Dog Rescued by First Responders after Being Stuck for Nearly 20 Hours

Firefighters are tasked with saving lives and buildings, but more than that, they save memories and dreams that could have been cut short by tragic events. Brandy, a dog rescued by first responders after being stuck for nearly 20 hours, understood how fragile life is. Therefore, the first instance Brandy got, she ran to her owner with whom she had shared lots of memories and later to the firefighters who had ensured she got to live a full life. The incident happened in Wyoming County, and here are the details to cheer you up today.

The Love of a Mother

On the evening of March 21, 2021, Nadia Delicati searched everywhere for her missing eight-month-old golden retriever, Brandy. She and everyone else who had learned of the dog’s disappearance helped search for going as far as deep into the woods. They even sought help from above through prayers and all around the neighborhood by sharing the “missing dog” posts. Unfortunately, their search efforts were unsuccessful; only later would they learn that even if Brandy could hear the search party calling out for her, she could not make a sound because of how deep her head had been wedged in a boulder. People say that maternal instincts are never wrong and that they help protect a child at all costs. That is what happened to Brandy; her mother, Bailey, probably could sense that her puppy would not make it unless they found her soon. Therefore, Bailey tracked down Brandy’s scent and guided Delicati to the boulder that threatened Brandy’s life.

So Close Yet So Far Away

However, that was only the beginning of the rescue mission because although Delicati could rest knowing that Brandy was alive, she could not get the dig out. Therefore, the dog owner called 911, and on the afternoon of March 22, 2021, Lake Winola firefighters and Timothy McCoy, a Tunkhannock Township police officer, responded to the call. It took about five firefighters to make a hole in the rocks, big enough for the smallest firefighter to go in and get Brandy. The firefighter who was sent in, Lieutenant Eric Coolbaugh, explained that he had to pry open the two rocks where Brandy’s head was stuck, using a pry bar. He then applied his entire weight to lift the rocks so that Brandy could get her head out, and to his surprise, that tactic worked.

Saved in the Nick of Time

After almost 20 hours, Brandy was finally free, and the first thing she did was run to Delicati, a scene that police officer McCoy could only describe as cinematic. Brandy was grateful to the team that had come to save her life and thanked each one personally with lots of kisses and hugs. Such a show of gratitude went a long way in making the firefighters’ day, considering the many tragic events they have seen that did not end well. Fortunately for Brandy, except for dehydration, hunger and exhaustion, her health was not in danger. She had only suffered a minor swelling in her paw, and Delicati was in awe of the immense support she received not just from the firefighters but from the entire community.

The Danger of Being Stuck Also Looms in Your Own Home

It is common to hear of a dog being stuck in a boulder and a tree stump, but can you imagine your furry friend being stuck on a reclining couch. It may seem harmless, but one dog in British Columbia, Canada, proved it is not. According to People Magazine, Bean, the dog, got her neck trapped between the reclining frameworks of her owner’s couch. Her owners could not move the couch without hurting Bean hence called on the fire department to rescue the dog. It took a few minutes before a team of firefighters from the Kamloops Fire Department arrived at Kent’s house to rescue that small dog, and luckily, she had not been hurt. They had to take apart the seat, and once the post of the rescue was shared on Facebook, it attracted lots of positive comments who praised the firefighters as heroes, sentiments that Bean’s owners also shared.

Another Dog That Had a Brush with Death

If you are a Christian, then you know too well the story of Daniel, who was thrown in a den of lions and came out alive. The story of a dog trapped in a residential toilet with a leopard and survived should remind you what happened to Daniel. In India, Karnataka, a stray dog believed to have been chased by a leopard tried escaping and hiding in a residential toilet. Unfortunately for the dog that was later identified as Bollu as reported by News18, the leopard was not ready to give up on the easy prey, therefore, quickly followed Bollu into the toilet. A resident saw the leopard’s tail and locked the toilet door from outside, leaving Bollu alone with the predator.

Surprisingly, the leopard did not attack the canine despite the two being trapped together for nearly seven hours. Residents were curious and viewed the two animals from the roof; a picture was shared on social media showing Bollu by the door and the leopard beside the toilet a distance away from the dog. Although the forest department came in and tried saving both animals, the leopard was too quick for them and escaped leaving Bollu to be rescued. People could not help but wonder how the leopard did not take advantage of the meal right in front of him. One forest officer said that leopards prefer attacking in stealth, and it must have been wary of the dog defending himself. Besides, being trapped without an escape route made the kill more of a challenge for the leopard. Although people had comical remarks regarding the incident, Bollu can only be grateful that he got to live another day.

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