The Top Five Pit Bull Rescue Videos of 2017

Pit Bulls are a breed of dog that was created by breeding two separate breeds together, the Bulldog and a terrier. The combination was in an effort to create a dog that had the gameness and the agility of the terrier, yet had the strength of a bulldog. Years ago, the UK used these dogs in blood sports, such as bull or bear-baiting. It became illegal to participate in these sports and it was outlawed, however, many of those involved in these sports turned to baiting the dogs against each other and the act of dog fighting took hold. In America, this breed of dog began to take hold and people began to use the dogs as fighting dogs here, as well. They were often used as gambling chips to earn money in dog fights, as well as the dog fights was said to have been used to determine the strength and quality of stock. Pit bulls have been used on both sides of the law. For the law enforcement, they are used as a part of the police force in the K-9 unit as attack dogs, among other purposes. On the flipside, police view Pit Bulls as a weapon to be used against them. Criminals will often use a Pit Bull to guard drug operations as well as attack dogs against the law.

Pit Bulls do not have the reputation that many other large breed dogs have as far as having a gentle nature or passive temperament. They often get a bad name in the news because of the number of attacks that have happened through the years, involving Pit Bulls and people, especially children. Those who are Pit Bull fans and advocates, say that Pit Bulls are every bit as loving and gentle-natured dogs as any breed, it is often in how they are raised, that will determine what type of character they will have. Some states have banned Pit Bulls, and many types of housing developments have opted to ban the Pit Bull breed, not allowing their tenants to own one while living on their property.

The Bite, Hold and Shake

Pit Bulls are known for their jaw strength. They have an incredible ability to do some serious damage to their victim, animal or human. Their enormous jaws, due to selective breeding, allows them to grab onto their victim and inflict more damaging wounds by biting and clamping down and shaking the victim. This is where the greatest power of the Pit Bull lies and it has caused many concerns among citizens and law enforcement across the world. Once they have locked onto their target, it can be next to impossible to pry their mouth off and open.

The good side to Pit Bulls

Despite the bad rap that Pit Bulls have gotten over the years, they do have their good qualities and many people love the breed for the good characteristics that they possess. Pitt Bulls do have an incredible amount of loyalty to their family. They love to be with their family. They are very loving, sweet, and have a great sense of adventure. Pit Bulls like to have fun, be silly and make their owner laugh. They can be quite the clown with their silly antics. Pit Bulls are fiercely protective and have an incredible sense of danger. They will protect your and your family in just about any situation with no fear. They have often been used in military operations, due to their strength, loyalty and intelligence.

Many people believe that the Pit Bull breed is just misunderstood and that they don’t deserve the bad rap they have gotten through the years. Although there are still plenty of Pit Bull restrictions around in the communities we live in, the leash has loosened a bit as more and more good stories regarding the breed, have been told and exposed to the public. Pit Bull rescue missions have been in operation for years, rescuing Pitt Bulls who have been abused due to dog fighting or abandoned, when their prime days of dog fighting were over. They also rescue these dogs when owners abandon them due to no longer wanting to own a dog with a bad reputation, or are more dog than they can handle. Pit Bulls account for one of the highest number of dog breed rescues across the country.

Pit Bull Rescues

It seems like whenever there is a dramatic canine story in the news, many times it is related to a Pit Bull, both positive and negative stories. If you hear about a dog attack, you probably instantly assume it was a Pit Bull. But there are plenty of good stories where Pit Bulls were involved, as well. There are lots of good Pit Bull rescue stories in the news, where either a Pit Bull was rescued from a misfortunate situation, or a Pit Bull is the one who did the rescuing. Either way, Pit Bulls are famous for being in the news and if you love a good rescue story, keep reading to see the top five Pit Bull rescue videos of 2017.

1. Ember rescues 10 year old in tub

Ember, a Pit Bull rescue, was a good dog for her family, the Daniels. They knew she was great when they got her, but when an incident happened to their 10-year old, it really proved her love and loyalty to her family. One evening 10-year old Tre suffered a seizure in the bath and passed out. Ember could sense that Tre needed help and went to wake up her parents. She then led them to Tre in the bathtub and the paramedics were called.

2. Pit Bull gave her life to rescue her owner from attack

A Pit Bull came to the rescue of her owner when she was attacked by an ex-boyfriend in her apartment. When the dog realized her owner was in trouble and getting hurt, she jumped in to stop the assault, and when she did, the boyfriend stabbed the dog and then fled. The Pit Bull was injured badly and taken to the veterinarian hospital where she eventually succumbed to her injuries and died, but she has been hailed a hero because she rescued her owner from the attack and prevented, what she says, could have been devastating injuries for her.

3. Police rescue severely malnourished Pit Bull from dog fighting ring

The Sheriff in a small town in Louisiana got a call about a dog fighting ring and dogs that were left in a home for over a month without food. The video shows a Pit Bull severely malnourished and hardly able to stand. The Sheriff enlisted the help of the show, Pit Bulls and Parolees when he realized the dog was scheduled to be euthanized. The show worked with the Sheriff to get the dog out of the shelter so he could take it to work with a Vet in getting her healthy and give her a second chance at life. Together they were able to find her a new home where she would have a happy life on a farm.

4. Pit Bull rescued from near death

A Pit Bull named Norman, was discovered near death, actively abused, starving to death and full of skin infections. The dog had suffered for nearly ten years and was discovered to be nearly blind and death and a bad case of arthritis. The veterinarians at Noah’s Ark took Norman in and began treatment to hopefully bring him back to health and give him a second chance. Watch to see the transformation Norman makes after his rescue.

5. Two “highly aggressive” Pitt Bulls get home together

Two Pitt Bulls that were said to be “highly aggressive,” were adopted together and living a very happy life in a not-so-aggressive frame of mind anymore. Bruce, was dubbed as a highly aggressive Pitt Bull, and Dexter, who was on death row to be euthanized, were adopted together by one man, and the video of the two together, show that the two Pitt Bulls have more than a loving spirit – they were meant to be together. Watch the video to see the two living harmoniously together and happy to have a home.


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