The Top 20 Dogs You Should Be Following On Social Media

Dogs have been making a hit on social media ever since the days of Myspace.  In fact, many of the most amazing human interest stories and other crazy news stories that we see every single day in some way shape or form involve our K9 friends.  But like any other metric on the internet, some dogs tend to rate and popularize themselves a little bit more than others.   Some dogs even have higher numbers of followers than their popular human counterparts.  If you’re interested in following a dog on social media, here are twenty dogs that will surely interest you:

1. Teddy

Teddy is a cute little chihuahua who has an important story to tell. He’s chubby now, but this hasn’t always been the case for him. The National Dog Mill Rescue organization led the charge that saved hi from a puppy mill. He is currently serving as the national spokespuppy for alerting citizens about the cruelty and inhumane conditions that are found in puppy mills. He stands as the representative for so many dogs and other animals who are bred for the purpose of making a quick buck. Most puppy mill owners maintain large kennels full of dogs that lack the proper space, food, water and healthy living conditions that are every animal’s right to have. Teddy is doing his part to help raise money for the cause of rescuing animals from puppy mills by promoting the sales of some really cool T-shirts. You can find out more about Teddy and his dog rescue efforts here:

2. Oscar

Oscar is an older dog who underwent a life of neglect by his owner. He was left at a shelter in tough condition. Upon his arrival, he was given a thorough medical examination and what they found was heart breaking. He suffered from several infections, he couldn’t use his back legs, he had severe tooth decay and mites. It’s amazing that he even survived. This spunky little pug was rescued from the shelter by the Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles. This is a little guy that all pug lovers will want to follow on Facebook because he is living proof of how badly these animals are in need of help. Pet rescue organizations are doing an excellent job of helping these innocent animals who are in distress, one pet at a time. Oscar’s story has the best possible ending because is is doing very well with his adopted family who loves him dearly. You can follow Oscar at:

3. Lentil

Lentil is a social media hound that is making a big statement about pet health. He is a French Bulldog who was born with a cleft palate. He stands as an ambassador for both animals and humans who were born with this condition. His owners are hoping that his story will help in changing the way that people view cleft palates in both people and animals. Lentil’s page is dedicated to encouraging viewers to check out the French Bulldog Rescue so other dogs who are in need can get the help that is required. You can find out more about Lentil and the French Bulldog Rescue by visiting:

4. Harley

Harley is a chihuahua who was rescued by the National Dog Mill Rescue organization. He joins his brother Teddy in the fight to educate all pet lovers about how dangerous puppy mills are for their occupants. Harley was missing an eye when he was discovered. He hadn’t been properly cared for or cleaned in his earlier years, but it hasn’t kept him down. This brave little trooper stands as a testimonial for all underrepresented animals who have endured years of abuse, that when they are given the proper love and care, they can become treasured pets. You can find more about Harley here:

5. Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is a popular dog on Facebook because his story is so inspirational. He was born with a hiatal hernia, but this was the least of his health problems. He was also born with a cleft palate and an open skull. He’s had some serious complications which have made it impossible for him to undergo surgery. This doesn’t stop him from playing, eating, sleeping and living a happy life with his loving family. He stands as the poster pup for dogs with special needs. He’s a living testimonial that dogs with disabling conditions can still serve a very important purpose, and that is to enjoy their lives and to love their families. Read more about Tiny Tim at:

6. Maisie

Maisie is another Facebook sensation who is really into fashion. The petite chihuahua displays her sense of style and she’s cute as a button. She is a representative for pups who are in need of forever homes. Maisie is on social media to show potential families what they are currently missing out on. Her page is an encouragement for pet lovers to adopt dogs who are in need of loving homes. You can see Maisie at:

7. Buddy, Boo and Blue

Boo is a Pomeranian who has taken social media by storm. He has been named “the world’s cutest dog” by many of his followers on Instagram. He has brought his two brother’s along to enjoy the attention. Buddy is also a Pomeranian and Blue Beary Pie is a golden retriever puppy, who is Boo’s brother from another mother. The trio call themselves the #b3misfits as well as the #blondemafia. They’re entertaining and so cute that you need to check out Boo and his companions at: Instagram: @buddyboowaggytails

8. Muppet

Muppet is a lucky little girl who was saved by the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy mill rescue organization. She has a famous sister named Toast who has also become a social media sensation. Muppet fancies herself to be a celebrity of sorts and she appears with some of the cutest captions imaginable. She is referred to as “the Jan Brady of dogs.” This is because she is the sibling of a famous celebrity dog. You can find Muppet dressed up in some of the cutest costumes both singly, and appearing as a duo with her sister Toast at: Instagram: @muppetsrevenge

9. Toast

Toast is Muppet’s sister and she’s a fancy girl that believes she belongs in the Hamptons. She’s definitely a glam queen, but she’s got a heart for disadvantaged pups who are in need of rescue. Toast and her sister were both Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy mill rescue dogs. Instead of suffering a terrible life of neglect and abuse, she is the belle of the ball with her forever family who delight in pampering her and providing nothing but the best for their little girl. Josh Ostrovsky is her dad and he is also an Instagram sensation, but he doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with Toast and her sister Muppet. You can see her at: Instagram: @toastmeetsworld

10. Marnie

Marnie has lived to the ripe old age of 12 years, which is elderly for a Shih Tzu. She was adopted from a shelter in her older years, but she’s going great guns in making up for lost times. No, this isn’t on her bucket list, because she has no current plans for cashing in her chips. She’s famous on social media for wearing some pretty amusing costumes and showing off her brilliant vocabulary which includes “Tank u,” “otay” and “snax.” A talking dog? Really??? Yep. You can see her here at: Instagram @marniethedog

11. Doug

Doug is a southern gentleman from Nashville, Tennessee. He’s especially proud of his visits to Taco Bell and kickin’ it at music festivals. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the selfie’s he’s posted. He’s proud of the fact that he’s cute, and gets to live the life of luxury. Doug is a popular social media sensation who is well known for the cute and hilarious captions that spontaneously occur at the bottom of his selfie posts. You truly need to visit his site to learn about the funny “Doug-isms” that he comes up with. You can catch up with Doug the Pug at: Instagram @itsdougthepug

12. Jiff

Jiff is a Pomeranian who has a real sense of style. This trending pup has made a big hit on social media because of his fantastic couture. You might say that he wears it well, but there’s so much more to Jiff than his fabulous wardrobe. He’s listed in the Guinness World Records book for being the fasted dog while running on his front paws for five meters, but wait…there’s more. He also broke the record for running ten meters on his hind legs. This makes him a double entrant in the prestigious book. He’s also really cool when he skateboards. He sits up on the board just like a person and does his thing with style. Here is where you can go to see the amazing Jiff do his thing: Instagram @jiffpom

13. Norbert

Norbert doesn’t have a huge pedigree behind his name, but he really doesn’t need one.He’s one of the coolest mixed breed puppies in the world. He weighs just three pounds, but dynamite comes in small packages. He has an impressive resume as a registered therapy dog. He likes to dress up with a variety of outfits that include rain boots, sunglasses and hats which are truly adorable. Norbert also combines his talents with Lil Bub, who is an Insta-famous cat, in a children’s book called “What Can Little We Do?” Norbert has amassed an Instagram following of over a million. We think that he’s done pretty well for himself. This just goes to show you that fancy pedigrees don’t make the dog. You can find out more about the amazing Norbert at: Instagram: @norbertthedog

14. Neville Jacobs

Neville’s pet dad was so in love with him that he decided to give him his surname. Neville Jacobs is one of the kings of social media in the canine world. He’s the cutest bull terrier who spends a great deal of his time modeling his new outfits. He likes to have a lot of the photo shoots outside, because he’s an outdoorsy kinda guy. When he’s not strutting his stuff in his new threads, he likes to check in on the family and make sure that they’re doing everything just right, and if not, he may have something to say about it. To see Neville Jacobs in action, visit him at: Instagram: @nevillejacobs

15. Sir Charles Barkley

Sir Charles Barkley is also known as Barkley when he’s in cool mode. He’s a French Bulldog who is living the high life in the city of Seattle, Washington. He has a busy schedule that keeps him either smiling or sleeping, but he does take a little time out for a really cute cuddle session. This zany pup looks a lot like a little dinosaur and has been referred to as “Dogzilla.” He’s famous for his impression of Yoda as well as his amazing range of couture that includes everything from a tuxedo to a clown suit. He does sophisticated as well as funny guy. You can catch Sir Charles Barkley at: Instagram: @barkleysircharles

16. Manny

French bulldogs are hot on Instagram and Twitter, but Manny stands out in the crowd. He’s a philanthropist who is in charge of running the local charity drives for Chicago and more. He’s known for his hilarious sleeping positions and his big toothy grin, but we’re not telling about the photos of him sleeping. He might be offended. He’s had the privilege of showing up at Lollapalooza in a Hawaiian print shirt and getting to rock out backstage. Manny has a habit of choosing a “buddy of the week” and he’s happy to share their pictures and tell their stories. As a part of his charity work, he’s promoting the sites of worthy fuzzy friends that would be fun to follow. you can learn more about Manny at: Instagram: @manny_the_frenchie

17. Tonkey Bear

If you’re looking for a good time, then you’ll want to join the followers who are busy watching Tonkey the Bear Dog on Instagram. This social media sensation is a unique Bearcoat Shar Pei breed who has a devil of a good time just hanging with her bis sister Maxi. Tonkey is only four months old but she’s got to be the fluffiest Shar Pei on the planet. What makes her so special is a rare recessive gene that puffs up her hair and makes her look like a little ball of fuzz. One straight on shot into the camera will melt you like butter. This is before the memes and bath snaps kick in. Tonkey Bear is a must see and you can find her at: Instagram: @bearcoat_tonkey

18. Bodhi

Bodhi is also kown as the “menswear dog.” He’s a Shiba Inu breed that has a profound sense of style. He became famous through his Tumblr blog because of his full closet of suits and other accoutrements. He’s all about modeling the latest styles in male dogwear which includes everything from the New classics to fresher looks which are designed for the modern man. If you’re a guy, he’s got some tips that will help you to dress to the nines. Bodhi will show you how a good pair of shades and a decent jacket can help you to become Instagram’s newest sensation. You can catch Bodhi at: Instagram & Twitter: @mensweardog

19. Tuna

Tuna is a four year old pup who is the most charming Chiweenie on the internet. He’s got the most interesting facial expressions that shows everyone exactly how he’s feeling. Sometimes he’s having a bad case of the Mondays, but more often, he’s having a great time and he lets us all know with his expressive face. He’s an inspirational guy that is reaching out to others with his novel book titled, “Tuna Melts My Heart: The Underdog with the Overbite.” He’s an absolute scream and you’ll want to catch him on Instagram and Twitter. You can find Tuna by going to: Instagram: @tunameltsmyheart

20. Loki

Loki has been a favorite on social media since 2012. Kelly Lund is his owner and they have taken to the internet to inspire dog owners to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy life with their beloved pet. Loki The Wolfdog is affiliated with a lot of different brands for canines. The list includes “Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co.,” “I and Love and You dog food,” and the prestigious Mercedes corporation. It was Lund that first got the ball rolling with her amazing photography skills. She snapped some impressive photos of Loki having cute adventures and shared them on social media. Loki became an instant success and was sought after by the brands listed as a representative. The Neoreach tool has shown that sixty percent of Loki’s followers and women and most of them are single. This is the audience that Loki appeals to in the greatest numbers. Loki is a dog that you seriously should follow on social media. You can find him at


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