Dog Stuck on Detroit River for 4 Days Gets Adopted by Rescuer

In February 2021, a dog attracted media attention when it became stranded on an island in the Detroit River. After a big rescue operation, the poor dog had to fight its way back to health. With no known owner, he also needed a new home. Since the story was released, many people have wondered what happened to the small dog, who was suffering from hypothermia, frostbite, and pancreatitis following his ordeal. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending, as one of the rescuers has welcomed the dog into his family.

Miracle’s Story

Various media outlets reported the story of a big rescue operation taking place in February to help a dog that had become stranded on an island in the Detroit River. At that time, rescuers called the dog Alfonso, but his new owner has chosen to call him Miracle, says It is unknown why Miracle was by the river, although it is believed that his owner had abandoned him. The owner has never come forward despite pleas for information, and Miracle was not chipped. Regardless of the circumstances of his abandonment, Miracle went on to have a horrific ordeal. Some eye-witnesses say that they had seen a dog fleeing from a coyote, it was reported in the Detroit Free Press. It would explain how Miracle ended up in the river and then become stranded on the island. It is believed that Miracle was on the island for four days before the rescue operation began.

The Mission to Rescue Miracle

Emergency services and rescue shelters from both sides of the river were involved in the rescue operation, as were some people working in local businesses. Jude Mead from J&J Marine, a marine construction company in Windsor, Ontario, was one of the rescuers. He borrowed an airboat from the chemical company BASF Corp to get to the island. Although the ice around the island posed a challenge, the rescuers were eventually able to get to the small, uninhabited piece of land. Fortunately, the rescue mission was successful, and Miracle was safely retrieved from the island by Jude Meade. The airboat returned to the river’s shore with the dog, and he was then taken to Woodhaven Animal Hospital.

Miracle’s Recovery After the Ordeal

When he was taken to Woodhaven Animal Hospital, Miracle was assessed by veterinarian Dr. Lucreetia Greear. She said that the dog was hungry, dehydrated, had frostbite on his scrotum and paws, and was suffering from pancreatitis. During his assessment, they also realized that Miracle had no collar or tag, and a scan did not reveal a microchip. The assessment also revealed that Miracle is between 12 months and 18 months old. Miracle’s treatment involved wrapping him in blankets to increase his core temperature and putting him on a drip for fluids and antibiotics. After spending a few days recovering at the hospital, he was well enough to move to the River Rouge Animal Shelter. After his move to the shelter, Miracle still needed a little more time to recover from his ordeal before the shelter could begin looking for a new home for him. He was still on medication for his pancreatitis and needed to build up his strength. Also, the shelter needed to be certain that his original owner was not looking for him. They used social media to spread the word of his rescue in the hope that someone would come forward and claim him. The story was also shared by many media outlets. Sadly, nobody came forward to claim Miracle, and nobody got in touch to say they knew anything about him or his original owner.

Finding a New Home for Miracle

As his owner had not come forward, Miracle needed a new home. Sometimes, finding a dog a new home happens quickly, while finding a new home for other dogs can take some time. Some factors that impact the speed of adoption include age, health, breed, and temperament. Fortunately, hundreds of people contacted the shelter wanting to adopt Miracle, so there was no shortage of potential homes for the dog. Each of the applicants underwent a thorough vetting process to make sure that the shelter found Miracle the perfect forever home. One of the applicants who wanted to offer Miracle a forever home was his rescuer, Jude Meade, who went through the same vetting process as the other applicants. Eventually, the shelter decided that Meade and his family were the perfect people for Miracle, and it only seemed right that he lived with the man who had rescued him.

Miracle’s New Home in Ontario

Now, Miracle is living on the other side of the Detroit River with Meade and his family in Ontario, Canada. It is a second chance in life for the young dog, but things could have turned out so much differently. If he had not been rescued after spending four days in freezing conditions, it is likely that he could not have survived for much longer. As his owner has never been identified, it is unlikely that anyone will ever know Miracle’s true history in life, such as where he was from and if he was treated well by his first owner. However, his pat is now irrelevant as he is finally happy living in a loving family environment. The staff at the shelter are delighted that Miracle is now happy and healthy in his forever home. Although they are always pleased to see a dog that has been in their care move on to a better life, this story is particularly special as Miracle is living with the man who rescued him. Staff from the shelter knew that their dog-loving social media followers were keen for updates about Miracle as his story had attracted a lot of attention, so they shared the happy news on their Facebook page.

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