20 Adorable Dog Parody Videos

Here it is- a list of 20 awesome videos of adorable puppies and dogs with their own talented covers of the best movies and songs ever. It’s quite the list, with something for fans of nearly every genre. These videos are filled with spot-on details, too, for the enjoyment of discerning fans. Those details aren’t always obvious, and may surprise the sharpest eyes. Definitely for dog people. Definitely all in good fun.

Indiana Bones -Raiders of the Lost Bark

When Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark first hit the movie theaters in 1981, it captured the imaginations of an entire generation of action adventure fans. It grossed $389.9 million at the box office and was added to the National Film Registry at the U.S. Library of Congress due to its aesthetic, historic, and cultural significance. Without a doubt, everyone who loved it couldn’t wait for Indiana Jones to be part of another film. It was followed by three more, and another is scheduled for release in 2020. But for now, Indiana Bones is our adventure hero until the 2020 movie arrives. Bones is clever and courageous. He’s planned for every circumstance. With his cheeky brown fedora, his amazing anti-Nazi kitty skills, and his smooth ace aviator talents, he’s taking on the ultimate antiquities quest. He knows what it takes to get the job done, that’s for sure.

Pugassic Bark

It’s been 25 years since Jurassic Park brought dinosaurs to life once again. Movie goers were drawn into the fabulous park, with imaginations fully embracing the wonder of seeing these ancient creatures newly cloned and in the flesh. But, flesh soon became a theme at the park, and wonderment turned to fear. The newest film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, will carry on the saga of the disastrous theme park filled with escaped dinosaurs when it is released in June 2018. But Pugs have taken on the story and are presenting their adorable re-enactment of all things essential from the Jurassic world. Dino-pugs, tricera-pugs….and even more pugs. It’s all there in this clever video.

Corgi Rae – Call Me Maybe

Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” takes on a new twist with this cute Corgi. She’s got it all right. All the shy glances at the easy-on-the-eyes hound dog, and the cute invites to meet. This Corgi has the band, the kitty on the keyboard close-ups, the yard work, and bubbly wash scenes, too. For Ms. Corgi, it’s a dream come true, as the object of her affection comes close. But, that darn black cat spoils it all, and Corgi Rae sees her spectacular hound run away. Isn’t that the way is always works out?

Dog Wick

In this riveting next installment of the John Wick saga, John’s amazingly skilled companion Dog Wick takes on the challenge of fighting back against the criminals who took away his master. This dog’s tale is a sort of trailer presented in honor of John Wick: Chapter 2, which was released in 2017. Dog Wick made certain that all the neo-noir thrills we’ve come to expect from his master are included. Sensitive eyes and inquiring minds may be shocked at the graphic action sequences. They’re filled with dog martial arts, dog gun fu, dog chase scenes, use of dog firepower and other dark imagery. Dog Wick wanted it that way.

Pawdele – Digging in the Deep

When Adele recorded her second studio album, “Rolling in the Deep” was on it. She wrote it with Paul Epworth, and it became a huge crossover success. She described the song as being a mélange of disco, gospel and dark blues. The compelling lyrics tell how it feels to be a lover rejected. The song was so popular in the United States that it sold more than 7.6 million copies. Adele and Epworth composed the song after Adele and her boyfriend had broken up. She refused to accept the idea that she was not enough as a person without the relationship. Pete the bulldog hits all the high tones with his perfect howl in this cover of the song. Pete portrays Pawdele and takes on this lover’s anthem with his own expression of surviving loneliness. Pawdele’s owner is two-timing her. Pawdele has everything she could materially want in life. The plentiful toys, the hundreds of food bowls, the comfortable home… all of it isn’t enough to salve the pain that poor Pawdele feels.


Just look at those long, lean, handsome specimens! They’re fit and ready to rescue those in need. Featuring Mojo Hasselfhoff, Jazz Anderson as C.J. Barker, Joey Bleeth as Caroline Mut, Kaos Newman as Newmie, and Hollywood Jackson as Hobie; the whole gang of rescue dogs is on the job. They look spectacular as ever in their red suits and lifeguard gear, and boy can they juggle a mean life buoy. They’re all set to go with this amazing cover of the classic Baywatch opening credits. Baywatch, and its syndicated later versions is one of the world’s most popular television shows. There’s no denying that the plots often focused on drowning individuals, a few shark attacks, serial killers, and earthquakes. Ultimately the California and Hawaii beach activities and lifestyle were a big draw to the series. There’s also no question that Mojo Hasselhoff and his beautiful pups have done the series proud.

Paw Warz: The Furrce Awakens

Woof, or woof not. Yo-dog, you are the best. With a cast of the cutest ever puppies, Paw Warz: The Furrce Awakens is a smash favorite… just like the original Star Wars Trilogy. Nothing has been spared, and its impossible to not smile as these sweet-faced puppies touch on every iconic scene and character from the trilogy. Ever clever; this short video packs more puppy action into a short time than is imaginable.

Dogtor Who

Step into the wacky world of Dogtor Who as he travels through time and space with his trusty female companion. Though there have been many incarnations of Doctor Who as he explores the universe, none have ever been quite like Dogtor Who. The original science fiction drama has Doctor Who stepping into his blue-colored British police box. Dogtor Who has his very own blue painted dog house, and just like the original Doctor -it’s truly much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. There have been twelve actors so far who have taken on the role of Doctor, and each have gone through the regeneration process which allows them to become the next new personality and body to carry on the story. All of them are understood to be different stages in the life of one character. Imagine the surprise if science fiction fans of all ages were faced with Dogtor Who as the thirteenth incarnation. After all, it is science fiction.

Oaktown Pup!

You gotta love the efforts of the East Bay SPCA. They’ve taken on Uptown Funk with a public service message that rocks! They’ve got the best pups ever rockin’ and rollin’ to the beat and dressed up for the video in their finest collars, leashes, and bandanas. From Pit Bulls to Chihuahuas, all of them were rescued or waiting to be adopted and on their way to forever homes. This is one of the happiest messages to ever hit the internet. Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars is undeniably a pop culture phenomenon all over the world. It’s YouTube’s fifth most-viewed video ever. But truth be told, this Oaktown Pup! cover gives the chart-topping video a run for its money.


Ah, yes. We know the fear that Godzilla puts into the hearts of devoted sci-fi fans. Just seeing that gargantuan gorilla is terrifying. But, Dogzilla is one precious, drooling, city-destroying puppy. Does he really want to trample the town? It’s fun to see this cute pup in the acting role of his life; even for just a minute.

Dawn of the Planet of the Pugs

He found his new best pug friend, not knowing that he inadvertently took the pug away from the rest of the pug family. He just wanted to be friends, but the pug tribe lets him know that the Earth is their home now. It doesn’t bode well for the human, regardless of his intention to come in peace. The struggle encompasses the pug colony living in the Muir Woods just outside of San Francisco, and eventually explodes into the city and clinches the pug attack on the Fort Point armory. Pugs will be forced to choose whether they love pugs or humans more. Though one human and one pug can form a bond of friendship, centuries of mistrust between humans and pugs as led to a feud which is not likely to end in forgiveness or reconciliation.

Orange is the New Bark

The cages are full, but the dogs are still going to do time at the shelter. The Austin Humane Society presents their cover of the theme song from Orange is the New Black “You’ve Got Time”. Though the TV series opening credits shows faces of women doing prison time, this video features the many pups who were waiting for adoption while locked up in their own version of prison. The lyrics are about “the animals” doing time. It’s gritty- that’s for sure. But, whether a dog or a woman is imprisoned, for them, the experience isn’t great. Cudos go to the Austin Humane Society for their photos of adorable, adoptable dogs who would love to have a forever family to take them in. It may not be possible to help women doing prison time, but it’s certainly possible to help dogs in a shelter. Yes. It’s ironic. But, looking at all the adorable dogs will inspire someone to bring a new friend home.

Home Alone

High up on the cute factor is this sweet spin on the Home Alone story, starring Kevin the pug puppy. No expense has been spared on scenery, props or costumes. It’s impossible to ignore Mom’s cute pug eyeballs when she realizes that the family may have forgotten something….and then, she realizes it’s puppy pug Kevin! But, Mom pug is in France with the family! Poor Kevin pug thinks he made his family disappear- and the plot thickens. Kevin pug figures out how to have pizza delivered (check out the pink delivery truck) and how to foil nasty robbers who come to rob the house. Kevin pug is smart. He figures out ways to keep the bad guys hopping. He does it all in style with his adorable Christmas scarf and ski hat. Luckily for Kevin pug, the bad guys get thrown in jail, Mom pug comes home, and he’s okay. Nothing is as wonderful as Kevin pug’s reunion with Mom pug!

Paws – The Bark Attack

When the thriller movie Jaws opened in theaters in 1975, the lines to see it were long. Thriller movie fans were lined up around the block, waiting for their chance to be scared out of their minds. The film about a gigantic Great White Shark plucking people out of the water to eat them was a summer blockbuster. Jaws held the spot of highest-grossing movie ever until Star Wars was released two years later. Even now, forty-three years later, the iconic images and famous “shark theme music” composed by John Williams remain part of popular culture. For Jaws fans everywhere, the time has come for the newest imitation (there have been many) of the original cult thriller: It’s a bark attack! The beach is no longer safe! The signs are everywhere, but the town needs the revenue tourists bring when they come to the beach, so it stays open. Until… bark attack! Panic takes over as swimmers run for the parking lot. But there’s no escaping that bone-sniffing pug. He won’t stop until he finds one. But, what he’s found so far isn’t enough to satisfy his face-licking hunger. He’s got to go for the right one. Lucky for all, the right solution appears at the right moment. Everyone is safe. Or, are they?

Dogs of Anarchy

This is one cool set of opening credits. It’s got perfect tattoo images, and glimpses of them on all the series regulars, too. The introduction is filmed in black, white and rich sepia tones just like the original Sons of Anarchy series opening. As each character appears, their tattoos disintegrate into their names. The theme song is included, with cool country rock vocal stylings telling the story of living life in this world as it comes. But wait- this stylish cover has gone to the dogs- literally! There are terriers, bulldogs, and all sorts of hounds. Great images of steel bars and stainless-steel water dishes- water dishes? What’s dripping into those dishes, anyway? Water? Hmm.


This is the canine cover with everything going for it. It’s filled will pounds and pounds of adorable puppies and dogs in their happiest moments. These are dogs who have found forever families, and they are showing their love and affection for those who love them. The video takes its cue from Pharrell Williams and his original video “Happy”. Happy is one of those songs which makes everyone jump up and dance, or jump up and sing, or jump up and clap hands. That’s the idea! Happiness is the universal emotion shared among everyone on Pharrell’s video and all the fluffy, playful dogs on the puppy video version. Great stuff!


Mini, the Yorkshire Terrier puppy, puts on a performance worthy of Tom Hanks in the original Castaway. But Mini the puppy is tiny, fragile, and oh so cute. There’s no denying the highs and lows we all felt when Chuck Noland, played by Hanks, survived a plane crash- only to end up on an uninhabited island. Noland ended up spending four miserable years on the island, with his only friend, Wilson the volleyball. Wilson had a face made from Noland’s injured, bloody handprint, but Noland talked to Wilson anyway. Unfortunately, as Noland attempted his one-chance escape from the island on a raft he’d made from crash wreckage, Wilson floated from the raft as Noland was sleeping. Though he lost his island friend, Noland was eventually found drifting at sea- and rescued. He returned home to discover that his wife had remarried. His life was changed, but he returned the one FedEx package he left unopened on the island to its sender. The woman could become his newest friend. In this video, Mini the Yorkshire Terrier does an amazing job of creating this heartfelt new adaptation of Castaway- puppy style.

Boneland: A Dog Homeland Parody

The spy thriller series Homeland has captivated viewers since its premiere in 2011. It started online with game tasks required to complete before viewer could have access to the first television episode was broadcast. Each of the seven seasons so far has included the activities of CIA officer Carrie Mathison, and her work with Counterterrorism Center. The cast of intriguing politicians, military personnel, CIA operatives, assassins, journalists, media personalities, friends and family members of the characters is stellar. The convoluted connections and fascinating plot lines keep fans guessing what will happen next, and to whom. Most fans have been hooked since the beginning, even though controversy has followed the series in terms of cultural and religious criticism. With all that being said, there’s much to like about Boneland and it’s cast of doggie characters. It’s quite remarkable how the puppies and doggies are visually paired with their real-life actors. Dark fur, dark hair or lean body, lean doggie limbs. You get the idea. It’s very smart. Fans of the series recognize their favorite characters and some of those controversial plot lines- all in jest, of course.

Doug the Pug Disney Medley

Of course, there’s nothing like Disney. But, for a huge laugh, there’s nothing like Doug the Pug in this hilarious cover medley of Disney’s favorite animated films. This compilation includes parts of the most-loved songs from Frozen, The Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, and more. But do keep in mind one important fact. Doug isn’t really acting-but he wears costumes very well. Doug doesn’t dance, and he can’t sing either. But, there’s something instantly laugh-inducing about Doug’s sorry pug face popping up where it’s least expected. In fact, it’s almost impossible to avoid laughing. Just take one look at his round, sad eyes and it will become clear. Notice those cute, wrinkly folds on his face, and how they add just the right touch of expression to his otherwise expressionless face. For some strange, indescribable reason; Doug’s perfect.

Back to the Future with Pugs

Back to the Future’s status as the American Film Institute’s 10th -best film in the genre of science fiction is telling. It’s been preserved in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, and it’s won Hugo, Saturn and Academy Awards, and numerous prestigious nominations. It’s not surprising. Everyone fell in love with Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly; the teenaged time traveler. The adventure comedy touched on all the right science fiction intrigue, but grounded the plot in the highly popular 1950s and the current day. Because the movie was filmed at locations all over Southern California, many So Cal sci-fi fans would trek to see the film shoots; often arriving in the middle of the night and staying until dawn to catch the action. Sci-fi fans in those days kept an unofficial network of communication about where and when the newest sci-fi movies would be filming- usually supported by film industry insiders. So, it was almost a given that the original Back to the Future would spawn a huge franchise of subsequent films, video games, animation and merchandise. Back to the Future with Pugs is a quick romp through the film’s best moments. Marty McFly may have been very, very proud to know that his story has been honored by pugs. Check out the attention to details, the clever props and the cute pugs. It’s a comedic wonder.

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