dog syndrome if the owner doesn’t stay in control of their Maltese and let them know who is leader of the pack. Maltese do make great pets for families, the elderly, and those who are looking for a small breed that can live comfortably in a small house or apartment. If you are looking for a playful, spirited dog, the Maltese are known for their cheery and energetic personalities. Take a closer look at the Maltese breed by viewing the top five cutest Maltese videos of 2017.

5. Cute Maltese puppy in playful mood

This video is cute  because, well, this Maltese puppy is just so cute. This little guy is having a ball playing with just a bone. He’s full of energy, full of personality, and he just wants to have fun with whatever he can get in his mouth, which happens to be, a bone. Watch him toss his bone around, run and play. His little face is so expressive, and he almost looks too cute to be real. This is one of the cutest little Maltese, and one of the cutest videos of a Maltese. Watch and see for yourself.

4. Maltese bark, bark, barking

If you remember the Muppets, you may agree that this little Maltese looks like he could be one. This Maltese is full of something to say, and his little ears are so adorable when he barks. Maltese pups always seem to be in a good mood and this is one pup that proves it. He’s happy just to be rolling around on the couch and showing his little bark while his owner films him. Take a look at one of the cutest little Maltese puppies you’ve ever seen. He will get you in a good mood, watching him showing off his good mood.

3. You can’t come in!

This Maltese is guarding his little house as a Yorkshire Terrier tries to invade his home. You will grin ear-to-ear watching the battle of the dog crate while the Maltese pup tries over and over again, to get the little Yorkie to get out of his house. Every time the Maltese thinks he’s won, the Yorkie returns again and tries to sneak in. This video is way too cute and it’s a must-see, if you like Maltese dogs.

2. Maltese smells something good

This Maltese smells something good on the table and he’s just got to get it. Dogs are known for their tenaciousness, especially when it comes to food. It doesn’t matter how small they are, or how out-of-reach the food is, they are not going to just give up. This little guy is small, but it doesn’t stop him from finding his way up onto the chair, and finally up to the food on the plate on the table. Watch this video to see how this little Maltese finally reaps the reward of his efforts to get what he wants. It’s one of the cutest Maltese videos.

1. Pool party with a Maltese

There’s a pool party happening, at it’s with a Maltese. We all love to see dogs having fun in the water, swimming and playing in a lake, pool, or creek. Here is a video of a little Maltese who knows it’s about to be the best day for him. He’s super excited because he’s  about to go swimming, and we get to watch. Take a look at this video to see one of the cutest little Maltese pups having the time of his life, jumping in the water, retrieving his ball, and in the end, he gets a little sudsy. This is definitely one of the cutest Maltese videos of 2017. Take a look now.


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