Dognapping is On the Rise: Here are Some Tips You Should Know

You can’t imagine it happening to you, but it can, and it’s happening more and more. People are dognapping dogs and for most dog owners, it’s like losing a child when suddenly their furbaby is gone. Dognapping happens for multiple reasons. Many times, dog thievery happens due to a money-making scheme. The dognapper wants to sell the pup to make some quick money. Some breeds can be sold for a good bit of money, while other times, they try to make money by cashing in on any reward offered by the owner. According to the Pet FBI, some of the most popular breeds stolen for cash, include the Maltese, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Yorkshire Terriers.

Other dognappings can be related to the a desire to train a dog for fighting rings. Favorite dogfighting breeds include the Boxer, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, and Boston Terrier.  Some dognappings happen for the selfish reason of just wanting the dog as their own pet. No matter the reason, it’s a crime and it’s best to know all you can in order to help prevent it from happening to you.

Tips on keeping your dog safe

1. Don’t leave your dog unattended in your yard, or out in public places

Dognappers look for dogs that have been left alone, especially out in public where they can easily snatch it and run. If you’re out running errands around town and you can’t take your pet into the stores or other places, with  you, you should leave your dog at home where he is safe.

2. Microchip your dog

This is a simple and low-cost procedure for your dog and a much better form of protection against identity theft. Unlike a collar and dog tag, the microchip cannot be removed, so if ever your dog is found and you had to have proof it is your pet, the microchip will have all your information on it for authorities to read and identify you as the owner.

3. Only hire professionals to pet sit

Pet sitting has become very popular today. If you have to hire someone to watch your pet, either hire someone you know and trust very well, or hire someone from a professional pet sitting company. Make sure they have done their background checks and have references to give you.

4. Be wary of strangers who are overly curious about your pet

Dognappers will sometimes show an exaggerated interest in your dog. They will have a curiosity for whether your dog is spayed or neutered, and how much your dog costs. If you encounter someone like this, try to divert the questions and don’t give answers if you can avoid it. These questions should raise red flags for you.

What should you do if your dog is stolen?

1. Get help right away

You should immediately alert the authorities. Call the police and local animal control department. When you call the police, have them file a report on your missing dog.

2. Start talking to everyone

Start networking and talking to anyone who you think may have seen the theft occur. If you find witnesses, this can greatly help the authorities locate your dog. One way to help get the word out is to start posting recent pictures of your dog in the area with contact information. The sooner you get the pictures out and letting your neighborhood and local areas know, the better the chance that you might have the right person that can be of help, see them and contact you.

#3. Research and enlist the help of all available resources

There are a lot of resources available today that help pet owners find lost and stolen pets. Research all your options and start enlisting them to help.

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