The Cutest Tibetan Mastiff Puppies Videos of 2017

The Tibetan Mastiff is a very large breed of dog that was bred through the years to be a guardian dog. Tribes in Tibet would use this breed of dog to protect their sheep from wolves, among other things. They are loyal and protective of their owner and property. The breed is one of the largest breeds of any, and can reach up to 160 pounds at full grown. They have long, thick hair that is typically shed in one large molt, at the end of the winter or early spring. Despite the long fur, this breed does not typically harbor the big dog odor that many get. If you are looking for a large breed of dog and think it will do fine in a small dwelling or apartment, this is not the large breed to subject to small areas. They are so large, they require ample room to move about and run. But today we’re focused on them being cute.  Here are our picks for the cutest Tibetan Mastiff videos of 2017:

1. Tibetan Mastiffs playing in snow

Mastiffs love the cold. They were born for this type of weather and it is during the cold months that they become their most active. It’s no wonder, with their large body mass and thick fur. These three pals are getting frisky and having some fun snow-time and it’s so cute watching them hamming it up in their perfect element. Watch this cute video to see how these big dogs like to get rough and tough in the snow, roll around and enjoy the snow like three little kids having some good winter fun on a snowy day.

2. Tibetan Mastiff playing with Siberian Husky pup and cat

These three are a hoot. The cat is apparently the odd man out, with both a Siberian Husky pup and an enormous Tibetan Mastiff both interested in her and checking her out. They both want to play with her, but she’s not interested and even shows the Mastiff how interested she is, by darting after him. The Mastiff bolts react likes more like a scaredy cat rather than an enormous dog that could do way more damage than the can. When the Husky pup realizes that cat wants nothing to do with playing with either of them, he turns to the Mastiff for a playmate. These three are too cute together, so watch this video that is sure to make you smile.

3. Tibetan Mastiff puppies playing with dad

These Tibetan Mastiff family is too cute. The puppies are all about playtime and they get dad involved in their games. Watch as these big, furry pups run around the yard, looking to get into some mischief, play chase, and just have some fun. Mom watches-on from her spot in the yard, while the pups keep going up to dad to get him to join in. It is adorable to see the dad interact with his young pups and teach them how to play. One of the cutest Tibetan Mastiff videos this year, this will m ake you fall in love with these beautiful dogs.

4. Tibetan Mastiff playing king of the hill

Do you remember playing king of the hill as a kid? Here’s a dog’s version of the game. One stands on top of the mountain, while one of the pups keeps charging the hill and then making a run for it. It’s so cute to see the two Mastiffs playing on the hill and trying to get control of it. You can just imagine what would be going through their minds as they both try to be the one who stands guard over the top of that little hill. If you remember this game, you’ll enjoy watching these adorable Mastiffs in this video, play their version of one of the oldest childhood games.

5. Tibetan Mastiff VS Cat

Dog versus cat videos are some of the funniest videos there are. Here is a giant Tibetan Mastiff puppy and a cat who wants nothing to do with the beast. The Mastiff pup just wants a playmate and the cat just wants to be left alone. The pup isn’t giving up though, he’s very tenacious, and to the cat, annoying. Watch this Mastiff pup aggravate the cat to the point where the cat starts throwing some punches at the dog, and you won’t be able to contain the laughter. This video is too cute, and one of the cutest Tibetan Mastiff videos this year.


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