Tips on How to Have a Dog-Friendly Barbecue in the Summer

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Everyone enjoys barbecue during summer and the opportunity to spend time with family and friends outdoors. A backyard party can be dangerous for a dog due to the abundance of food and entertainment. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to make your summer Dog-Friendly Barbecue.

Train your dog to be BBQ safe

When visiting your friends or relatives for a BBQ in their houses, do not expect it to be dog safe completely. Instead, teach your dog some BBQ ground rules to get them off to a good start.

Four Paws on the ground

According to this, teaching your dog not to jump is a good move for you, your dog, and other BBQ attendees. Keeping your dog’s four paws on the ground prevents them from jumping up on tables or knocking over guests who are attempting to balance food/drinks in their hands.

Relax, man

Training your dog to relax can be extremely beneficial. Most people prefer to “go to your mat/crate,” while others are content with a simple sit/stay. A relaxation command, regardless of which one you use, is an excellent method to signal to your dog that they need to take a break from the action and lie down for a while. It is also an excellent technique to keep your dog away from a sizzling grill. If your dog gets easily overwhelmed or frightened, make sure their resting area is far away from the action.

The OFF! Command

I can’t emphasize enough how important this command is! When you have a food hound like Kolchak, you must remind him that his snout is not permitted on any serving trays or plates. Having a bulletproof “off” command for your dog and letting other party guests know that this is his word to back the woof up off their treats will assist ensure that your dog does not eat anything he shouldn’t.

Umbilical Training

It is a good option if your dog is young, learning, or can’t be trusted around food. Wrap a long leash around your waist or chest and attach it to the harness of your dog. This keeps them within an arm’s reach at all times, allowing you to reward or redirect behavior as necessary. When Kolchak was a puppy, we employed this strategy to excellent effect. Just keep an eye on everything. Just remember to keep your mind in the game to ensure your dog’s safety. Ensure you do not drag your dog into anything or force them into places where they don’t feel safe.

Avoid feeding your pet these Foods

According to Wellness Pet Food, for a dog-friendly barbecue after cooking is done and food is on the table, it is tempting to give your dog a bite from your plate. However, many BBQ classics are toxic to dogs. You run the danger of injuring your dog’s internal organs if you give him a bone. Cooked bones are simpler to break up, but the shards can be quite hazardous if swallowed. Onions, garlic, chives, and other alliums are toxic to dogs and can make your pet sick. Corn on the cob is a choking hazard for dogs and can induce bowel obstruction if consumed. However, your dog can eat foods can eat various foods. Examples of such foods are:

  • Hotdogs, chopped into bite-size chunks
  • Sweet peppers, zucchini, or sweet potato grilled
  • Chicken, fish, or steak that is lean (spare the spice rub, though)
  • Watermelon with no seeds that have been chilled

There are several ways for your dog to enjoy the BBQ’s bounty without becoming ill; nevertheless, it is best to inform your guests ahead of time about what your pet can and cannot feed on, as well as to train your dog not to jump on the table or beg.

Maintain a comfortable temperature for your dog.

If you have your party outside, make sure your pet has enough drink and shade. It may be preferable to keep your dog inside on really hot days. Bring him to a cooler area and contact your veterinarian straight away if he begins to show indications of heatstroke (restlessness or agitation with strong panting or bright-red gums). According to AKC, water games and swimming are fantastic ways for your dog to stay cool. If your dog decides to go swimming, be careful to follow all safety precautions and keep them watched at all times.

Avoid table throwouts

For a dog-friendly barbecue, remind your visitors not to feed your dog human food. Barbecued food, in particular, can be fatty and cause gastrointestinal discomfort in your pet. Make sure your dog does not grab anything from the food tables. Furthermore, some foods, such as onion, avocado, grapes, and raisins, are poisonous. If you are not sure if a meal is safe for your dog, have a look at our complete list of dog foods. To avoid being enticed by hunger, make sure your dog eats before the BBQ begins. Treat your dog to some BBQ-flavored dog treats if they feel left out while the rest of the family is eating. Use toys and sweets to your advantage. We may all say, “Keep your pet away from this, that, and the other,” but is not that easier said than done? Using familiar objects and goodies to distract your pets is the best way to go. Spread some snacks throughout the yard to keep their wits and taste buds occupied. It is advisable to encourage them to bring their toys outdoors as long as their games do not interfere with the BBQ.

Contain the dog in its place

According to Pet Guide, when your dog is faced with the opportunity to bite into a juicy steak, no matter how well trained he is, his usual behavior may change. While you are outside, it is wise to keep your dog tethered so he has a safe place to run around that’s not near the food. If you have a fenced yard, make sure your visitors understand that they must keep the gate closed when they come; put a sign up if you have one.

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