Science Says Having a Dog Makes a Man More Attractive

Dog and Man

There are almost limitless benefits to owning a dog, and research is proving more benefits all the time. Scientists have already proven that owning a dog has many benefits to a person’s physical and emotional well-being. It can also bring a great deal of pleasure to people’s lives. Now, it seems that there are additional benefits for men who own a dog, as it apparently makes them more attractive to women. I Heart Dogs reports that new research has revealed that if a man owns a dog, women will perceive him differently and he will seem like a more attractive prospect. Therefore, getting a dog could potentially benefit single men who want to start dating.

The findings of the research were reported in Psychology Toady, and the research was undertaken based on theories of what makes men appealing to women. This can vary from one woman to the next and can depend on whether they are looking for a short-term or a long-term relationship. One theory is that a man can seem more attractive to women who want a long-term relationship if he possesses nurturing characteristics and exudes romance. Likewise, if a man comes over as being the fatherly type, then women are more likely to find them appealing.

This is because women who want a long-term relationship are looking for a partner that is capable of fulfilling both their physical and emotional needs. Women who want children in the future desire a partner that possesses fatherly qualities so that they can become a good father to their children in the future. On the other hand, women who want a short-term relationship are often attracted to what is colloquially known as the ‘bad-boy’ type. Characteristics of this type of man can include wildness, spontaneity, and social dominance. Although the reasons for the attraction to this type of man are not proven, theories suggest that it is because women who are not ready for a long-term relationship enjoy the adventure and challenge of a bad-boy.

Now, research has shown that a woman’s perception of bad-boys is potentially changed if the man owns a dog. The findings are based on a study undertaken by a team of researchers based at the Ruppin Academic Center in Israel. The study involved women being given a description of men in two categories; dad-like and cad-like. Based on the descriptions given, the women were asked to give a rating of how attractive they found each of the men. The women were also asked to rate the likelihood of them marrying or having an affair with the man.

Some of the results were exactly what the researchers expected. For example, most of the women participating in the study said that they would want to marry the men in the dad-like group. On the other hand, they were more likely to want a short-term affair with the men in the bad-boy group. The next stage of the study involved the introduction of dogs. This time, the women were given the descriptions of the men along with the added detail that the men were dog owners. While the women’s opinion of one group remained the same, their opinion of the other group completely changed.

The group that did not change opinions was the dad-like group. However, women suddenly changed their opinions of the cad-like group based on their dog ownership. When the bad-boys were described as owning a dog, the women not only found them more attractive than before but also more attractive than the dad-types, who had previously been the forerunners in the study. The researchers have argued that the dad types naturally give the impression of possessing nurturing qualities that make them appealing to women who want a long-term relationship. They did not need a dog to paint this picture to the women.

In the case of the bad-boy group, the stereotypical attributes associated with this type of man were overshadowed by the personality traits linked to dog ownership. For example, it suddenly made the cad-like group appear to have a nurturing, loving, caring, and responsible personality in addition to their other personality traits. Women seemed to like the combination of the wild and adventurous side of the mane combined with the softer, nurturing side. The extra qualities made them seem more attractive as a prospect for a long-term relationship, and also made them seem more dad-like. As the cad-like group not only had the dad-like features but also the more exciting personality traits, it made them seem the most appealing prospect.

The purpose of this study is purely for social interest and understanding relationships and how the opposite sex interacts. There are probably no useful applications for the findings of the study. However, it is useful information for men who are interested in finding a woman with whom they can have a long-term relationship. It may make them consider becoming a dog owner so that they can increase their appeal to the opposite sex. A word of warning comes with being influenced by the results of this study before men dash off to get themselves a dog. A man should never get a dog only for the purposes of attracting women. Owning a dog is a big responsibility that takes a lot of commitment. If you do not have the money, time, or commitment to dog ownership, then it is a bad idea to get one.

It is also worth noting that getting a dog does not guarantee that a man will suddenly become irresistible to women. Although the study suggests that owning a dog can increase the chances of a woman being initially attracted to the man, whether there is the potential for a long-term relationship depends on many other factors that extend beyond initial attraction. Therefore, while the results of the study are interesting, they are something that should be taken lightly.

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