Dog Breed of the Day: Pharaoh Hound


From Dog Breed InfoThe Pharaoh Hound is reasonably independent and a most pleasant companion dog. It is peaceful in the house and loves to play outdoors. It will be calm provided it receives enough exercise. Loyal, brave and loving, this quiet dog is naturally well-behaved and intelligent. It loves children, but is reserved with strangers. A truly unique trait of this breed is when it is excited it “blushes,” turning a glowing deep rose on its nose and ears.

Pharaoh Hounds, also known as a Kelb Tal-Fanek are a remarkable breed. If any of you out there own one of these amazing animals we’d love for you to send us any pictures you have. Please share your stories and videos too! In the meantime we’ve collected some great pics of Pharaoh Hound puppies and adults for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the gallery in the pages to follow!







Three dogs in a maedow - Pharaoh Hound




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