The Cutest Dalmatian Puppy Videos of 2017

Dalmatians have always intrigued people, dog lovers and non-dog lovers alike. They are so beautiful with their striking white fur and pitch black spots. They may be the most identifiable breed of dog ever. Everyone knows what a Dalmatian is and the are often seen in movies and stories, due to their unique look. One of the most famous movies ever, that stars a Dalmatian, or in this case, 101 of them, is the Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians. This breed is also very well known for being the main mascot for firehouses. Dalmatians are highly energetic and not for everyone, but when trained right, they can make great pets. They also make great videos that are just too cute, and here are some of the cutest Dalmatian puppy videos for you to enjoy.

1. Sneaky Dalmatian sneaks up on the camera

If you think Dalmatian puppies are cute already, wait till you see this little guy; he’ll win you over for sure. He has the look of attack in his eyes as he tries to sneak up on the camera. You see a look in his eye that tells you he’s up to something, and the way he walks up to the camera, slow and steady. What makes it so cute is the ball in his mouth. You’ve got to see his reaction when he finally gets up close to the camera. It’ll definitely make you laugh.

2. Scarlet shows off her tricks

This little Dalmatian is not only adorable, but she’s intelligent, too. She is so young and yet she knows so many tricks. Her owner gets her to perform all the tricks she knows, and she performs them well. Scarlet sits, and shakes and rolls over to expose all her spots, and all the while, she’s got her eye on her treat. You’ll love this video of the little Dalmatian pup who performs tricks like a big dog.

3. Dalmatian mom and dad are playing while the kids watch

No, this isn’t 101 Dalmatians. This is a real mom and dad Dalmatian with a litter of Dalmatian pups, and it’s the mom and dad who are having a blast. The dog pen is full of Dalmatian pups and they are all very excited just watching their parents run around, chase each other, and have a good time. The question is, are the parents playing for fun, or is it all one big lesson to teach their youngsters how you play with each other, properly? Whatever it is, it all makes for an adorable video of Dalmatian puppies, and you have to see it.

4. Dad wants to bond with his kids and a pen won’t stop him

This dad is a hands-on dad and he wants to be with his kids. So what does he do? He jumps into the pen in order to be get close to them, bond with them and play with them. It’s so sweet watching a momma dog bonding with her kids, but for a daddy dog to realize the puppies are his and want to be with them, that is extra sweet. You can see how much the pups love the attention from their dad, and it’s all caught on tape. Watch this sweet family of Dalmatians as they interact with their dad. It makes for one of the cutest Dalmatian puppy videos.

5. Dalmatian pups attacking everything

These Dalmatian pups are into everything. They are attacking toys, stairs and everything they can get their little mouths on. Nothing is safe. It can be cute watching a puppy attack, shake and chew on their toys, but when they start attacking and chewing on your belongings, it suddenly loses its humor. You’ll agree that these little Dalmatian puppies rough housing with their toys, each other, and even everything they discover around the house, are just too cute. Unless you can identify with the destructiveness a puppy can cause in your home.


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