Dog was Dragged Behind a Truck for a Mile in Alabama

If you’re an animal lover, this is a story that you probably won’t want to read. It involves a man in Alabama who claimed he was leaving his grandparent’s house with three dogs in the back of his pickup truck. Somehow, one of those dogs had a leash around its neck even though it obviously wasn’t secured in the bed of the truck like it should have been. An investigation is currently underway because somehow, the dog wound up not in the bed of the truck, but running behind it and eventually, being dragged by it.

No one seems to be able to corroborate the dog owner’s story that the animal was placed in the back of the pickup and that he had no idea he was dragging the poor dog. By all accounts, it was determined that the dog was dragged for at least a mile, and perhaps even further, before he stopped. In addition, there was another motorist that was trying desperately to flag him down because he saw the poor dog running behind the truck, stumbling to keep up. He was waving his hands out the window and honking repeatedly trying to get the driver’s attention but the guy just kept driving. It wasn’t until several minutes later that he actually pulled over. By then, the poor dog had long since ceased to be able to keep up and had been violently dragged for blocks.

Once he finally did pull over, the guy that had worked so hard to flag him down started recording everything on a smartphone. The most troubling thing here is that the man that was dragging the dog, who claimed that he loved the two-year-old pup like a child, didn’t seem the least bit fazed at what had happened. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even seem to be in a hurry when it came to finding medical care for the dog, who was still alive at the time he pulled over. Most people would be absolutely mortified to find that they had been dragging their own dog for at least a mile and would rush them to get medical care but he actually seemed to be taking his time.

While the individual that flagged him down didn’t think that it was odd that the man failed to stop despite his repeated attempts to get his attention, he started to realize that something was very wrong when the man was basically void of emotion when he saw what had happened. This is when the man filming the video started to ask him how this happened and why. Eventually, the dog was taken to a veterinarian for care but his injuries were so severe that nothing could be done to save him. Sadly, he was humanely put down because that was the only option available.

According to the man that owned the dog, it was a terrible accident that he never would have dreamed could have happened. However, other people aren’t so sure. There are plenty of questions surrounding this entire incident and nobody seems to have any concrete answers. No one can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he intentionally dragged the dog, but there’s plenty of suspicion to go around. Most people that transport dogs in the back of their trucks routinely look in the rearview mirror to make sure they’re okay. You would have thought that upon doing this he would have seen that not only was the dog not in the back of the truck, but was being violently dragged behind it. You might have even thought he could have heard the dog’s cries for help, but it’s possible that he could have had the radio turned up.

The most troubling thing here is the man’s lack of a reaction when he saw what had happened. There’s not a person on the face of the earth that would love a dog like a child and not fall apart upon seeing such a horrific site. Animal lovers can’t stand the thought of seeing something like this when it isn’t their own animal and the thought of their beloved pet going through such an ordeal is more than they can handle. The story about loving the dog like a child really doesn’t gel with the lack of emotion the man displayed at the scene, but he’s claiming that he was in such shock, he couldn’t react.

The truth is, some people do react strangely when they’re in shock and they don’t always do what you might expect them to do. For them, it’s a type of sensory overload where they just can’t take the reality of what’s happening and they completely shut down. While it’s entirely possible that the dog was dragged on purpose, it’s also possible that it wasn’t. The truly disheartening thing here is that more than likely, no one will ever know what really happened except the man who owned the dog.

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