Montana Resort Caters to Dogs with Gourmet Meals and More

You have heard about the many global vacation spots that celebrities and the mega-rich head to as getaways. What you might not have known is there is a place where these same people can bring their dogs to get the maximum pampering only dogs can understand.

That place, The Resort at Paws Up, is found in the good old United States in the state of Montana. Who travels there? Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Gwyneth Paltrow – and would you believe the entire band of the Rolling Stones? It’s a place where man does more than pay lip service to the adage that a dog is man’s best friend.

The resort’s logo just happens to be a paw. A one night stay goes for $650 per person, and the going rate for every dog is $12.50 per paw per night. But there is limited space available; only 28 vacation resorts which are actually a home away from home even for Fido. The people guests get the expected away from home comforts but the resort is all about the dogs – and always has been. That $12.50 per paw will get each pet a dog bed, doggie dishes, dog treats, and a favorite among the canines – a Paws Up collar.

Among the not so popular canine amenities is a kennel. But you’ll probably not have much need for the kennel because there is more than 37,000 acres for them to romp, play, hunt, and chase. Guests are given a map of the area that shows all the hiking trails, a total of 30 miles of them which are all marked. All dogs are free to mark their own territory, though owners are not to tell them that it is only a temporary spot and never to show them the map.

The Resort at Paws Up is located about 100 miles south of Glacier National Park, ensconced between two national forests. The land was once owned by the sons of Charles Lindbergh, their father being of Spirit of the Sky fame. What many people don’t know he was an environmental activist long before it became trendy. Their father obviously made a significant impression on them.

If you are wondering what is there for your water loving breed to do, there is a newly constructed facility on the Salmon Lake private island, as well as 10 miles of riverfront real estate on the main resort. While everything is done to make the dogs happy to swim, roam, and generally be dogs without hindrances, the resort has plenty for the people-types to do. There are the expected aqua recreational activities – kayaking, fly fishing, sailing, and jet skiing for the jet set.

After all the exercise and excitement of the day have wound down, there is a special 15 minute massage treatment called “Wag the Tail.” Um, no, this is exclusively for the dogs. Their meals are prepared by an actual chef who is part of the royal treatment and makes them to order. Throughout the year there are a number of unique events, everything from four-legged fashion shows to a pup parade to an annual “Wine and Bitches Dinner.” For this last event you definitely have to plan ahead.

If you are wondering whether you can get in to one of the vacation homes, you’ll have to call ahead. The math says if you want to stay for 3 days it will cost you a reasonable $1950 and an additional $150 for your pooch, totaling $2100. You’ll probably need to grab an actual paper map to find your way up there (just in case) and if you’re not the outdoorsy type, getting comfortable in your surroundings may be a bit of a challenge. But remember, this is all about your faithful friend, so it’s not unreasonable to expect you to make a sacrifice or two for a measly 3 days.

Some people use The Resort at Paws Up as a final treat for their dogs who are dying or getting up in years. If you are thinking of planning a trip up to Montana, the question you’ll have to answer is when is the best time to venture up there. Living in the city or suburbs where free roaming space is at a premium, you might consider making the trip once every 2 or 3 years. Even if you only afford it once in your dog’s lifetime, it’s a unique experience that you and your best friend will be able to live in the moment together.

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