Dog Breed of the Day: Manchester Terrier

From Dog Breed Info: The Manchester Terrier is a high-spirited, powerful, agile, very intelligent, cunning dog which is eager to learn. It displays the true terrier nature, is independent and faithful. Extremely lively, sporty, alert, keen and vigilant. Discerning and devoted, it is loyal and a good friend to its master. The Manchester Terrier likes to please its handler and learns quite quickly. These dogs can be outstanding in activities like agility skills and catch and also do well in obedience trials. They thrive on attention from their owners, and need leadership from their humans. If you own a Manchester Terrier it’s important that they are well trained or they could develop small dog syndrome where they think they are the leader of your pack.   However, when properly trained these are fantastic dogs.  If you happen to have your own terrier or any other dog that you’d like displayed on our website then feel free to submit them to us!  In the meantime please enjoy these great Manchester Terrier pics below









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